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thren who were desirous of perusing them, had not an opportunity. To satisfy the repeated application of such, and to extend to the public in general, some correct ideas of the sacred character and genuine principles of Free Masonry, I have been induced to consent to the republication of those discourses, in which I endeavoured to obviate the misrepresentations, confute the aspersions, and allay the prejudices which have been so industriously circulated to destroy the credit of the institution.

SOME discourses are now added, which I declined publishing at the time of their delivery; and

others are prepared for this volume to give it a suitable variety and a respectable size.

THE critic will doubtless find these compositions unequal and defective. For this some apology must be made. They were written upon emergencies, upon very short notice, and when there was no leisure to spare from the pressing avocations, the laborious duties, and the anxious cares, in which their author was involved.

"Hæc scripsi, non otii abundantia, sed amoris."

However they may be received by the Public, this I would have remembered, that I have

endeavoured in them to give a faithful delineation of the spirit and principles of Free Masonry;

66 I

speak that I do know, and testify that I have seen;" and these pages contain the open and undisguised sentiments of my heart.

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