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Methodist Magazine — Statistics of Essays-Persecution in Prussia—Volun

Nottingham-Dr. Burder's Strictures tary Churches-Cautionary Counsels

- Neglect of Standard Books, 205–

237. POETRY, 238. Reviews-Claims Poor of the Metropolis-Smitten Rock

of Dissenters-Extent of the Atone- Fraser and the American Deputation-Gathercole's Reply to Ellerby, 1

ment-Negro Slavery, 239-250. Edi.

tor's Table -- Short Notices and Lite-36. POETRY, 39. REVIEWS— Reed and Matheson's Narrative, 41. Edie

rary Intelligence, 252—256. Trans.

ACTIONS tor's Table and Short Notices, 58–60.

Congregational Union

Liverpool Association TRANSACTIONS - Monthly Lecture

Blackburn Welsh Churches-New Chapels-Or

Academy-Ordinations, &c. 257–259.

INTELLIGENCE — dinations and Settlements, 61-63.

Dissolution of the

Three Denominations-Claims of DisINTELLIGENCE-Capital Punishments --Resolutions of Deputies-Home

senters, &c. 259-268. Mission Stations-Corporation Elec.

MAY. tions-High Alps--Evangelical Suciety in France-Deaths, 64-67. Essays, &c.—Dissenters at Beaminster

-Ministerial Fidelity – Dissenters' FEBRUARY.

Grievances—Character of the Gospels Essays—O. Heywood's Relatives--Har. (continned)-Statistics of Nottingham ris's Address, Claylands Chapel-Geo

-Hints for the Congregational Union, logy - Cautionary Counsels (cont.)—

269—301. Reviews - Tercentenary Municipal Corporations - Fraser- Jubilee Sermons-Parent's Gift-DisFlowing Strean--69–102.-POETRY, sent Vindicated, 303–315. Editor's 104. REVIEWS-Horæ Hebraicæ

Table-Short Notices and Literary Epistle to the Hebrews-Reed and Intelligence, 319–324. TRANSACMatbesop's Narrative (concluded.) TIONS-Congregational School- New 105–113. Editor's Table and Lite- Church at Chorley-Albany Chapelrary Intelligence, 132, 133, TRANSAC- Ordinations, &c. 325-329. INTELLITIONS — Special Services - Monthly GENCE, 329, 330, Lecture-Congregational Church, St. Petersburgh-New Chapels -134–

JUNE. 136. INTELLIGENCE-Geneva-Or- Essays,Address to Students Patriardination at Berlin-Chapel Deeds

chal Life-Geology, No. 1.- Extent Clavlands Chapel-Welsh Statistics—

of the Atonement-RemonstranceQuaker Controversy, 137–140.

Congregational System in U. S. 333


ture the Test of Truth, &c.—Armini. Essays - Address to Metropolitan

anism and Calvinism- Predictions and Churches_Embalıning of Jacob-Spi

Miracles of Christ, 363—371. Editor's ritual Rock-Character of the Gospels

TableShort Notices and Literary (continued.)-High Churchman, 141 - Intelligence,373—378. TRANSACTION'S 169. Reviews-Reform of the Esta- Congregational Union -- Colonial blishment- Pinkerton's Russia, 173—

Mission-Ordinations, &c. 379—394. 181. Editor's Table-Short Notices,

-INTELLIGENCE-Seceders from the and Literary Intelligence, 187—190.

Three Denominations, 395, 396. TRANSACTIONS-Congregational Lec. ture-New Chapels-Appeal from St.

JULY. Petersburgh-Ordinations, &c. 191— 197. Intelligence-Orphan School – Essays, &c.—The Karens — Trust in Claims of Dissenters— Widows Fund

God—Geology, No. II.-Remarks on -Lady Hewley's Charity-Slavery

Dr. Wardlaw—Preaching in Irishin the U. S. 197–204.

Counsels to the Young (cont.) – On the

Atonement, 397-423. POETRY. 426. APRIL.

REVIEWS -Rich's Koordistap--Theo

logical Library – Book of the Denomi. Essays, &c.-Judgment, Attorney Gene. nations, 427-437. Editor's Table

ral v, Shore-Artifices of Infidelity- Short Notices and Literary IntelliRemarks on John v. 37. Reply to gence,441-448, TRANSACTIONS-Dis

senters Grievances-New Chapels- land)-Sussex Association - Colonial Ordinations, &c. +19--453. Intelli- Mission-Union Chapel--Ordinations, GENCE-Switzerland -- Spain - France &c. 654-658. INTELLIGENCE-Ger- Dissenting Deputies--Church Rates, many-France-French and English &c. 453—460.

Bishops, &c. 638—662.

NOVEMBER. Essays, &c.-American Delegates—In- Essays, &C.-- Recollections of Rev. W. fant Baptism-Atonement-Geology,

Pritchard-Afflictions of MinistersNo. HI.-Christian Observer, 461- Character of the Gospels (cont.)-Con. 486. POETRY, 490. REVIEWS—Works gregationalism-Counsels to the Young on Popery-Baptists in America, 491– (cont.} -- Lord Byron- Dr. Codman's 503. Editor's Table-Short Notices Narrative-- Temperance, 663–691.and Literary Intelligence, 520-524.

Reviews-Life of Flowe --Bennett's - TRANSACTIONS Congregational Lectures, 693–701. Editor's TableUnion- Wales ---York- Kent-Colle. Short Notices and Literary Intelli. giate Examinations--Removals, 525– gence, 703—712.

TRANSACTIONS 530. INTELLIGENCE-France-Church Colonial Mission- New Chapels, &c. Reforms - Lady Hewley's Charities, 713-725. INTELLIGENCE-The Caf. 530-532.

fre War --Church Rate Abolition So

ciety, 725--734. SEPTEMBER.

DECEMBER Essays, &c.-- Rev. J. Cumming-Antichrist-Syria, No. IV.-Hymns by Dr.

Essays, &c.—History of Congregational Doduridge - Counsels to the Young

Churches-Porter's Homiletics-Infant (cont ) -- Prussian Liturgy -- Geology,

Baptism-Christian Union-Counsels No. IV. 533—505. REVIEWS--History

to the Young ( Concluded ;-Replies on of Presbyterian and Baptist Churches

*. The Doctrine of Probation" -Count Waldenses, 571--583. Short Notices

Zinzendorff-Regium Donum, 735– and Literary Intelligence, 586—588.-

768. Poetry, 768. Reviews -- Works TRANSACTIONS-New South Wales

on the Atonement - Biblical Com. Congregational School, &c. 589--593.

panion--Congregational Reform-ReINTELLIGENCE - France

cords of the Church at Southampton

Regium Donum --Church Rates— Pilgrim Tax,

769–794–Editor's Table_Short No.

tices and Literary Intelligence, 795– 594, 595.

800 — Transactions-North Riding OCTOBER

Association --Churches formed, and

Ordinations, 801 – 803 InteLLIGENCE Essays, &c.—Memoir of Mr J. Shelley American Statistics--Idolatry in

--Holiness of God -- Dr. Codman's Nar- India-Church Rate Abolition Society rative-Character of the Gospels (cont) -Greek Church- The Gospel in the -Doctrine of Probation-Infant Bap- Metropolis, 804–811. tism-Christian Observer, 597—628. POETRY, 639. Reviews, Mammon

SUPPLEMENT. Christian Union, 633—614. Editor's Registration and Marriage Bills, with Table and Short Notices, 650-653. Remarks, 813.TRANSACTIONS_Home Mission (Scot


Hampshire ......
Hertfordshire ......
Kent ........
London and Middlesex
Norfolk .........
Rutland ......
Wiltshire ......
Yorkshire ......
Wales, North and South...

57,1 (11,825


rest Unitarian.



JANUARY, 1836.


Translated from the Paris Sémeur,

It is one of the noblest titles to reigning sovereign seems to have honour, which the ancient elec- regarded it as one of his boblest torate of Brandenburg and the mo. prerogatives, that he could lift up dern kingdom of Prussia has ever his voice in favour of any sufferers possessed, that she early spread her for conscience sake. He has never shield over the cause of Religious failed in granting generous aid to Liberty, and has always heretofore his fellow-protestants in Austria, shewa herself disposed to protect and in joining his efforts with theirs and succour those whose con- for the support of their religious sciences were threatened with op- institutions. So often has he inter. pression. The numerous French posed in favour of the Waldenses Reformed Churches which still re- of Piedmont, that it is now become main in that country, though their their constant practice to look up present members are so identified to the Prussian Ambassador at with the German population that Turin as their natural protector.* many of them have lost the lan- When, during the first years of the guage of their fathers, are monu. restoration, persecuting measures ments of the gracious reception were put in force against the Prowhich the Markgraves of Branden- testants in the south of France, he burg granted to the refugees driven employed all his influence to obout of their own counuy by the tain from the government of that Revocation of the Edict of Nantz. time a repression of those fanatical Also in many of the towns of outrages. Prussia there are Moravian and To the commemorating of such Bohemian Churches, founded [chiefly in the seventeenth century]

• This honour belonged to England, by the subjects of Austria, who, from the memorable intervention of from faithfulness to their religion, Cromwell, in 1655. But our desertion had renounced all they had on of the supplicating Waldenses in 1814 earth, and were bappy in finding and 1815, smole our glory into the dust

. an asylum in this hospitable land. sadors may feel the duty of taking up the Still further, in our own days, the fallen crown!-Transl. VOL. XIX. N. S. No. 133.


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