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mended. If it be calculated to promote His glory, may

follow it for good, and cause it to hang as a lamp on the walls of Zion, lighting the path of the heaven-bound pilgrim on his way to the celestial city.

It may not be improper here to remark, that an entire new chapter, on the subject of Christian Union, has been added to this work in the present edition. It is hoped that what has been offered on that subject, will be found to be in keeping with the other parts of this volume, and will tend to strengthen the bonds of affection between christians of different denominations, and draw more closely the ties of brotherly love.



A panoramic view of Zion :-Elijah's interview with God-Peculiar-

ities of the ageThe consecration of a Church-Bishop of the East-

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ance of being trained up properly in the school of Christ The hon-



Missionary's manuscript, continued :—Sentences of Scripture with

which the Episcopal service opens--Exhortation Confession-In-

cident related by Mrs. M.-The Declaration of Absolution-The

Psalter-Reading the Holy Scriptures in church-The creed - He

descended into Hell”—The design of the creed-An incident rela-

ted by a young man—Another by a clergyman-Meaning of “Ho-

ly Catholic Church”—The Episcopal Church is truly Catholic- 210


Christian Union:—The church ought to be characterized with unity
and love--The causes of disunion—The admission of unregenerate
men into the fold and the counsels of the church-Defective organ-
ization—Properties of union which the Episcopal Church possesses.
Her catholicism-Her standards not drawn out into metaphysical
hair-splitting-She allows of freedom of discussion-The views of
a clerical brother of another denomination—The conclusion..... 298

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