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Methodist Magazine - Statistics of
EasAYS–Persecution in Prussia—Volun-

Nottingham-Dr. Burder's Strictures

- Neglect of Standard Books, 205
tary Churches—Cautionary Counsels,
Poor of the Metropolis-Smitten Rock

237. POETRY, 238. REVIEWS-Claims
- Fraser and the American Deputa-

of Dissenters-Extent of the Atone-
tion-Gathercole's Reply to Ellerby, 1

ment--Negro Slavery, 239-250. Edi-
--36. POETRY, 39. REVIEWS—— Reed

tor's Table--Short Notices and Lite-
and Matheson's Narrative, 41. Edi-

rary Intelligence, 254–256. TRANS-

tor's Table and Short Notices, 58—60.

· Congregational Union-
TRANSACTIONS — Monthly Lecture-

Liverpool Association - Blackburn
Welsh Churches–New Chapels-Or-

Academy-Ordinations, &c. 257-259.
dinations and Settlements, 61-63.-

INTELLIGENCE — · Dissolution of the

Three Denominations-Claims of Dis-
INTELLIGENCE-Capital Punishments
-Resolutions of Deputies--Home

senters, &c. 259-268.
Mission Stations—Corporation Elec.
tions-High Alps-Evangelical Su-

ciety in France-Deaths, 64-67. Essays, &c.—Dissenters at Beaminster

- Ministerial Fidelity - Dissenters'

Grievances—Character of the Gospels
Essays–O. Heywood's Relatives—Har- (continned) -Statistics of Nottingham
ris's Address, Claylands Chapel-Geo-

-Hints for the Congregational Union,
logy - Cautionary Counsels (cont.) -

269--301. Reviews — Tercentenary
Municipal Corporations - Fraser-

Jubilee Sermons-Parent's Gift--Dis-
Flowing Stream-69—102.—Poetry, sent Vindicated, 303–315. Editor's
104. REVIEWS-Horæ Hebraicæ-

Table-Short Notices and Literary
Epistle to the Hebrews-Reed and Intelligence, 319–324. TRANSAC-
Matheson's Narrative (concluded.)— TIONS-Congregational School-New
105–113. Editor's Table and Lite- Church at Chorley-Albany Chapel-
rary Intelligence, 132, 133, TRANSAC- Ordinations, &c. 325--329. INTELLI-
TIONS -- Special Services - Monthly GENCE, 329, 330.
Lecture-Congregational Church, St.
Petersburgh-New Chapels -- 134—

136. INTELLIGENCE-Geneva-Or-

ESSAYS— Address to Students Patriar.
dination at Berlin-Chapel Deeds—

chal Life--Geology, No. 1.- Extent
Clavlands Chapel-Welsh Statistics-

of the Atonement-Remonstrance-
Quaker Controversy, 137–140.

Congregational System in U. S. 353—

361. POETRY, 362. Reviews—Scrip-

ture the Test of Truth, &c.-Armini-
Essays — Address to Metropolitan

anism and Calvin ism- Predictions and
Churches_Embalıning of Jacob-Spi-

Miracles of Christ, 363–371. Editor's
ritual Rock-Character of the Gospels

Table-Short Notices and Literary
(continued.)-High Churchman, 141- Intelligence,373–378. TRANSACTIONS
169. REVIEWS-Reform of the Esta- Congregational Union -- Colonial
blishment- Pinkerton's Russia, 173- Mission-Ordinations, &c. 379—394.
181. Editor's Table-Short Notices,

-INTELLIGENCE-Seceders from the
and Literary Intelligence, 187—190. Three Denominations, 395, 396.
TRANSACTIONS-Congregational Lec.
ture-New Chapels-Appeal from St.

Petersburgh-Ordinations, &c. 191-
197. Intelligence-Orphan School Essays, &c.—The Karens—Trust in
Claims of Dissenters- Widows Fund

God-Geology, No. 11.—Remarks on
-lady Hewley's Charity-Slavery

Dr. Wardlaw-Preaching in Irish-
in the U.S. 197 - 204.

Counsels to the Young (cont.) - On the

Atonement, 397–423. POETRY. 426.

Reviews - Rich's Koordistan—Theo-

logical Library- Book of the Denomi.
Essays, &c.-Judgment, Attorney Gene. nations, 427-437. Editor's Table-

ral v. Shore --Artifices of Infidelity- Short Notices and Literary Intelli-
Remarks on John v. 37. Reply to gence,441–448, TRANSACTIONS-Dis-

senters Grievances-- New Chapels- land)-Sussex Association -- Colonial

Ordinations, &c. 4194-453. Intelli. Mission-Union Chapel--Ordinations,

GENCE-Switzerland -- Spain - France &c. 651-658. INTELLIGENCE-Ger-

- Dissenting Deputies-Church Rates, many-France-French and English

&c. 453-460,

Bishops, &c. 658—662.



Essays, &c.-American Delegates-In- Essays, &c.--Recollections of Rev. W.

fant Baptism-Atonement-Geology, Pritchard-- Afflictions of Ministers-

No. 111.-Christian Observer, 461– Character of the Gospels (cont.)-Con-

486. POETRY, 490. REVIEWS-Works gregationalism--Counsels to the Young

on Popery-Baptists in America, 491– (cont.) Lord Byron- Dr. Codman's


Editor's Table-Short Notices Narrative-- Temperance, 663–691.-

and Literary Intelligence, 520-524. Reviews-Life of Howe --Bennett's

- TRANSACTIONS Congregational Lectures, 693-701. Editor's Table-

Union- Wales --York- Kent-Colle- Short Notices and Literary Intelli-

giate Examinations-Removals, 525– gence, 703-712. TRANSACTIONS-

530. INTELLIGENCE-France-Church Colonial Mission- New Chapels, &c.

Reforms -- Lady Hewley's Charities, 713–725. INTELLIGENCE- The Caf.


fre War --Church Rate Abolition So-

ciety, 725--734.



Essays, &c.-- Rev. J. Cumming--ArtiEssays, &c.-History of Congregational

christ-Syria, No. IV.--Hymns by Dr.

Churches-Porter's Homiletics-Infant

Doddridge-- Counsels to the Young

(cont ) -- Prussian Liturgy -- Geology,

Baptism-Christian Union-Counsels

No. ÍV. 533-505. REVIEWS-History

to the Young (Concluded )-Replies on

· The Doctrine of Probation"'--Count

of Presbyterian and Baptist Churches

Waldenses, 571--583. Short Notices

Zinzendorff-Regium Donum, 7354

and Literary Intelligence, 586—588.--

768. POETRY, 768. Reviews -- Works

TRANSACTIONS- -New South Wales-

on the Atonement - Biblical Com.

Congregational School, &c. 589--593.

panion--Congregational Reform-Re-


cords of the Church at Southampton

Donum --Church Rates, Pilgrim Tax,

769–794--Editor's Table-Short No.

tices and Literary Intelligence, 795–

594, 595.

800 – TRANSACTIONS- North Riding


Association --Churches formed, and

Ordinationis, 801 – 803 INTELLIGENCE

Essays, &c.—Memoir of Mr J. Shelley American Statistics-Idolatry ili

--Holiness of God -- Dr. Codman's Nar. India-Church Rate Abolition Society

rative-Character of the Gospels(cont ) -Greek Church- The Gospel in the

-Doctrine of Probation-Infant Bap- Metropolis, 804–811.

tism-Christian Observer, 597--628.

POETRY, 639. Reviews- Mammon-


Christian Union, 633–644.

Editor's Registration and Marriage Bills, with

Table and Short Notices, 650—653. Remarks, 813,-

TRANSACTIONS—Home Mission (Scot-

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