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I do not see the possibility of obtaining that object, I will not consent to the continuation of the war merely for the sake of carrying on war. I advise you, then, as a good citizen and as a man of honour, to name a committee of representatives of the people; for the sovereign power only can dispose of the government. Send couriers to Comorn and Peter wardein to summon them, and secure the co-operation of the commandant of the fortress of Arad. This, and not my presence, is above all necessary; because, as you must have recourse to force to feed your army, I do not wish to sanction by my presence any such measures. Receive, I pray you, the assurance of my perfect consideration, &c.



MY DEAR FRIEND KLAPKA: Since we saw one another events have taken place which were not, indeed, unexpected, but have been decisive. The everlasting jealousy of the Government, the common jealousy of some of its members, had fortunately brought matters to the point which I foretold in April. When I had passed the Theiss at Tokay, after many honourable battles with the Russians, the Diet declared its wish that I should be commander-in-chief. Kossuth secretly appointed Bem. The country believed that Kossuth had appointed me, from the jesuitical answer which he gave to the motion of the Diet.

This knavery (spitz-buberei) was the source of all which befell later. Dembinski was beaten at Szoreg; Bem was routed at Maros-Vasarhely. The latter hastened to Temesvar, under the walls of which Dembinski had retired. He arrived on the field during the battle, restored the fight for some hours, but was then defeated in such wise that, according to Kossuth's calculation, out of 50,000 men only 6,000 remained together. The rest were all dispersed, as Vecsey announced In the mean time the Austrians advanced between Arad and Temesvar. The Minister of War had given orders to Dembinski to retreat naturally to the friendly fortress of Arad, and not the hostile one of Temesvar. Dembinski, however, acted against these orders; why, I am not able to determine. But there are too many data to surmise that he did so out of jealousy toward me.

to me.

The consequence of all this was that I stood alone with the force which I had brought from Comorn, (after deducting important losses which I sustained at Waitzen, Ressag, Goromboly, Ipolica, Kesstrely, Debreczin,) threatened on the south by the Austrians, and on the north by the main force of the Russians. I had, it is true, still one retreat open from Arad through Radna to Transylvania. But, regard for my country, to which I desired, at any price, to restore peace, induced me to lay down arms. First I had called upon the Provincial Government to reflect that they could no longer serve the country helpfully, but only plunge it into deeper misfortune, and therefore they should resign. They did so, and laid down in my hands the whole civil and military power; whereupon I, as the moment was urgent, embraced the resolution, suddenly manifested, but maturely deliberated, to lay down arms unconditionally before the army of the Emperor of Russia. The bravest and most valiant of my army agreed with me, and consented. All the divisions of troops in the immediate vincinity of Arad voluntarily joined me. The fortress of Arad, under Damjanich, has declared the wish to do the same. Up to the present hour we are treated as the brave soldier has a right to expect from brave soldiers. Ponder what thou canst do and what thou oughtest to do. ARTHUR GEORGEY.






Causas rerum videt, earumque progressus. CICERO.

Conducted by James Stryker.

DECEMBER, 1849. . . . VOL. III. No. II.




Entered according to the Act of Congress, in the year 1849, by


in the Clerk's Office of the District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

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NOTE.-Hereafter the Register will be issued semi-annually, instead of quarterly, in the volume form, handsomely bound, and without any additional charge.


Page 471, 21st line, "hardly”—read "badly.”
Page 472, 32d line, "sight,"-read "night."

Page 473, 1st line, "suggests,"-read "suggest."

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