Handbook for Travellers in Northern Italy: Comprising Turin, Milan, Pavia, Cremona, the Italian Lakes, Bergamo, Brescia, Verona, Mantua, Vicenza, Padua, Venice, Ferrara, Bologna, Ravenna, Rimini, Modena, Parma, Piacenza, Genoa, the Riviera, and the Intermediate Towns and Routes

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John Murray, 1877 - Всего страниц: 566

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Стр. 266 - I' opere sue. Non se ne sono ancor le genti accorte, Per la novella età, che pur nove anni Son queste ruote intorno di lui torte. Ma pria che il Guasco l' alto Arrigo inganni, Parran faville della sua virtute, In non curar d' argento, nè d
Стр. 291 - Tal, ch' ogni vista ne sarebbe schiva. Qual è quella ruina, che nel fianco Di qua da Trento l'Adice percosse, O per tremuoto o per sostegno manco; Che da cima del monte, onde si mosse, Al piano è sì la roccia discoscesa, Ch'alcuna via darebbe a chi su fosse, Cotal di quel burrato era la scesa.
Стр. 389 - Viniziani bolle l'inverno la tenace pece a rimpalmare i legni lor non sani, che navicar non ponno - in quella vece chi fa suo legno novo e chi ristoppa le coste a quel che più viaggi fece; chi ribatte da proda e chi da poppa; altri fa remi e altri volge sarte; chi terzeruolo e artimon rintoppa -; tal, non per foco ma per divin' arte, bollia là giuso una pegola spessa, che 'nviscava la ripa d'ogni parte.
Стр. 61 - Hotel, containing 45 Saloons and 235 Bedrooms, with a separate Breakfast and new Reading and Conversation Rooms, as well as a Smoking Saloon...
Стр. 242 - ... Wells, not only in the quality of the waters, which is the same, but in the manner of the buildings, most of the houses being separate, at little distances, and all built on the sides of hills, which indeed are far different from those of Tunbridge, being six times as high : they are really vast rocks of different figures, covered with green moss or short grass, diversified by tufts of trees, little woods, and here and there vineyards, but no other cultivation, except gardens like those on Richmond-hill.
Стр. 201 - Whether we consider the boldness of the design, the difficulties of its execution from the great height and exposure to storms and avalanches, or the grandeur of the scenery through which it passes, the route of the Stelvio is the most remarkable in Europe.
Стр. xxxii - ... and without the subjugation of the feudal aristocracy, and that perpetual demand upon the fertility of the earth which an increasing population of citizens produced, the valley of the Po would not have yielded more to human labor than it had done for several preceding centuries...
Стр. 242 - I have been these six weeks, and still am, at my dairy-house, •which joins to my garden. I believe I have already told you it is a long mile from the castle, which is situate in the midst of a very large village, once a considerable town, part of the •walls still remaining, and has not vacant ground enough about...
Стр. 341 - THERE is a glorious City in the Sea. The Sea is in the broad, the narrow streets, Ebbing and flowing ; and the salt sea-weed Clings to the marble of her palaces. No track of men, no footsteps to and fro, Lead to her gates. The path lies o'er the Sea, Invisible ; and from the land we went, As to a floating City — steering in, And gliding up her streets as in a dream...
Стр. 138 - Larii, was anciently a town of considerable importance. A Greek colony having been settled in this district by Pompeius Strabo and Cornelius Scipio, and subsequently by J.

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