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Curate shall remain in the keeping of every Registrar, Registering Officer, such Rector, Vicar, or Curate, and and Secretary, who shall have the keeps shall be kept by him with the registers ing for the time being of any register of baptisms and burials of the parish or book of births, deaths, or marrizga, chapelry within which the marriages shall at all reasonable times allow registered therein shall have been so- searches to be made of any register book lemnized; and the other copy of every in his keeping, and shall give a copy such register book of marriages among certified under his hand of any entry the people called Quakers, and among or entries in the same, on payment of persons professing the Jewish religion the fee herein-after mentioned; (that is respectively, shall remain under the lo'say) for every search extending over care of the said people or persons a period not more than one year the respectively, to be kept with their other sum of one shilling, and sixpence adregisters and records, and shall for the ditional for every additional year, and purposes of this Act, be still deemed to the sum of two shillings and sixpence for be in the keeping of the registering every single certificate. officer or secretary for the time being Indexes to be made at the Superintenrespectively.

dent Registrar's Office, and Persons Superintendent Registrar's to send allowed to search them.

certified Copies of Registers to XXXVI. And be it enacted, That the General Register Office. every Superintendent Registrar shall

XXXIV. And be it enacted, That cause indexes of the register books in every Superintendent Registrarshall, his office to be made, and kept with the four times in every year, on such days other records of his office; and that as shall be therefore named by the every person shall be entitled at all Registrar General, send to the Regis- reasonable hours to search the said intrar General all the certified copies of dexes, and to have a certified copy of the registers of births, deaths, and any entry or entries in the said register marriages which he shall have so received books, under the hand of the Superinduring the three calendar months next tendent Registrar, on payment of the preceding such quarterly days of trans. fees verein-after mentioned; (that is to mission respectively; and if it shall say,) for every general search the sum of appear, by interruption of the regular five shillings, and for every particular progression of numbers or otherwise, search the sum of one shilling, and for that the copy of any part of any book every such certified copy the sum of two has not been duly delivered to him, he shillings and sixpence. shall procure, as far as possible, con- Indexes to be kept at the General sistently with the provisions of this Act, Register Office, Searches allowed, that the same may be remedied and and certified Copirs given. supplied; and every such Superinten- XXXVII. And be it enacted, That dent Registrar shall be entitled to re- the Registrar General shall cause inceive the sum of two-pence for every dexes of all the said certified copies of entry in such certified copies; and every the registers to be made and kept in Superintendent Registrar shall make out the General Register Office; and that an account four times in every year of every person shall be entitled, on paythe number of entries in the certified ment of the fees herein-after mentioned, copies sent to him during the last quar- to search the said indexes between the ter, and the certified copies so sent to hours of ten in the morning and four the General Registry Office shall be in the afternoon of every day, except thereafter kept in the said office in such Sundays, Christmas Day, and Good order and manner as the Registrar Friday, and to have a certified copy of General, under the direction of the any entry in the said certified copies Secretary of Statė, shall think fit, so of the registers ; and for every general that the same may be most readily seen search of the said indexes shall be paid and examined.

the sum of twenty shillings, and for every Searches may be made, and Certificates particular search the sum of one shilling,

given by the Persons keeping the and for every such certified copy the Registers.

sum of two shillings and sixpence, and XXXV. And be it enacted, That no more, shall be paid to the Registrar every Rector, Vicar, or Curate, and General of such other officer as shall be

appointed for that purpose on his ac- Penalty for not duly registering count.

Births, Deaths, and Marriages, or Certified Copies given at General Re- for losing or injuring the Registers. gistry Office to be sealed.

XLII. And be it enacted, That every XXXVIII. And be it enacted, That person who shall refuse or without reathe Registrar General shall cause to be sonable cause omit to register any marmade a seal of the said register office, riage solemnized by him, or which he and the Registrar General sball cause to ought to register, and every Registrar be sealed or stamped therewith all certi- who shall refuse or without reasonable fied copies of entries given in the said cause omit to register any birth or death office; and all certified copies of entries of which he shall have had due notice as purporting to be sealed or stamped with aforesaid, and every person having the ihe seal of the said register office shall custody of any register book, or certified be received as evidence of the birth, death, copy thereof or of any part thereof, who or marriage to which the same relates, shall carelessly lose or injure the same, without any further or other proof of or carelessly allow the same to be insuch entry; and no certified copy pur- jured whilst in his keeping, shall forfeit porting to be given in the said office shall a sum not exceeding fifty pounds for be of any force or effect which is not every such offence. sealed or stamped as aforesaid.

Penalty for destroying or falsifying Fees for Searches in the General Re

Register Books. gister Office to be accounted for to XLIII. And be it enacted, That every the Excheguer.

person who shall wilfully destroy or inXXXIX. And be it enacted, That jure, or cause to be destroyed or injured, every sum received under the provisions any such register book, or any part or of this Act by or on account of the Re- certified copy of any part thereof, or shall gistrar General shall be accounted for falsely make or counterfeit, or cause to and paid by the Registrar General, at be falsely made or counterfeited, any such times as the Lords Commissioners part of any such register book or certiof the Treasury from time to time shall fied copy thereof, or shall wilfully insert direct, into the Bank of England, to the or cause to be inserted in any register credit of his Majesty's Exchequer, ac- book or certified copy thereof any false cording to the provisions of an Act passed entry of any birth, death, or marriage, in the fourth and fifth years of his Ma. or shall wilfully give any false certificate, jesty, intituled “ An Act to regulate the or shall certify any writing to be a copy Office of the Receipt of His Majesty's or extract of any register book, knowing Exchequer at Westminster.”

the same register to be false in any part Clergymen, &c. may ask Parties mar- thereof, or shall forge or counterfeit the

ried the Particulars required. seal of the register office, shall be guilty XL. And be it enacted, That it shall of felony. be lawful for every clergyman of the Accidental Errors may be corrected. church of England who shall solemnize XLIV. Provided always, and be it any marriage in England, and for every enacted, That no person charged with registering officer of the Quakers, and the duty of registering any birth, death, every secretary of a synagogue, after the or marriage, who shall discover any ersaid first day of March, to ask of the ror to have been committed in the form parties married the several particulars or substance of any such entry, shall be herein required to be registered touching therefore liable to any of the penalties such marriage.

aforesaid if within one calendar month Penalty for wilfully giving fulse In- next after the discovery of such error, in formation.

the presence of the parents of the child XLI. And be it enacted, That every whose birth may have been so registered, person who shall wilfully make or cause or of the parties married, or of two perto be made, for the purpose of being sons attending upon any person in his inserted in any register of birth, death, or her last illness whose death may have or marriage, any false statement touch- been so registered, or in case of the ing any of the particulars herein required death or absence of the respective parties to be known and registered, shall be aforesaid, then in the presence of the subject to the same pains and penalties Superintendent Registrar and of two as if he were guilty of perjury,

other credible witnesses who shall re

spectively attest the same, he shall cor- trespasser, on account of any defect of rect the erroneous entry, according to want of form in the summons, conviethe truth of the case, by entry in the tion, or warrant of distress, or on acmargin, without any alteration of the count of any irregularity which shall be original entry, and shall sign the mar- afterwards committed by the party disginal entry, and add thereunto the day training, but the person or persons agof the month and year when such cor: grieved by such irregularity shall recover rection shall be made: Provided also, full satisfaction for the special damages that the case of a marriage register sustained in an action on the case. he shall make the like marginal entry,

Appeal. attested in like manner in the duplicate XLVI. And be it enacted, That in all marriage register book to be made by cases where the sum adjudged to be him as aforesaid, and in every case shall paid on any such summary convictioa make the like alteration in the certified shall exceed five pounds, any persoa copy of the register book to be made by convicted may appeal to the next court him as aforesaid, or in case such certi- of General or Quarter Sessions which fied copy shall have been already made, shall be holden not sooner than twelve provided he shall make and deliver in days after the day of such conviction for like manner a separate certified copy of the county or other district wherein the the original erroneous entry, and of the cause of complaint shall have arisen; marginal correction therein made. provided that such person shall give to

Recovery of Penalties. the complainant a notice in writing of XLV. And be it enacted, That all such appeal, and of the cause and matter fines and forfeitures by this Act imposed, thereot, within three days after such unless otherwise directed, shall be reco- conviction, and seven clear days at the vered before any two justices of the least before such sessions, and shall also peace for the county, city, or place where either remain in custody until the sesthe offence shall have happened, upon sions, or enter into a recognizance, with the information or complaint of any two sufficient sureties, before a Justice of person; and if on the conviction of the the Peace, conditioned personally to apoffender, either on his or her confession, pear at the said sessions, and to try or by the oath of any one or more cre- such appeal, and to abide the judgment dible witness or witnesses, (which oath of the Court thereupon, and to pay such such justices are hereby empowered to costs as shall be by the Court awarded ; administer,') such fines or forfeitures, and upon such notice being given, and with the costs of the conviction, shall such recognizances being entered into, not be forthwith paid, the same shall be the Court at such sessions shall hear and levied by distress and sale of the goods determine the matter of the appeal, and and chattels of the offender, by warrant shall make such order therein, with or under the hand and seal of such jus- without costs, to either party, as to the tices; and for want of distress such Court shall seem meet, and in case of justices may commit every such offender the dismissal of the appeal, or the affirmto the common gaol or house of correc- ance of the conviction, shall order and tion for the county, city, or place where adjudge the offender to be punished acthe offender shall be committed, without cording to the conviction, and to pay bail or mainprize, for any term not ex- such costs as shall be awarded, and ceeding one calendar month, unless such shall, if necessary, issue process for enfine and forfeiture, and all reasonable forcing such judgment. charges attending the recovery thereof,

No Certiorari. shall be sooner paid; and one moiety of XLVII. And be it enacted, That no all such fines and forfeitures shall go to such conviction or adjudication made on the person who shall inform and sue or appeal therefrom shall be quashed for prosecute for the same, and the other want of form, or be removed by certiorari moiety shall go to the Registrar General, or otherwise into any of his Majesty's or to such other person as the Lords superior courts of record, and no warrant Commissioners of the Treasury shall ap- of commitment shall be held void by point, for the use of his Majesty; and reason of any defect therein, provided it no distress made by virtue of this Act be therein alleged that the party has been shall be deemed unlawful, nor shall the convicted, and there be a valid conviction party making the same be deemed a to sustain the samne.

Correspondence of Registrar General Act, every person so offending shall for

relating to this Act to be free of feit and pay the sum of one hundred Postage.

pounds, and be dismissed from his XLVIII. And be it enacted, That the office; one moiety of such penalty to be Registrar General may receive and send paid to the use of his Majesty, his heirs by the general post from and to places and successors, and the other moiety to in England all letters and packets re- the use of the person who shall inform Jating exclusively to the execution of this or sue for the same; to be sued for and Act free from the duty of postage, pro- recovered in any of his Majesty's courts vided that such letters and packets as of record at Westminster. shall be sent to the Registrar General be Registers of Baptisms and Burials directed to the “ Registrar General of may be kept as heretofore. Births, Deaths, and Marriages," at his XLIX.

Provided always, and be it office, and that all such letters and enacted, That nothing herein contained packets as shall be sent by the Registrar shall affect the registration of baptisms General shall be in covers, with the or burials as now by law established, or words “ Registrar General of Births, the right of any officiating minister to Deaths, and Marriages" printed on the receive the fees now usually paid for the same, and be sealed with the seal of the performance or registration of any bapsaid register office, and be signed on the tism, burial, or marriage. outside thereof under such words with Registrar General to furnish Notices the name of such person as the said Re- to Guardians of Unions, &c. specigistrar General, with the consent of the fying Acts required to be done by Lords Commissioners of the Treasury, Parties registering. or any three or more of them, shall ap- L, And be it further enacted, That the point, in his own handwriting, (such said Registrar General shall, within name to be from time to time sent to the three calendar months after his appointSecretary of the general post office in ment to such office, furnish to the reLondon,) and under such other regula- spective Guardians of every union, parish, tions as the said Lords Commissioners, or place printed notices, which the said or any three or more of them, shall think Guardians shall, as soon as conveniently fit; and if the person so to be appointed may be after the receipt thereof, cause to shall subscribe or seal any letter or packet be fixed or placed on the outside of the whatever, except such only concerning several church and chapel doors, or other which he shall receive the special direc- public and conspicuous bulidings or tion of his superior officer, or which he places, within their respective unions, shall himself know to relate exclusively parishes, or places, and which said noto the execution of this Act, or if the per- tices shall specify the several acts reson so to be appointed, or any other per- quired to be done by persons who may son, shall send or cause to be sent under be desirous of solemnizing marriage, or any such cover any letter, paper, or of registering the birth of any child or writing, or any inclosure, other than shall the death of any person, under the prorelate exclusively to the execution of this visions of this Act.

[blocks in formation]

1836.–Birtas in the District of Mary-le bone, North, in the County of Middlesex.

Name and Name, Sex. Surname of

Name and Maiden Rank or Signature, Description, Surname of Profession

and Mother. of Father. Residence of Informant.

When Registered.

Signature of Registrar.

Baptismal Name

if added after
Registration of


William Green, Father, 9th January. John Cox, Carpenter,

No. When Born.


if any.

17th January. James. Boy William Green. Rebecca Green, Carpenter.

formerly Jennings.

Registrar. 17, North Street,


The Words and Figures in Italics in this Schedule to be filled in as the Case may be.


1836.-Deaths in the District of Mary-le-bone, North, in the County of Middlesex.

Cause of

Signature, Description,
No. When died. Name and Surname. Sex. Age. Rank or Profession.


When Registered.

Residence of Informant.

Signature of Registrar,

[merged small][merged small][ocr errors]

Rebecca Green, Widow.
William Green,

43 Carpenter.

17, North Street,

5 February

Mary.le-bone [The Words and Figures in Ilalica lo this Schedule to be filled in according as the Case may be.]

John Cox, Registrar

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