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GOVERNMENTS OF AMERICA FOR 1850. · (For the following statement we are indebted to the N. Y. Tribune :)



Chief Executives.
Governments, Population.* Capitals. Names.

15,000 Reikiavik,

Sliftaman. Danish, Greenland,

56,000 Uppernavik, Miquelon, &c., French,

100 St. Pierre,

Governor. Russian America, 6,000 New Archangel,

do. New Britain,

162,686 York Factory, Sir George Simpson, Manager. Canada west, 723,087

I G.Gen. of Canada east,

}Toronto, Lord Elgin, 768,334

B. N. A. ) New Brunswick,

220,000 Fredericton, Sir E. W. Head, Bl. Lieut. Gov. Nova Scotia, &c.,

278,905 Halifax,

Sir John Harvey, do. Prince Edward's Island,

62.678 Charlotte Town, Sir D. Campbell, do. Newfoundland,

91,264 St. Johns, Sir J.G. Le Merchant, Governor. United States of America,

22,000,000 Washington, Zachary Taylor, President. United States of Mexico,

7,000,000 Mexico, José J. D. Herrera, Honduras, British,

4,000 Balize,

C. St. J. Fancourt, Superintend'l. Guatemala,

935,000 N. Guatemala, Paredes, President. Salvador,

343,000 San Salvador, Dor. Vasconcelos, do. Nicaragua,

400,000 Leon,


Dictator. Costa Rica,

198,000 Cartago, Jose M. de Castro, President Honduras,

308,000 Chiquimula, Juan Leado, Mosquitia, 40,000 Blew fields, Jamaso I.


St. Domingo, -

700,000 Port Republican, Faustin I. Soulouque Emperor.

200,000 San Domingo, Buenaventura Baez, President. Cuba, 1,315,796 Havana, Conde de Alcoy,

Capt Gen. Spanish, Port Rico, 357.086 San Juan de P. R.,

do, Jamaica,

360,000 Spanish Town, 'Sir Charles Grey, Gov, Gen. Trinidad, 47,0no Puerto d'Epana,

Lieut. Gov. Tobago, 15,000 Scarborough,

do. Grenada, &c.,

49,000 St. George, St. Vincents, &c., 28,500 Kingstown,

do. Barbadoes, 115.000 Bridgetown,

Governor. St. Lucia, 16,000 Castries,

Lieul. Gov. Dominica, 20,000 Roseali,

do. Antigua, 36,980 St. Johns,

Governor. Nevis, 19,800 Charleston,

Lieut Gov. St. Christophers, &c., 31,300 Basseterree,

do. Virgin Islands,

7,000 Tortola,

Lieut. Gov. of St Christophers. Bahamas, 20,000 Nassau,

Governor. Turks' Island,

Lieut. Gov. Bermudez' Island, 14,000 Hamilton,

Governor. Gaudaloupe, &c., 135,000 Basseterre,

do, French Martinique, 119,700 Port Royal,






* Chiefly only approximate,

Curacoa, Dutch,
Santa Cruz, &c., Danish,
St. Bartholomew's, Swedish,

Population. Capitals.

14,100 Wilhelmstadt,
44 000 Christianstadt,
15,000 La Carenage,

Chief Executiveg.





New Grenada,
Argentine Republic,
Guayana, British,
Guayana, Dutch,
Guayana, French,

1,000,000 Caraccas, Jose Tadeo Monagos, President
1,687,000 S. Fé de Bogota, Jose Hilaro Lopez, do.
600,000 Quito, Gen. Ascasubi,*

1,700,000. Chuquisaca, Gen. Belxu,
1,373,000 Lima,
Ramon Castilla,t

1,200,000 Santiago, Manuel Bulnes,

do. 675,000 Buenos Ayres, Juan M. de Rosas,

Governor. 140,000 Montevideo, Joaquim Sudrez,

President. 250,000 Ascension, Lopez,

Dictator. 5,200,000 Rio Janeiro, Pedro II.

Emperor. 96,500 Georgetown,

Governor. 6,500 Parainaribo,

Gov. Gen. 18,000 Cayenne,

Governor. ?

Native Chiefs.


13,946,000 * Assumed the Presidency in October, 1849, on the failure to elect one by the Congress. General Elizalde and Don Norva were the candidates. Ascasubi had been elected Vice President, and Roca, the late President, retired.

| The election of a new President is at hand. Vivanco and Echenique, (the latter President of the council,) are the candidates.




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Extract from the last message of Governor Johnston.

The consideration of the legislature is respectfully invited to the financial condition of the commonwealth.

The present funded debt is as follows:6 per cent. loans,

$2,041,022 51 5 per cent. **

37,336,716 90 45 per cent. 66

200,000 00

$39,577,739 41 Unfunded debt, to wit: Relief notes in circulation, (without interest,) $653,164 00 Interest certificates outstanding,

179,422 91

4,448 38
on certificates to be added when the same
shall be funded or paid,

11,294 34 Domestic creditors, (on settlement)

85,104 88

$933,434 51 Amount of canal, railroad, and motive power debts, contracted prior

to Dec. 1, 1848, and unpaid by the appropriations of the last session,

63,239 53 Total indebtedness of commonwealth, Dec., 1849, .

$40,574,413 45 The funded debt on the 1st Dec., 1848, was $39,393,350 24 Unfunded debt,

1,081,386 69 Amount of canal, railroad, and motive power debt

, contracted prior to December 1, 1848,

367,642 38

-$40,842,379 31


Amount of public debt paid during the year 1849, exclusive of the sum paid commissioners of the sinking fund,

$267,965 86 Amount paid during the year 1849 to the commissioners of the sinking fund,

227,513 53 Amount appropriated during the year 1849 towards payment of public debt,

$195,479 39 In exhibiting the operations of the treasury for the last fiscal year, the sum of $130,000, borrowed on special loan for the avoidance of the Schuylkill inclined plane, and included in the aggregate of the public debt in December, 1849, should be added to the above stated sum of $495,479 39. The amount of receipts at the treasury during the year ending Dec. 1, 1849, is

$4,433,688 65 The amount of expenditures during the same period, is 4,084,771 80 Balance in the treasury on Dec. 1, 1848,

577,290 39 1849,

926,207 24 Amount paid to commissioners of the sinking fund, to January 1,

1850, $227,513 53, with which was purchased of the funded debt, and transferred to the commonwealth,

253,500 00 Difference between the indebtedness of the state on the ist Dec., 1848, and Dec. 1, 1849, .

267,965 86 Total amount of public debt paid during the year,

$521,465 86


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Extract from the recent message of Gov. Fish. At the close of the fiscal year, ending on 30th of September 1849, the general fund debt amounted to

$6,389,693 32 The canal debt,

16.505,345 67 Total “ direct” debt,

$22,895,038 99 Toward the payment of which debt there was on handA surplus of the general fund debt sinking fund of

$13,515 16 A surplus of the canal fund debt sinking fund of

209,877 01

$214,392 17 Included in the amount of canal debt above stated, is the sum of $90,822, which was payable prior to the close of the fiscal year, but had not then been presented for redemption. The interest on this had ceased from the time when it became payable ;-the funds for its redemption being on hand awaiting the call of the holders of the stock. Since the close of the fiscal year, $77,917 of this amount have been redeemed.

The revenue of the general fund, exclusive of the annual appropriation of $200,000, from the surplus canal revenues, made by the constitution, and including a temporary loan to the treasury of $15,000, was $792,451 69 The canal revenues were

3,442,906 62 Aggregate revenue,

$4,235,358 31 The payments on account of the general fand during the year, amounted to $842,228 49, leaving a surplus of the revenue on hand, on 30th September, of $113,279 22

The payments out of the canal revenues were:

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1. Expenses of collection, superintendence, and ordinary repairs, $685,803 91 2. Appropriations made by article 7 of the constitution, toward the

sinking funds, and to defray the necessary expenses of the government,

1,850,000 00 Total payment,

$2,535,803 91 This amount of payments deducted from the canal revenues of the year, leaves the som of $907,102 71, applicable to the completion of the Erie canal enlargement, the Genesee valley, and Black river canals.

The receipts from canal tolls, during the year, show an increase of nearly $225,000 over those of the year preceding; the expenses of repairs, &c., have been nearly $170,000 less.

The general fúnd debt exceeds the amount stated last year by the sum of $400,000. $385,000 of this amount constitute the sum directed by chapter 225 of the laws of the last session, to be paid to the use of the canal fund, to repay the principal and interest of the amount stated to have been paid from the canal fund to the general fund after the first of June, 1846, beyond the amount limited by the constitution.


Extracted from the annual message of Gov. Smith.
Receipts and expenditures for the year ending 30th September, 1849.

The balance in the treasury on the 1st of October, 1848,

$104,247 72 The receipts principally arising from the usual sources of revenue, 689,841 00 Dividends on bank stock owned by the state,

164,291 00 Eighteen months' interest on bond due the state by the James river and Kanawha company,

24,178 08 Interest due Washington monument fund, and including a small

2,930 39 From the general government, on account of revolutionary claims paid by the state, and refunded,

93,586 80

Total revenue,

$1,079,074 99


$574,153 88

63,297 04 175,000 00 17,233 00

The usual and ordinary expenses of government,
Interest of the public debt,
Board of public works to meet interest on public debt,
Public roads, under special acts,
Literary fund, as directed by law, revolutionary half pay claims

received from the general government,
Lunatic hospitals for new improvements, &c.,
Various disbursements, not ordinary expenses of government,
Warrant issued prior to 1st October, 1848,

77,216 00 41,754 04 14,932 25


$963,586 84

207 97

Deduct warrants unpaid on the 1st October, 1849,
Total disbursements,
Receipts into the treasury, : ::


963,378 87 1,079,074 99

$115,696 12 It is estimated that there will be a surplus on hand at the close of the present fiscal year, Sept. 30, 1850, of upwards of $187,000, unless expenditures not now anticipated should be sanctioned by the legislature.


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From the message of Gov. Seabury. Rate interest, and date of loan. Amount now owing. When payable. Where payable. 6 per cent. R. R. loan, 1839, $176,328 71 1850 Charleston. 6

176,328 71 1852 Charleston. 5 Fire loan, 1839,

486,666 67

1858 London. 6

482,722 20 1860 Charleston. 5

498,808 88 1868 London. 6

325,803 .0 1870 Charleston. 6 Randolph stock,

10,000 00

1850 Charleston 5 Railroad bank capital,

46,714 34 1859 Charleston. 3 Revolutionary,

117,438 40

At pleasure. Charleston.

$2,310,896 81 The resources of the bank of South Carolina, (the capital of which was pledged in 1820 for the redemption of the debt.) applicable to the payment of this debt, amount to $3,888,368 60, which is an excess of available assets over the liabilities of the state of $1,532,843 99, or over two and a half millions, if the sum of $1,051,000, received from the federal government on deposit, be included.

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The annual message of Gov. Briggs gives the revenue of the state for the past year at $540,658, the expenditures $601,604. The receipts are less than the amount estimated, in consequence of a falling off in the auction tax, and in the tax on alien passengers, cut off by a decision of the supreme court of the United States, that the tax was unconstitutional. The charges during the year for the support of state paupers exceeds $90,000. The debt of the state is $1,085,000; her property $1,722,258, not including lands in Maine, $1,500,000, and claims on the general government, $181,000. Her school fund is $903,000.

ALABAMA. The report of F. S. Lyons, bank commissioner, was laid before the legislature. From this document it appears that the foreign debt created to establish the state bank and branches, amounted, two years ago, to $9,170,555 55. Since that time the interest has been punctually paid, and the principal of the debt has been reduced to about $5,600,000. Besides this, there is now in the hands of the commissioner about $500,000 more of specie funds, to be applied in reduction, and the prospect of a further reduction of $1,000,000 out of the funds of the bank. The collections actually made from the bank assets since February, 1846, have amounted to over $5,000,000 in cash.

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From the message of Governor Ford.

The condition of the state finances is thus stated. Receipts from every source during the year, :

$2,511,119 37 Disbursements,

2,176,681 04 Total amount of domestic bonds redeemed and cancelled during the year 1849,

199,386 25 Balance applicable to the payment of the state debt,

$433,365 16

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It will be seen (says the Governor) by this statement of the condition of the finances, that under the present system, after discharging all the general

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