Enterprise Resource Planning

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Tata McGraw-Hill Education, 2008 - Всего страниц: 370
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an enterprise-wide software solution that integrates and automates business functions of an organization. This real-time information integration across the organization s functional areas increases operational efficiencies and helps managers to arrive at better decisions making the organization more competitive.Today having an ERP system is not a luxury, but a necessity. A robust ERP system along with a fully trained workforce is a must for an organization s survival.

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Leon is managing director of L & L Consultancy Services, providing software development consulting in India. He received his B.Tech and M.Tech. in Industrial Engineeringfrom the Government College of Engineering Trivandrum, University of Kerala, India. He is a member of the Computer Society of India, the Indian Institute of Industrial Engineering, and the National Institute of Quality and Reliability.

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