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Vol. No:
4 166

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Lands Leature of Kentucky, same object

Lyslature, Alabama, against distributing proceeds of sales

4 182
Legislature, Pennsylvania, in favor of distributing

4 186
Leg slature, Maryland, same object

7 273
opinion Supreme Court, in certain land cases in Missouri 4 148
menorial, Legislature of Alabama, pre-emption to persons
who bave lost their settlements by Indian treaties

4 149
Legislature of Alabama, make rail-road through the public

4 150
of Indiana, unreclaimed, Wabash bottom 4 151
of Kentucky, land to officers, &c. of late war,
serving less than five years

4 167
quantity of public, on mail road, Louisville to St. Louis 4 177
on granting patents to Polish exiles

4 185
letter from D. A. Spaulding, adverse to Polish exiles 5 213
location of New Nadrid certificate, sand bar in front of
St. Louis

4 197
surveys, in Illinois and Missouri, with maps

6 215
Laogham, E. T. and others, claim, sand bar in front of St. Louis,

4 197
and McDonald, against bill, improvement harbor of
St. Louis

7 278
Latrobc, J. H. B. in behalf of Union Bank of Maryland, error in
award under French treaty

7 289
Lead mines, Missouri, amount made and expense since 1821 3 102
lerees on the Mississippi, Red, Arkansas, and Missouri rivers 1 11

inhabitants of Louisiana, same object 6 266
Light-house, Brandywine shoals, survey, plan and estimate for

3 101
Light-houses, report on the hest mode of managing the establish-
ment of

3 66
Louisiana, report of register and recciver, on land claims Rio
Hondo and Sabine

2 49
relatire to clainis under Maison Rouge and Bastrop's

2 50
report of register and receiver, on land claims, New

2 55
locate land granted for seminary in

4 122
inhabitants of Rapides, in favor of pre-emption law

inhabitants of, construction of levees

6 265

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Mackay, James, heirs of, opinion of Supreme Court in case of 4 148
Mucomb. General Alexander, explanations on his claims

Madison, James, ex-President of the United States, death of
Madrazo, Don Juan, in relation to claim of
Milroad, Louisville to St. Louis, public lands on route of 4 177
Muine, memorial of physicians of Portland, erect marine hospital 3
Maison Rouge and Bastrop's grants, relative to the settlement of 2 50

ñ 298
7 292


Vol. Vo
Manufacturing Company of Georgetown, D.C. memorial of 6 255
Marine Corps, memorial of Col. Freeman, relative to right of
command at Navy Yards

4 118
Marine hospitals, report of Secretary of Treasury on the subject of 3 111
report of expenditures in 1834' -

niimber of seamen received into. in 1835, expense

of sustaining, and amount of money collected 6 261
Maryland, Legislature, survey Chesapeake bay and Susquehanna

5 202
Legislature, against expunging from journal of Senate,
United States

7 272
Legislature, distribute proceeds of sales of public lands 7 273
Massachusetts, memorial of merchants, French spoliations prior
to 1800

2 37
memorial of merchants, custom house, Boston

memorial of Salem, remit duties, sufferers by fire
in New York

4 160
Legislature, northeastern territory and boundary 5 199
Legislature, foreign paupers

6 219
Legislature, distribute proceeds of sales of public

6 240
Legislature, fortify Boston harbor

6 241
McClelland and Smith, liabilities as sureties

4 129
Mexico, additional article, treaty on boundary

- 6 250
correspondence in relation to Texas

6 256
Messige at commencement of session

1 2
Michigan and Ohio boundary, astronomical observations

letter of Gov. of Ohio and report

of Capt. Talcott, with maps 2 54
citizens of Detroit against billfixing 5 207
citizens of Monroe county,

5 210
citizens of, same

6 221
convention, citizens of Monroe
county, same

7 274
Michigan, constitution of

1 8
report of commnissioners on land claims in

1 15
memorial, inhabitants of, harbor at St. Joseph

1 20
memorial of Legislature, admission into the Union and


3 73
in relation to the election of a delegate to Congress

4 154
Legislature, harbors on Lake Michigan and improve-
ment of rivers, roads, &c.

4 141
Legislature, survey and sale of lands, additional land
offices and pre-emption

4 147
Legislature, in favor of establishing Territory of Wis-

4 153
citizens of Detroit, southern boundary of

5 207
citizens of, same subject

6 221
Militia, United States, for 1835, abstract of the general of

3 94
called out against Seminole Indians, camp equipage for- 3 113


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Vol. No.
Militia, recitions of New York, on the subject of organizing 4 171
Militam eademy, report of visiters in 1935, (page 200)

2 56
Mals; establishment, contingent expenses in 1835

2 56
appropriations and expenditures in 1835,
for the

3 83
tary and naval defences, report Secretary of War on the subject

6 243
, report of the operations in 1835, and documents in relation
to the progress in establishing branches

3 76
report Secretary Treasury, shewing transactions of the, for
1834 and 1835 -

7 284
Vississippi river, construct levees on

1 11
Mississippi, citizens oí, against Indian claims, under Choctaw treaty 3
amount of land entered at office at Augusta -

6 233
Plisouri tirer, construct levces on

1 11
Missouri report of Commissioners on land claims in (reprinted) 3

final report of Commissioners on land claims in

1 13
Legislature, approving of course of the President in rela-

tion to Bank United States and in favor of gradua-
ting price of public lands

1 21
lead inines, quantity of lead made, and expense since 1821 3 102
memorial citizens of St. Louis, Cumberland road

opinion of Supreme Court in certain land cases

4 145
Missouri, relative to surveying public lands in, with maps

6 215
opinions and arguments in relation to land claims em-
braced in report of commissioners at St. Louis

7 270
Moore, Thomas P. pay while detained contesting his right to a
seat in Congress

4 132



Naples, awards of commissioners under treaty with

6 242
Vations, Margaret, and others, Legislature of Indiana, in favor of 4 155
Navy, various information in relation to the affairs of the, with

an account of its operations in 1835, estimates of expenses
in 1836, and other matters connected with the naval
service, (page 338)

1 2
contingent expenses in 1835

2 43
Register for 1936

list of clerks in 1835

2 57
appropriations and expenditures in 1835

3 96
contracts for 1835

4 156
pay and allowances of every kind of officers in 1833-4 6 237
on probable amount, &c. to place it in a complete state of

6 243
transfer of appropriations in 1835

6 259
Savy pensioners, list of and state of the fund

3 85
Navy yard and dry dock, at Charleston, S. C. on establishing 3 93

memorial, city council, Charleston, in favor of naval

4 175
dry dock, &c. at Pensacola, in relation to

4 157

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Navy yards, memorial of clerks, increase pay
Negroes, respecting purchase of, in Seminole country
New Buffalo harbor, Michigan, on construction of
New York, Legislature, expunge resolutions Journal of the Senate

United States

on subject of organizing the militia
sufferers by fire in, memorial of citizens of
memorial of citizens of New Orleans, in favor of grant-

ing relief to sufferers in
Secretary of Treasury, collection of bonds becoming

due, &c.
memorial, Salem, remit duties to
chamber of commerce of New York, extend custom-

house bonds
New Jersey, Legislature, expunge resolution Senate United States

pier and light house

Cape May roads
North Carolina, extracts, constitution and laws in relation to elec-

tion in

citizens of, amend constitution U. S. (Judiciary)
Norwich, Connecticut, memorial of corporation, port of entry


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4 179
5 200



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Officers of the army, pay and allowances of every kind, for 1833
and 1834

5 198
of the navy, pay and allowances of every kind, for 1833
and 1831

6 236
Officers of the customs, emoluments of, in 1835

5 209
Offices created in 1836

7 297
Ohio and Michigan boundary, Talcott's astronomical observations,
with correspondence

1 7
same, (page 198)

1 2
letter of Governor of Ohio, and re-

port of Capt. Talcott, with maps 2 54
memorial of inhabitants of Toledo,
Ohio, speedy action on

6 263
Ohio, citizens of, against change in location of Cumberland road 4 184
Legislature, in relation to the waters of Lake Erie

4 191
place appropriation Cumberland road, under
control of board of public works

4 192
complete Baltimore and Ohio rail road

collect tolls, Maumee and Western Reserve

4 194
hospitals in the west

4 195
inedical convention, hospitals in the west

6 264
Ordnance Department, report of the proceedings and operations
of, in 1835 (page 228)

1 2
estimates for 1836, for the

2 29
additional estimates for the

3 90
Ordnance and Ordnance stores, a full report showing the number,

2 44
cost, and condition of

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Vol. No.
Pas ras arriving in 1835

6 237
Pato chich have expired within the year 1835

3 63
for new inventions issued in 1835

3 64
Patrs Legislature, Massachusetts, on subject of foreign 6 219
brunaster General, annual report of

1 2
As and allowance of every kind to army officers in 1833 and 1834 5 198
naval officers

6 236

Fenitentiary, seventh annual report of Inspectors of the

Peticsyfrania, Legislature, distribute proceeds sales of public lands 4 186
citizens of the State, on subject of banks -

9 280
Pea: xia, Sary yard, on building dry dock, &c. at

4 157
Pensions, report of commissioner, various information as to num-
her, &c. of, (page 301)

1 2
Pensioners, revolutionary, under act of 18 March, 1818, and drop-

ped by act 1st of May, 1820, and those subsequently, re-
stored, list of

4 127
Pensions, rejected applications for

2 31
navy and privateer, list of pensioners, and state of the

3 85
to Indian fighters of 1795, Legislature of Illinois in,
favor of

3 88
Philadelphia, chamber of commerce in favor of completing Dela-
tare breakwater

Plymouth beach, repair breach in breakwater at

4 142
Polish exiles, on granting patents, &c. to, with their memorial

4 188
letter from D. A. Spaulding adverse to

5 213
Portlard Maine memorial of physician, for hospital at

3 68
Ports of estry, memorial of inhabitants of Fredericksburg, Va. for 4 130
Portugal, on repealing discriminating duties on vessels of

4 134
Post Office Department, annual report of the Postmaster General

of the affairs and management of, trans-
portation of mail over railroads, reorgani-
zation, &c. of, (page 387)

1 2
Post Office, list of clerks in 1835

3 84
contracts in 1835

5 203
Postage, accruing at each office, in 1835

0 262
Pre emption rights, and to prevent frauds on the subject of

4 125
effects of frauds under laws granting

5 211
Presideat United States, his annual message, and accompanying
documents, at the commencement of the session

1 2
Presque Isle harbor, report and drawing in relation to

4 128
Public Buildings, annual report of the commissioner of -

3 97


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Quartermaster General, annual report of the operations of his

Quartermaster General's Department, salaries of clerks in

estimate, additional appro-

Quinn, Michael memorial of

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