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walls, surmounted by a tower-called a Three years since some friends of the church, it is considered as an “irregu- gospel, at the head of whom were MesJarity," not only ecclesiastical but civil-- sieurs Bickell, member of the superior a crime wbich cannot be too severely or tribunal of Appeal in Haynau, and adjetoo speedily reprobated.

tant of the Electoral Prince Ewald, assesIn the capital of the Grand Duchy of sor, and the Pastor Lange resolved upon Germany, it was publicly announced, that establishing a Missionary Society at Casshould any one secure the person of **** sel. Rationalism, however, in its boasted and deliver him to the police, he would tolerance, so strongly opposed it, that the be considered a benefactor to the State. populace, irritated by its influencé, assailed Who, then, is the criminal ? it was en- the house of the Pastor Lange, and proquired. He is a foreign merchant. What duced such confusion, as to require the is his crime? He has been holding meet- presence of a detachment of soldiers, with ings among our peasantry, whilst profess- bayonets and artillery levelled at the ing to follow his trade. “What an ho crowd, to re-establish order. It was not nour!” exclaims a rationalist journal, without some difficulty that these maleafter having detailed this occurrence, - volent passions were excited. The old " What an lionour to a government is Pastor E. who has preserved in all its such a disposition, to protect the truth integrity the Rationalism of 1780-1790, against the invasion of Sectarian Metho- and who is celebrated for his theological gists.” – Tbus despotism and a virtual writings, one of which is a “ Sermon on infidelity are united to hinder the propa- the Moon," commenced at Cassel, from gation of the gospel.

the pulpit, a crusade against the gospel. This being the state of things--(but Very soon the friends of the mission beblessed be God, there are some noble came the objects of the vilest calumny exceptions, at the head of which we may which political journals, day after day, mention Wurtemberg and Prussia,) poured forth with unwearied perseverimagine what is likely to be the religious anee. A satire, printed at Leipsic, was instate of a country, where the gospel can dustriously circulated at Cassel. No absurbe heard only in the four walls before- dity was too gross to be repeated or to be mentioned, and which frequently re- believed respecting them. A Cassellian sound with the Anti-Christian doctrines traveller assured the whole company in of Rationalism! Picture to yourself St. the diligence, with the most unblushing Paul, coming into such a country--he confidence, that he bad himself seen the who preached in the most public resorts, Pastor Lange, in baptizing a child, take a in the Areopagns,- and on the sea shore; little broom to drive away the devil from -or Lather re-appearing in his own be- the little innocent. loved and professedly Lutheran coun- Rationalism, that phantom of religion, try!--these men of God would be thrown usurping the name of gospel, that cold handcuffed into prison. What would denial of all that is divine and life-giving England now be in a religious point of in Christianity, enjoyed so full and view, had the rousing appeals which God peaceable a possession of the whole popu. directed to that nation, by Whitfield and lation, educated as they had been in its the Wesleys, been hushed by a suspicious barren principles, that the majority of and despotić magistracy? Where would the inhabitants believed the advocates of those institutions have been which are missions to be a set of Christians never the brightest glory of Great Britain, and before heard of. Full of this idea, 115 of which diffuse their rays of celestial light the parishioners of the Pastor Lange adto the extremities of the globe.

dressed to him a remarkable letter, in Christians of France ! the liberty which which they accused him of founding a God has given yon to preach the gospel new species of Christianity, and of adto every creature, is to be prized by you, vocating doctrines opposed to the oni. as an invaluable treasure !-O may you versally received faith of the gospel.be enabled to consider and use it, as a Glad to find they had the honesty to distalent for which you must render a strict cuss the subject of doctrine, he, with bis account!

Bible and Augsburgh contession in his

April 16, 1836. hands, triumphantly and with ease reMY DEAR FRIEND,-I shall for the futed the charge brought against him. present defer the review of general His reply, as well as the letter which topics commenced in my last, in order to prompted it, have been published; and furnish some facts respecting the heart with the Sermon by E-forms, the comcheering spread of vital religion, which mencement of a long series of controhas lately taken place in one of the most versial tracts of a highly important cha. benighted countries of Protestant Ger- racter. many.

Never, with the exception of what oc

urred a few years since in some of the only, serve as a poison to the minds of Swiss Cantons, were the first effects of a men when separated from real Chris. revival of religion, particularly the forma- tianity; we feel it to be incumbent on tion of a Missionary Society, attacked all Christians, in virtue of their vocation ind followed up with greater fury and and privileges, and in obedience to the gnorance of the truth. Rationalism had command, Go ye into all the world, and to stifled all religious feeling and bene- preach the gospel to every creature,' to volence, that it attributed every display labour to extend the kingdom of God of zeal to some concealed and sinister over the whole earth." design. The issne of this agitation was The writer then proceeds to urge the the removal of Lange to a curacy in the duty of zeal, from the consideration of country. The enemies of the truth, how the lasting consolation which the gospel ever, bave gained nothing by his dismis. would administer to the nations who have sal, for his successor, animated by the been subdued by the superior force and same spirit, employs his energies in the injustice of professed Christians; from same cause, and is, like Lange, one of the the salutary re-action of missions in remost active members of the Missionary viving religion at home; from the indeSociety.

fatigable exertions of the wisdom of this Three years have elapsed since these world; and the beneficial example of the occurrences took place. The formation societies and missionary institutions estaof the Missionary Society was then the blished in Germany. object of most furious attacks; and now The report of the Cassel Missionary I have before me its third report detailing Society states the proceeds of the year to the most encouraging and remarkable be 763 thalers, about 3050 francs. This proofs of its success. With the society at sam, small as it is, proves how much the Cassel nine au xiliary societies are con- Missionary spirit is on the increase in this nected and give energy and importance to country, for it has been collected almost its operations. Of these the most inte- exclusively from the working classes, by resting is that at Marbourg, patronized by subscriptions of a few pence. Dr. Puchta, Professor of Law, and by If we contrast this report with the many of the University Theological Pro- condition of the country three years ago, fessors.

when such violent opposition was excited, The preface to the rules of the Asso- wbat may we not expect! ciation is so remarkable, as an evidence Another remarkable feature in the of the progress of evangelical religion in religious condition of Germany, is the fact a region hitherto beclouded by the darkthat 55 yonng Christians, almost all Werness of Rationalism, that I will make an tembergians, are candidates for admission extract.

into the Missionary Institution at Basle ; " Grounded on a lively faith in Jesus where, however, from want of room, few Christ, the Saviour and Mediator of men, of this noble band can be received. by whose merits we confess, with a deep At Frankfort on the Maine, the monthly sense of gratitude for the free grace of prayer meetivg, hitherto almost unknown, God, that we have been delivered from and held in a small room, was, on Easter the darkness and ancleanness of the world Monday, renewed in the German reand have become partakers of the bles formed church. It was crowded in every sings of his kingdom.

part, even to the aisles, and a most de- In the conviction that the Christian lightful and memorable evening it was Church is to unite the whole human race to the friends of missions. in one fold, under one shepherd; and These facts will certainly show that the persoaded that the intellectual but worldly Lord is reviving his work in this interesteducation now adopted in Europe willing country.

SUPPORT OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CLERGY IN FRANCE. As we have already' given our readers the Budget of 1837 for the various denominations of Protestants in France, it may not be uninteresting to present a similar extract relating to the Roman Catholic religion in that country.

Francs. Expenses of regulating the Ecclesiastical Department

170,000 Two Cardinal Archbishops and the Archbishop of Paris, at 25,000 francs

75,000 Eleven Archbishops, at 15,000 francs.

165,000 Sixty-six Bishops, at 10,000 francs

660,000 Various indemnities for the Archbishops and Bishops, expenses of Bulls, &c.

142,000 One hundred and seventy-four Vicars-General


Six hundred and sixty Canons ......
Three thousaud three hundred and one Vicars..
Twenty-five thousand one hundred and seventy-five Curates
New Chapels of Ease to be erected in 1837
Five thousand four hundred and nineteen Vicars
Grants for double service ......
The Royal Chapter of St. Denis
Two thousand five hundred and twenty-five foundations in Colleges...
Grants to superannuated Priests ..
Occasional Grants to the Working Clergy
Grants to aged Nuns
Grants to superannuated Monks of St. John.
Expenses of Diocesan Edifices..
Purchases, Erections, and keeping in Repair Residences of Bishops

and Colleges
Grants for Churches and Residences of Priests.
Grants to twenty of the Convents
Grants to Foreign Missions ..
Grants to two private Religious Establishments.

Francs. 1,003,500 4,190,100 20,900,000

40,000 1,896 650 315,000

97,000 1,010,000 490,000

25,000 550,000

5,000 445,000


700,000 142,000 14,000 6,300



Deducting Pensions and Allowances for Sees not filled up
Expenses of the Roman Catholic Religion in France


COMPARATIVE STIPENDS OF FRENCH AND ENGLISH BISHOPS. The salaries of the prelates of France and England have within a few months been determined by the legislative body of each country. The contrast is remarkable.

£. $. d. Cardinal Archbishop, 25,000 francs

1,041 13 4 Archbishop of Canterbury

15,000 0 0 French Archbishop (ordinary) 15,000 francs

625 0 0 Archbishop of York

10,000 0 0 Archbishop of Paris, 25,000 francs

1,041 13 Bishop of London

10,0000 0 French Bishop (ordinary) 10,000 francs

416 13 4 English Bishop (ordinary)

4,500 0


ACKNOWLEDGMENTS AND MINOR CORRESPONDENCE. Since our former acknowledgments favours have been received from the Rev. Drs. J. P. Smith-Halley-Rev. Messrs. R. W. Hamilton--R. Ferguson-C. B. KiddT. Lewis-J. Morison—Thomas Guyer-J. Crossley -J. Rooker-J. Edwards-A. Pope-G. Smith --Algernon Wells- J. Belcher.

Also from Mr. T. T. Sadler.

We hope in our next, to present our readers with a complete digest of the new Acts of Parliament for Registration and Marriage, with some necessary remarks thereon.

ERRATA IN THE LAST NUMBER. Page 567, first column, last line, for engineer, read inquirer.

569, first column, sixth line from bottom, for distinction, read destruction. 560, second column, eleventh line from bottom, for Russian, read Prussian. 565, first column, thirty-sixth line from bottom, for his last, read the last.









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When the aged head is laid low the hope excited by it is suddenly in death and dust, we are prepared disappointed; when the auguries for the event. Signs have set theme of our confidence have only mocked selves upon its brow not to be mis- us,—we require very different reataken. We are forewarned that sonings and lessons to ensure our all the worth and usefulness as- resignation, and to control our sociated with the time-honoured, grief. There is an absolute morvenerable, countenance, must be jification. Our calculation is inspeedily withdrawn. And we are, verted. Our prediction is belied. in some measure, reconciled to the Our bright dreamings of the future, dispensation.

We can

see our visions of delight, are scattered thing humiliating in it. It is but and made nought. A blank of repose after long toil and glorious vanity seems to spread itself over strife. The stricken saint bas all. The distinctions of excelfallen by no rude shock, but ac- lence have apparently ceased to cording to a natural maturity. The avail. Life is dulled of its best fruit has dropt by its own ripeness. charms. “ The spring is torn out Mournful infirmities render life as of our year. little to be desired as expected. These are doubtless mistakes of Friendship has uttered so many thought and errors of feeling. We partings, that it were cruel to wish justify them not. The sepulchral that it might survive to falter any urn, though filled with youthful more. And the influence of that ashes, is not placed in its dark example perishes not with the vital viche by a capricious hand. As organs which gave it a concentra- truly is here a work completed, tion and palpableness. Every thing as though it had reached a patriis in its proper course, its due order. archal term. There is no slight; The sun has swept its full circuit, there is no waste. “And he died,” has set in the west, and is still is the epitaph written over all the throwing up glories from beneath pious by the finger of God: nor is the horizon, newer, softer, richer, than those of its orient and its noon.

• Εκ του ενιαυτου το έαρ ημιν εξαραιBut when youth is smitten; when pyrai-Polymnia : Gelon in Herod. VOL. XIX. N S. NO. 143.


The purer

the date unheeded, or least“ pre- said, that they won the esteem of cious in his sight.” They who thus us who had a little preceded them, are summoned timelessly from us and who could not have quite forshould be the rather honoured.- gotten that we had ourselves been Their character has yielded to a young. The interval was not large more rapid formation.

enough to forbid the full-hearted vein of the material has invited exercise of affection and confithe plastic skill, and obtained the dence. There was no disproporquicker polish. If we may speak tion which could hinder friendship. of their death as premature, we The elder might serve the younger should properly apply that lan- by that kind of experience which guage to their goodness and their the first few years of active life utility, the one expanded and mel- can scarcely fail to acquire-an lowed, the other employed and experience over which imagination signalized, so greatly beyond the casts many a fading colour still, common law and prevalent ex- and age has yet imposed no rigour, pectation. Despondency not un- And we were stimulated by the frequently oppresses minds of this advance of so much genius and class and fate, that they are re- goodness into the field. The fresher jected; that upon their little trial baptism, whose drops stood glistenthey have failed; that they are ing on their forehead, reminded cast out as unprofitable. Why is us of our earlier devotement. A reserved to them so small an arc community of feeling arose between of their circle? Are not even the us, reminding us of the Sacred Band first fruits of their increase dis- of ancient Greece, in which the dained ? The very dew of their more practised warrior adopted youth, is it not scornfully shivered, the untried stripling hero, training while the flower withers on which him for battle, and leading him to the morning saw it gleam? Oh, victory. The issue has not been let these tender spirits know that according to that model; we have they are the subjects of a process not been heaped together in a which the kindest mercy can ap

common deatb! ply. Small as is the arc, it is the

One of these have I been very ascending section of their circle, recently called to lament. His curving to the apex, and termina- pattern should not be lost. He ting there.

Transient as is the attained to no ordinary stature of dew, it is but exhaled to the heaven character. Few have attracted whence it fell. “ The cutting off to themselves, in so sbort a period, of their days” is only a sort of a more complete esteem. He who visual illusion. Life is condensed, now inscribes this little memorial, not abbreviated. The sacrifice is never came into contact with him not less costly because consumed but to be fascinated, instructed, in a keener fire. The race is not and reproved. The position of really less because of its speed. the teacher and the learner was in

How many of youthful prime precise contrariety to the differand promise have I lived to see ence of their years. My only suremoved from our present evil periority was, that, having lived world.” Some of these grew up longer, I had suffered more. with me, and we entered life in

" Mine


familiar friend" company. Others had taken their might have made himself known, place more lately in this strange and secured no mean celebrity. scene, Of them, it may be truly But he coveted not to act a bus

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