1938: Hitler's Gamble

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Constable, 2009 - Всего страниц: 380

In this masterly new work, acclaimed historian Giles MacDonogh explores the moment when Hitler gambled everything. Until 1938, Hitler could be dismissed as a ruthless but efficient dictator, a problem to Germany alone; after 1938 he was clearly a threat to the entire world.

In that year The Third Reich came of age and the Führer showed his hand - bringing Germany into line with Nazi ideology and revealing long-held plans to take back those parts of Europe lost to 'Greater Germany' after the First World War. The sequence of events began in January with the purging of the army, and escalated with the merger with Austria - the Anschluss, and the first persecutions of Viennese Jewry.

In the following months Hitler moulded the nation to his will. Elections brought him a 99 per cent approval rating. MacDonogh gives a full account of the nationalist opposition that failed to topple Hitler in September 1938. By the end of the year the brutal reality of the Nazi regime was revealed by Joseph Goebbels in Kristallnacht, a nationwide assault on Germany's native Jewish population.

MacDonogh's access to many new sources gives insights into what life was like under the eye of the regime, revealing the role of the Anglican Church after the Anschluss, saving those Jews who were willing to convert, and also the Kendrick Affair - the still-secret details of the Austrian double agent who brought down the whole MI6 operation in Austria and Germany, just as the Chamberlain government began negotiations with Hitler at Munich. A remarkable and revealing account of Hitler's opening moves to war.

Praise for After the Reich:

'He has a profound understanding of Germany, which he communicates in a humane and engaging style... a remarkable book.' Michael Burleigh

'Brings together many stories that deserve to be much better known.' Max Hastings, Sunday Times

'It is not only a fascinating story but a unique and valuable historical document.' New York Review of Books

'Macdonogh's eloquent account of the suffering of these people is, hopefully, able to evoke strong feelings of both revulsion and compassion from most readers' Booklist

[A] superb book written by a sympathetic writer in perfect control of his often dreadful material. Overall, MacDonogh has told a story that had to be told and told it very well.' History Today

'A gruelling but important book.' Sunday Telegraph

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Fascinating book detailing the critical year of 1938, when Hitler enacted his plans to annex Austria and dismember Czechoslovakia to advance his Greater Germany project . The author illustrates the ... Читать весь отзыв


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The book is organized by month, but for the most part is a litany of statistics, facts, and some quotes with no compelling narrative. The only chapter that is interesting is "September" with the ... Читать весь отзыв


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Giles MacDonogh is the author of a number of highly acclaimed works of German history including A Good German, Frederick the Great, The Last Kaiser and After the Reich; he also translated the bestselling The Hitler Book. He has written for major newspapers in Britain and Europe such as the Financial Times, the Guardian and The Times. He contributes to magazines all over the world.

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