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Vol. No.
Academy, West Point, report of visiters in 1835, (page 200)

Alabama, Legislature, pre-emption to settlers who have lost their
iinprovements by Indian treaties

4 149
Legislature, make rail road through public lands 4 150
report of Tennessee Canal Commissioners, to Legisla-
ture of

4 170
Legislature, against distributing proceeds of sales of
public lands

4 182
Alexandria, corporation notes of, cancelled

4 180
aqueduct, report on survey and construction of

6 261
Appalachicola, against removal seat of justice from

4 158
Appropriations, estimates of, for 1836

estimates, for the operations of the General Land
Office, &c. for 1836

for the Ordnance Department for 1836 2 29
additional for the Ordnance Department 3 90
for the commencement of new fortifica-

3 75
additional for the Quartermaster Gene.
ral's Department

3 99
for supplying arsenals with certain

4 179
for carrying into effect certain Indian

7 282
for the suppression of Indian hostilities 291
transfer of, in 1835

1 6
transfer of, naval service in 1835

6 257
and expenditures, military service for 1835

3 83
and expenditures, naval service for 1835

3 96
made, and new offices created in 1836.

7 297


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Arkansas river, on constructing levees on
Arkansas, Legislature, increase salary of deputy surveyors of the

public lands
inhabitants of, reclaim certain lands
constitution of, asking admission into the Union
census of
ordinance adopted by convention, &c.
proceedings of convention, constitution, &c.

meniorial, Choctaw Indians, boundary of
Army, reports of the heads of bureaus of the various branches of

the military service, showing their operations in 1835,

with various recommendations and suggestions
contingent expenses for 1835
register, for 1836
camp equipage, militia, Seminole war
officers of the, pay and allowances of every kind, in 1833

and 1834

estimated expense of increasing the
Arms, report showing the number, description, cost, condition,

&c. up to 1834
Astronomical observations by Col. Talcott to determine the boun-

dary of Ohio and Michigan, (page 198)
Armories, a full report showing the entire annual expenditures on,

arms, &c. made up to 1834
additional estimate of appropriation necessary for
annual report of expenditures, and arms made at the, in

Arsenals, report showing the entire annual expenditures on, and

work done up to 1834
additional estimates for
on establishing an arsenal at Charleston, S. C.

estimate for supplying certain stores for
Arundel manuscripts, catalogue of
Aqueduct, Alexandria, survey and construction of

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Balances on the books of the Second Auditor

1 10
on the books of the Register and Fourth Auditor

1 16
on the books of the Third Auditor

2 17
against receivers, sales of public lands

2 45
on books of the revenue, collectors of customs

5 208
Bank United States, monthly statements of

5 204
Banks, depositories of public moneys, returns of the conditions of 5 204
amounts deposited, &c. in the

6 252
Banks, District of Columbia, returns of condition of

2 52
memorial of citizens of Georgetown, recharter -

3 69
of the District, renewal of charters 7 283
Banis and Banking companies of the several States, returns of
the conditions of

2 42
Banks, memorial citizens of Pennsylvania, on the subject of 7 280

Vol. No.



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Bank i bion of Maryland, memorial of agent, error in award,
French Treaty

7 289
Beras grant, relative to the settlement of

2 50
Benz Pierre and Julien, assignee of, land claim

4 114
hors catalogue Arundel manuscripts

6 246
Boundary, Ohio and Michigan, Talcott's astronomical observa-
tions, correspondence, &c. in relation to the 1 7

(page 198) - 1 2
letter from Governor of Ohio to Governor

of Michigan, and report of Captain Tal-
cott, with maps on same subject

2 54
resolutions of Indiana, on subject of

3 78
citizens of Detroit, against bill fixing

5 207
of Monroe, same subject

5 210
inhabitants of Michigan against bill fixing 6 221
inhabitants of Toledo, Ohio, for speedy ac-
tion on

6 263
convention of citizens, Monroe county, Michi-

northeastern, Legislature of Massachusetts, on subject of 5 199
of Arkansas, memorial Choctaw Indians, in relation to 6 220
with Mexico, additional article of treaty

6 250
Brandywine light house, survey, plan and estimate to rebuild 3 101
Breakwater. Delaware, chamber of commerce of Philadelphia, in
favor of completing

3 91
Plymouth beach, repair break in

4 142
Bridge across the Potomac, expenditure on, and progress of with
documents relative to connecting the causeways -

2 53
additional in relation to the expenditures on

4 168
damage to, by rise of water

6 269
additional same subject, with estimates of repairs

7 281
at Harper's Ferry, memorial inhabitants of Virginia, for 5 205
Bufalo, New Michigan, on construction of harbor of

4 124
Buildinys, Treasury and State, estimate for, shewing difference
of cost with different materials

7 265
Butler John W. assignee of Besson, land claim -

4 114



Camp equipage, militia, Seminole war


Canal, Chesapeake and Ohio, memorial, amend charter in relation
to water power

4 143
Falls of Niagara, connect lakes Erie and Ontario, report,
plan and estimates

5 214
Tennessee, report of Commissioners

4 170
Wells river to Burlington, Vermont, survey of route for 4 190
Cannon, and other arms, statements showing the number, cost,
and condition of

2 44
necessary to arm fortifications now ready to receive them 6 244
Catlin James, memorial of, culture of silk

4 185

Vol. No.

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Charleston, South Carolina, on establishing navy yard and dry
dock at

3 93
memorial of city council in favor of naval depot at 175
on establishing an arsenal at

3 110
Chelsea Hospital lauds, on permitting road through

2 18
Choteau Augustus, opinion Supreme Court in case of

Chouteau Pierre, remonstrance against confirming claim of 6 253
Claims, miscellaneous, settled at the Treasury in 1835

Clerk, House of Representatives, annual report

, list of clerks and
disbursement of contingent fund -

Clerks, Provident Association of, asking alteration in their char-
ter, &c.

3 71
public offices, memorial of, increase salaries

General Land Oflice, new organization, list and salaries of 5
Quartermaster General's Department, in relation to salary 2 30
State Department, in 1835, list of

2 41
· Navy Department, in 1835, list of

2 57
Treasury Department, in 1835, list of

3 01
Post Oflice Department, in 1835, list of

3 S4
War Department, in 1835, list of

in the various offices, with dates of appointments, ages,

duties, and salaries, under special call of the House of
Representatives, viz.
Register of the Treasury

6 216
Auditor of the Treasury

6 218
Third Auditor

6 217
War Departmant -

6 223
Treasurer's Office

6 225
Second Auditor's Office

6 226
Fourth Auditor's Office

6 227
Fifth Auditor's Office

6 228
Navy Department

- 6 234
Post Office Department

6 235
State Department

6 247
Treasury Department

6 251
navy yards, memorial of, increase salary

3 77
Coast, Hassler's fourth report of survey of (page 381)

1 2
Commerce and navigation, annual statements of, for 1835

6 258
Commissary General of Subsistence, annual report of

1 2
Commissary General of Purchases, annual report of

1 2
Commissioner of Public Buildings, bis annual report

3 97
Connecticut, corporation of Norwich, port of entry

2 36
Legislature, acknowledge independence of Texas 7 288
Contingent fund, House of Representatives, disbursement of 2

of the two Houses, relative to the estimates for
1836, for.

2 28
expenditure of
, from 1923, to 1835


2 43
expenses of the Navy for 1835

of the military establishment for 1935 2 56
Contracts, Navy, for 1835

4 156
Treasury, light houses, &c, for 1835

4 159

Vol. No.
5 203

4 146
4 118

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CoPost Ofñce Department, in 1835
Coupert on the cultivation and manufciure of, also foreign

iride -
P: Spreme, opinion of, in cases of Delass!ıs and others
Chimnal, Washington county, District of Columbia, Grand

Jury in favor of
Chicland road, in Indiana and Illinois, on the condition of

survey of route between Springfield, Ohio, and

Richmond, in Indiana
memorial of citizens of St. Louis, Missouri, to

pass through that place
memorial of citizens of Ohio, against change

in route of .
Legislature, Ohio, place appropriations for,

under control of board of public works
John L. Dickey, location of. in Ohio -

west of the Ohio, expense, &c.
Custom houses, New York and other places, relative to the erec-

tion of

at Boston, memorial of merchants for
Custom house oficers, sucrestions of the Secretary of the Trea-

sury, in relation to the number and com-

pensation of
emoluments of, in 1533

[blocks in formation]


Dobtors. In soirent. United States list of, &c.

2 24
D2 kalb. B:ron. memorials of the heirs of

6 232
Delassis. Charles Dehault, and others. opinion Supreme Court in
case of

4 148
Deposite Banks, return of the condition of

5 204
amount, &c. deposited in the

6 252
Dickey, John L. respecting location national rozd in Ohio

5 206
District of Columbia, inhabitants of, renewal of charter of banks © 283
Dadse. Col. Henry, his Journal to the Rocky mountains -

4 181
Drawback in 1934

7 295
compared with duties for 1533, 1831, and 1835

7 296
Day Dock, Carleston, South Carolina, on constructing

3 93

4 157
Daties, except merchandise imported under certain circum-

stuces from the operation o: tha tariff act of 1828 3 60
articles excepted from

3 112
og silks and wines of France, fro: 1831t5 1535, compared
with duties under tariff act of 1899

discriminating Portuguese vessels, on repealing

4 134
and drawbacks in 1834 -

7 295
and drawbacks, comparative statement of, for 1832 1833,
1931 .

7 296


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