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have been universally condemned as the most solemn Declaration' of a whole flagitious and infamous.

people to be nullified a SECOND TIME, « But to tell of their wrongs would be and pronounced a mere legal fiction ? to write a volume; and that such a one Justice, Truth, Mercy, Religion-Earth as Ezekiel was once commissioned to and Heaven, demand of America that she inscribe. Many of them rest with former should assure the world she is what she generations ; and the reference, either professes to be, BY PRESERVING THE to the present or the past, is only deșira- INDIAN, AND EMANCIPATING ble, as it may awaken compassion and AFRICAN.”—Vol. ii. pp. 268—271. dispose to justice. At least, let the

Dr. Matheson's report respecting existing generation seek indemnity for the past by care for the future. If their Canada is deeply interesting. We fathers may have acted beneath the in- trust that its details will at least Anence of fear and resentment, there is

rouse the voluntaries of all Churches now no place for the action of such pagsious. These people commend themselves to energetic and persevering action. to protection, by their weakness as well Compulsion can do nothing for as their manliness and generosity. It is Canada. Indeed every where this high time that they should be allowed principle, regarded per se, is either inviolable possession of their lands, their entirely powerless, or mighty only laws, their liberty. If this may not be in for evil. the United States, where can it be? Is


We have received the first volume lumes. Upon the results of this extraof the complete and uniform edition of ordinary preparatory labour bis work the Works of the Rev. Dr. Chalmers. is based. We have not had an opporThis Series is to be published in tunity of judging of its merits, but in quarterly duodecimo volumes of about this superficial age, the author who 400 pages, at six shillings each. The would subject himself to such laborifirst volume is on Natural Theology, ous researches may challenge the atwhich includes the Bridgewater Essay, tention of the learned. with extended additions.

A second edition of Election calmly Much as our views of church polity considered, in a series of Letters, by differ from those of the Rev. Pro- John Craps. fessor, we feel that the cause of natural Practical Reflections on the Second and revealed religion has been greatly Advent, by Rev. H. White. promoted by his splendid works, and The first part of The entire Works we trust that in the present forın they of the truly Venerable and Rer. may secure a circulation, and effect a Charles Simeon, M. A. of Cambridge, usefulness far more extended than they pp. 336., price 4s. 6d. This work have already obtained,

will contain a complete series of all Reflections on the Genealogy of our his discourses and skeletons, which Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; as being arranged in the order of the recorded by St. Matthew and St. Luke, books of the Old and New Testament, by Daniel Benham. Quarto. The will form a textual commentary. It indefatigable author of this critical will be completed in about 40 parts. pamphlet, in order to a complete elu- Mr. Robert Mudie has just comcidation of this subject, has prepared pleted an interesting series of popular for his own use concordances of all the volumes, published by Ward and Co., proper names in the Hebrew Bible, entitled The Heavens,The ibe Septuagint, Wetstein's New Tes- Earth," The Air,” and tament, and Josephus, which, with Sea,” which are well adapted as prenotes made in their progress, occupy

sents for young persons. five large folio and three octavo vo- The English Scriptures, their first


Reception and Effects, including will be widely circulated throughout Memorials of Tyndale, Fryth, Cover- both sections of the Congregational dale, and Rogers, with an Appendix, body. by Christopher Anderson of Edin- Part VII. of the Condensed Comburgh, is a pamphlet replete with mentary and Family Exposition of the biblical facts that cannot fail to be Holy Bible, which brings this valuable interesting to many readers.

digest of biblical knowledge to the Dr. Beattie's Switzerland, parts Song of Solomon. 18 and 19, have reached us, which The Recognition Service of the Rev. sustain the character we have already J. Watson, as Colleague of the Rev. given of that work for the fidelity and Thomas Lewis, at Union Chapel, beauty of its graphic embellishments. Islington.

We have received the following Dr. Thomas Dick has just published single Sermons. The Christian Course, another useful volume, On the mental with its Impediments and Incitements, Illumination and moral Improvement a Sermon delivered to Young Pcople of Mankind; or, an Inquiry into the at Craven Chapel, by the Rev. J. Means by which a general Diffusion Leifchild.

of Knowledge and moral Principle The Funeral Discourse occasioned may be promoted. Illustrated with by the Death of Mrs. Cordelia Towns- Engravings. end, Widow of the late Rev. John Faith: a Poem. By the Rev. Benj. Townsend, delivered in Jamaica Row Luccock, Minister of the English Chapel, Bermondsey, by George Rose. Churches of St. Paui and St. John,

God the Object of supreme Compla- St. Croix. cency and Confidence. A Funeral Dis- Heaven Anticipated; or, the precourse for Lydia Cope, delivered at the sent Time influenced by the Prospect Independent Chapel, Uttoxeter, by of future Fidelity. By Joseph FreeJohn Cooke.

The Providence of God illustrated, The Mysteries of Providence and by the Author of History in all Ages, the Triumphs of Grace. By the Auis an interesting volume, replete with thor of The Prospect, or Scenes of anecdotes, which will be found pecu

Real Life." liarly attractive to the young.

Christian Consistency; or, the ConÁ Voice to the Churches, on the nection between experimental and pracSubject of Prayer Meetings, by Dr. tical Religion. Designed for young Morison, of Chelsea, deserves an Christians. By the Rev. G. Mannerextensive circulation amongst our ing, of Holywell Mount Chapel. churches.

The Bible Collectors. Dr. F. A. Cox, of Hackney, has just The Rev. Joseph Ketley, the late presented to the public a very useful Pastor of the Unitarian Chapel, Ipstract, entitled Suggestions, designed wich, has published a discourse, ento promote the revival and extension titled Scriptural Views concerning the of Religion, founded on Observations great and' important Doctrines of the made during a Journey in the United Atonement, delivered on Sunday, DeStates of America, in the Spring and cember 13, 1835, in consequence of his Summer of 1835. The hints it contains change of Sentiment upon that Subject. to promote personal piety and general The Rev. William Davis, of Hast. usefulness we regard as of great prac- ings, has just published a valuable little tical value ; and as the tract is sold at tractate, entitled The Salvation and fourteen shillings a hundred, we hope it Faith of the Christian.




Dr. Pye Smith's Scripture Testimony to the Messiah, and his Discourses on the Sacrifice and Atonement of Christ, having been for some time out of print, the author is engaged as unremit

N. S. No. 133.

tingly as his immediate duties allow, in revising those works for new editions.

The venerable Archdeacon Wix bas now in the press a Journal of his recent Missionary Labours in Newfoundland; giving a general description of that interesting country, and of the manners, customs, and religious feeling of its inhabitants.




the spectators: prayer and intercession The New Year was commenced with formed a principal part of all the a series of special services by the services. Associated Pastors * and Churches A liberal collection was made after assembling in Aldermanbury, Barbi- the communion towards the employcan, New Broad Street, Gibraltar ment of an agent in connection with Chapel, Hare Court, Jewin Street, the Christian Instruction Society, for the Weigh House and White Row, visiting the ignorant and the wretched Spitalfields. On the morning of in one of the districts of the city. January 1st, prayer meetings were Similar services were held by the held in the several chapels, and in the associated churches in the Western evening there was a united service at part of the Metropolis, at Islington Broad Street Chapel, at which ad- and Hackney, but we have not been dresses were delivered by Mr, Harry, favoured with the particulars. on “the evils in our churches to be deplored ;" by Mr. Wood on “the

THE MONTHLY MEETING LECTURE. special remedies that ought to be employed for the correction of these

The Rev. George Clayton having evils ;” and by Mr. Townley on

" the been prevented, by the decease of his encouragements we have to expect venerable mother, fulfilling his engagethe divine blessing to give efficiency ment last month, Dr. Fletcher kindly to such endeavours.” On the 2nd, supplied his place, and Mr. C. will a meeting for prayer was held, and deliver the Lecture on the evening of addresses were delivered by Messrs. Tuesday, the 16th instant, at Barbican Tidman and Binney, at Aldermanbury Chapel.–Subject Christian Zeal comChapel. The service on the 5th was

bined with Christian Charity. Service at the Weigh House, when Mr. Tid- to commence at half past six. man preached on “ defective piety,' after which Mr. Binney gave an

CONGREGATIONAL exhortation on the “importance of

PETERSBUGRH. self-examination." On Wednesday On Lord's Day, Nov. 24th, (O. S.) evening the service was held in Jewin 1835, the Rev.John Crombie Brown, of Street. Mr. Townley delivered an the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasaddress to parents, and Mr. Davies gow, and of Highbury College, Middlegave counsels to the young. On the sex, was publicly recognized as the pas7th, the churches met at White Row, tor of the Congregational Church,(comMr. Palmer addressed, “ undecided posed of English, Scotch, Irish, and hearers of the gospel;” Mr. Mummery American Christians,) assembling for showed “the duties of the church to worship in the Moravian Chapel, St. the unconverted,” and Mr. Harry Petersburgh. described “the duties of church There being no other Congregational members to each other."

ministers within reach, the whole of These services were closed by a the service devolved on the Rey. communion of the united churches at Edward Stally brass, of the London the Lord's table, in Barbican Chapel Missionary Society, who had arrived on the 11th ; Mr. Tidman presided. in St. Petersburgh on his return to Messrs. Wood and Townley addressed Siberia. The morning service com

menced with singing, reading the These brethren have published an Scriptures, and prayer; after which excellent Address, which we hope to Mr. Stallybrass having stated that he insert in our next number.

possessed documents containing the




call of the church, and Mr. Brown's End, which is to be called Belgrave acceptance of the same, together with Place. Belgrave Chapel is a plain yet their united request that he would elegant building, of brick, and has undertake the service in which they galleries round the whole of the inwere then engaged, proceeded to pro- terior: its fitting up is exceedingly pose a series of questions to Mr. neat, tasteful, and substantial. The Brown relative to his personal religion, pulpit is circular, and surrounded with his views of Christian doctrine, the small columns. The chapel will seat pastoral office, &c. to which appropri- 1800 persons: and underneath are two ate and satisfactory replies were very spacious school rooms, which will returned. Another hymn having been accommodate 600 children. There is sung, Mr. S. offered the ordination to be a very superior organ in the prayer, accompanied with imposition chapel, behind the pulpit, and a small of hands, in which he was joined by organ is now put up till the other shall the Rev. F. Nielson, pastor of the be ready. The whole cost of the chaMoravian congregation, at the close pel is £4300, which, with the purof which, both he and Mr. N. gave chase of the site for £1200, bas ocMr. Brown the right hand of fellow- casioned an outlay of £5500. The ship, as a brother minister. Mr. S. first service in Belgrave Chapel was then addressed Mr. Brown from Col. on Wednesday morning, January 6th. i. 28., after which the newly ordained The Rev. R. W. Hamilton conducted pastor administered the Lord's Supper the devotional part of the service, and to the members of the church, the read selected passages of Scripture. ministers, and some pious Lutherans The prayer was very impressive. The who were present. In the evening Rev. R. S. M‘All, LL.D. of ManchesMr. Stallybrass preached to the church ter, preached from Isa. lx. 13,—“I from 1 Thess. v, 12, 13.

will make the place of my feet gloriThis was the first service of the ous,

“We speak (says the Leeds kind ever witnessed in Russia among Mercury) the universal opinion when Christians of the Congregational we say that the discourse was one of order, and it appeared to excite deep transcendent eloquence; it was in fact interest in the minds of all present. one of the highest efforts of the human The church was first formed by the mind we ever heard, -as sublime in Rev. Dr. Henderson in the year its reach of thought as splendid in its 1817. It enjoyed for many years the rhetoric. The publication of this disfaithful and successful labours of the course would be an important service Rev. Richard Knill, and it is confi- to the cause of religion, as well as dently hoped that the ardent, en- an honour to English literature.” In lightened, and indefatigable zeal of the afternoon and evening, the Rev. its present pastor, which has such an Robert Newton and the Rev. Dr. extensive sphere of usefulness for its Raffles preached eloquent and admiexercise, and which has already been rable sermons ; the former from Gal. distinguished by signal effects, will, iv. 14, “God forbid that I should by the divine blessing, be productive glory save in the cross of our Lord of an abundant measure of good. Jesus Christ, by whom the world is

crucified unto me, and I unto the

world;" and the latter from Isa. xiii. OPENING OF BELGRAVE CHAPEL,

16.-“ Behold I lay in Zion for a LEEDS.

foundation, a stone, a tried stone, a Twenty-two years ago the Rev. R. precious corner stone, a sure foundaW. Hamilton entered upon his minis- tion.” At the morning and afternoon try at Albion Chapel, Leeds, which, services the chapel was quite filled, before his settlement, was on the point and in the evening it was crowded to of being shut up for want of hearers. overflowing: The collections were

It has pleased God so to bless his most handsome--in the morning 1591. labours in that most important town, 10s. 4d., in the afternoon 1011. 38. 7d., that his friends have felt it expedient and in the evening 1631. Os. Od.- total to erect a more eligible and commodi- 4231. 14s. Between the morning and afous chapel in that part of North Town ternoon services about 200 ministers and


gentlemen from every part of Yorkshire Joseph Fletcher, D.D., preached from and the neighbouring counties dined the 11th chap. of Ecclesiastes, 1st to 6th together in one of the school rooms verse, and in the evening the Rev. of the chapel. On Lord's day, Ja- Andrew Reed, D.D., preached from nuary 10th, the public services were the 9th chapter of Si John, 35th continued, Dr. Raffles preaching in verse. The other parts of the services the morning and evening, from Psalm were conducted, in the morning by the Ivii. 7, on the former, and from 1 Tim. Rev. W. Hodson, of Zion Chapel, and i. 15, on the latter occasion : and the Dr. Burder; and in the evening by Rev.J.Ely, of Salem Chapel, preaching Mr. Bromley, the Rev. G. Corney, in the afternoon from Haggai ii. 19.– and Mr. Sturtevant. The collections “ From this day I will bless you." were very liberal, amountiog to £50, The congregations on each occasion and it is hoped that impressions were were very large, that in the evening produced which will be long felt and especially, when the place was literally remembered. crammed. The collections on this day too were not unworthy to follow those

ERECTION OF A NEW CHAPEL of Wednesday, amounting as they did to upwards of 3061., forming a grand

SCHOOL AT SOUTHWOLD, SUFFOLK. total of 7301. This sum has been subsequently increased to Eight Hundred Southwold is a small market and Pounds. This splendid liberality (says sea-port town on the eastern coast of The Bradford Observer,) while it fur. Suffolk, and, at the last census, connishes a practical evidence of the work- tained a population of 2070 persons. ing of the voluntary principle, is as

In the records of the burgh it is honourable to the denomination which stated, that the Independent Dissenters has made it, as it must be gratifying assembled in a malt office at Reydon, to the distinguished Minister who has the adjoining parish, so far back as for twenty-two years presided over

the year 1680, in order to enjoy the the congregation for whose worship advantage of public worship, unmoBelgrave chapel has been erected ; and lested by the municipal authorities. we trust the spirit may extend itself

The Independent Church was first far and wide, till every corner of our

formed in the year 1748, under the beloved land possesses a temple for the pastoral care of the Rev. George worship of the living and true God; Wiggett; but long previously to this and especially, that it may be shown many of the pious inhabitants joined on the occasion of opening the New the Church of Christ at Wrentham, a Chapel in our own town on the 29th village about four miles distant. instant.

These, having mixed with other of their neighbours, formed a congrega

tion at Southwold, and converted a CLAREMONT STREET CHAPEL,

fish-office into the present meetingDURHAM PLACE EAST, HACKNEY ROAD.

house. From the effect of time upon On Tuesday, the 5th January, 1836, this building, it is deemed advisable the above chapel was opened for the no longer to promote its continuance use of the inhabitants of the neighbour- by renewed repairs, but to replace it hood. The necessity for a place of with a new one. worship near the spot has been long Preparatory to such a measure, a felt, although it was but recently that few friends in the church and congresuitable premises could be obtained; gation, about three years and a half when a few gentlemen immediately ago, met for the purpose of comassociated themselves together as a mencing a subscription towards a Committee, and have fitted up this building-fund, and at this meeting the chapel, which is capable of affording sum of £58. 13s. was subscribed. This the means of religious instruction to effort was augmented by occasional about 300 persons, besides 100 chil- donations, small weekly collections, dren, at an expenditure of about £120. and the produce of a Ladies Working The services were both suitable and Society, &c. the result of which has impressive. In the morning the Rev. been, that at Southwold exclusively,


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