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Eighteen mile creek, survey, &c. of harbor of
Election, contested, Newland vs Graham, state of facts by Graham 4

aditional evidence, same subject

constitution and laws, North Carolina
Elliot, James, petition of
Engineer Department, annual report of the operations of the,
(page 102)

Engineers, change in organization of corps of, (page 115)

change in organization of Topographical, (page 214) 1
Estimates of appropriations for 1836

for the land department
for the Ordnance Department

additional, Ordnarice Department 3
for the commencement of new fortisi-
cations in 1836

additional, for the Quartermaster
General's Department

for supplying arsenals with certain





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for carrying into effect certain Indian

for new buildings, Treasury and State
for the suppression of Indian hostili-

Examinations and surveys in 1835, report of, (page 214)

, )
Expenditures of Government, under various heads of expenditures

annually, from 1816 to 1834
Exports, statements accompanying annual report on commerce

and navigation, for 1835, respecting
Expunge certain resolutions, Journal of Senate, United States :

Legislature of New Jersey in favor of
Legislaiure of New York, same
Legislature of Maryland, against

[blocks in formation]


Finance, annual report on the state of the

1 3
Florida, relative to Spanish land claims in

1 14
public meeting at St, Angustine, in relation

3 SO
to Indian hostilities in

3 92
camp equipage, militia, Seminole war in

3 113
letter, Secretary of War, Indian hostilities in

remonstrance, removal of seat justice from Appalachicola 4
survey of rail-road from Pensacola, to Columbus

4 176
claims for expenses, &c. Seminole war in

6 231
act of incorporating Life Insurance Company and East
Florida Railroad Company -

Legislature, East Florida Rail-road, make road through
public lands, &c,


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Vol. No.

Fortis, annual report of Engineer Department, of the state

and cost of, with other full information in and
relation to, (page 102)

1 2
estimates of appropriations for the commencement
of new, for 1836

3 75
estimates of appropriations necessary to complete) 3 90
the armament of

6 244
Boston harbor, Legislature of Massachusetts, in
favor of

6 241
Report Secretary War, on the subject of probable
amount, &c. of a permanent system of

6 243
Narraganset bay, Legislature, Rhode Island in
favor of

7 277
Foundry, National, District of Columbia, report of General Wool

and Colonel Talcott, on subject of, with plans of site,
and estimate of cost, &c.

3 106
Franklin Iustitute of Philadelphia, on steam boilers

4 162
France, message, &c. relative io refusal to execute treaty, and Mr.
Livingston's letter to French Minister

1 2
message and documents, relative to the payment of the
indemnification under treaty with


Great Britain proffers to mediate, same subject

3 103
correspondence with Great Britain in relation to the

4 116
four instalments under treaty, paid

6 254
correspondence with Government of, in relation to execu-
tion of the treaty

4 117
list of awards by the Commissioners under same treaty 4 117
dnties on silks and wines imported from, in 1830 to 1835 4 117
merchants, of Massachusetts, claims, spoliations prior to
1800 -

2 37
Frauds, in pre-emption rights, &c. on the subject of

4 125
effect of, under pre-emption laws

5 211
Freeman, Colonel William H. in relation to the command of marine
officers, at navy yards

4 118
Frontiers, western, protection of -

6 249


[blocks in formation]

Georgetown, District of Columbia, memorial, citizens, recharter

charter Lancasterian school

Manufacturing Company of
Georgia. nemorial of, (M. St. C. Clarke, agent) revolutionary

Grahama Lunes, submits statement of facts in case of his election

contested by Newland
Great Britain proffers her mediation between the United States

4 121

and France, on the subject of the payment of

indemnity under treaty of 1831
correspondence with, on same subject

3 103
4 116



Hall's patent rifle, number of, annually made, &c.

Hall, House of Representatives, alterations in, letter of R. Mills 266
Harper's ferry, memorial of citizens of Loudoun, bridge at

Harbors and rivers, operations of the Engineer Department in

1835, in relation to the improvement of,
(page 106)

1 2
Harbors, report showing the progress, amount appropriated for

each; the original estimate and estimates to complete

the improvement of certain, contained in bill 307 5 212
survey and estimate, works, eastern termination lake


New Buffalo, Michigan, report and drawing in relation
to the construction of

4 124
Presque Isle, report and drawing in relation to

4 128
lake Michigan, memorial Legislature of Michigan for 141
Plymouth Beach, repair of

18 mile creek, survey, &c. of -

4 174
Hassler's fourth report of survey of the coast, (page 381)

1 2
Heath, R. A. and J. G. against confirmation of land claim to Pierre

6 253
Horses lost, Indian wars, in Illinois and Michigan, claims, &c. for 4 135
Hospitals, Marine, at Portland Maine, memorial of physicians for 3 68
Secretary of Treasury, on the subject of

3 111
report of expenditures on account of, in 1834 4 159
at Memphis, memorial, Legislature, Tennessee,
to establis!

Legislature of Ohio, hospitals, valley of the
Mississippi -

medical convention, Ohio, hospitals in the west 264
number of seamen received into, in 1835, ex-

penses for sustaining, and amount of hospital
money collected

6 260



Illinois, Legislature, pensions to Indian fighters, in 1795

3 85
horses lost in wars Indians, in

1 133
report in relation to surveying the public lands in, acconi.
panied by maps

5 215
Imports, statement accompanying annual report on commerce and
navigation, for 1835, respecting

6 258
Indiana, resolutions, Legislature, Michigan and Ohio, boundary 3 78

relative to Michigan road lands ;3 108
memorial, Legislature, further appropriation national

3 109
land for road from Fort Wayne
to Richmond

land for rail-road from Feri
Wayne 10 Munceytown 1


Vol. No.





Indiana memorial, Legislature, unreclaimed lands, Wabash bot-

4 151
in behalf of Margaret Nations
and others

4 150
run añars, annual report in relation to the state of, accompany-
ing message, (page 260)

1 2
report of Commissary of Subsistence in relation
to removal of Indians, (page 287)


Indian Department, list of officers, compensation, &c. employed
in the

3 93
correspondence in relation to Indian reserva-

3 101
Indian, treaties, Cherokee and other, estimate of appropriations
for carrying into effect

7 282
memorial and protest of Cherokee nation against ratifica-
tion of

7 296
documents in connection with the ratification of said

7 290
Indians. Choctaw, citizens of Mississippi, against claims to reserva-
tions under treaty with

memorial of Andrew Hays, agent, asking con-
firmation of reservations

4 119
memorial of Chiefs, boundary of Arkansas 6 220
expense in removing emigrants

6 229
Seminole, respecting purchase of negroes from -

ny 275
Indian hostilities, in Florida, meeting of citizens at St. Augustine 3 SO
on the subject

3 92
leiter from Secretary of War, on same subject 4 115
claims, &c. growing out of

6 231
Seminoles, causes which produced and measures / 6 267
to prevent

7 271
Creeks, documents (large collection) on the
subject of

7 276
estimates of appropriations for the suppression

7 291
Indians, wars of 1795, grant pensions to persons engaged in

3 88
in Illinois and Michigan, claims for horses lost in

4 135
' vent debtors, United States, list, &c. of

2 24
Int -st, on revolutionary claims

6 224
lute' nal Improvements, operations of the Engineer Department

in 1835, on works of, (page 106) - 1 2
report of surveys, and examinations
for, made in 1835, (page 214)

1 2
report showing the progress, amount ap-

propriated for each, the originalestimate
and estimate to complete certain works
of, contained in bill 307

5 212



Jail. Washington City, Grand Jury in favor of building new
Johnston, John, memorial of administratrix of

[blocks in formation]


Vol. No.
4 166

Kentucky, Legislature, distribute proceeds of sales of public lands 4

grant to officers and soldiers, serving last

war, less than five years




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Lake Erie, report of survey and estimate of work, at the eastern

3 82
Legislature of Ohio, in relation to the waters of 4 191
Lancasterian school, Georgetown, District Columbia, incorporate 3
Land office, documents in relation to the reorganization of the

4 187
clerks and salaries. under new organization

5 201
Land warrants, Virginia military, unsatisfied

4 136
and scrip, appropriation to satisfy

4 189
Lands, operations of the several land offices in 1834, and 1st

quarter of 1835, shewing quantity of land sold; amount
of cash and scrip received ; expenses and amount re-
ceived into the Treasury

- 1 5
amount unsold, grants for internal improvements, educa-
ţion, &c. all expenses of acquiring, selling, &c.

6 245
inundated, on constructing levees on the Mississippi, and
other rivers to reclaim

1 11
in Missouri, final report of board of commissioners on pri-
vate claims to

1 13
in Missouri, report of board of commissioners on claims
to, (reprinted)

3 59
opinion Supreme Court, in certain cases

4 148
opinions and arguments in relation to claims

embraced in report of commissioners at St.

7 270
in Florida, Spanish claims

1 14
in Michigan, report of commissioners on claims to

1 15
memorial, Legislature of Michigan, survey and sale of,

create new land offices and extension of pre-emptions - 4 147
in Louisiana, Rio Hondo and Sabine, report of register
and receiver on claims to

relative to the settlement of the claims under Maison Rouge
and Bastrop's grants

2 50
New Orleans, report of register and receiver on claims to 55
Ouachita, report on claims of Sibley Butler to

granted for seminary, location of

4. 1.22
in Mississippi, amount entered at office at Augusta

© 233
inhabitants of Arkansas, &c. reclaim certain

3 80
correspondence in relation to Indian reservations

3 107
memorial of agent, Choctaw nation, asking confirmation
of reservations

4 119
pre-emption rights and to prevent frauds in


effect of frauds nnder the pre-emption laws

5 211
Legislature of Rhode Island, distribute proceeds of

4 137

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