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Blurted, or Blurt, an expression Bowstrings, i.e. hold or cut, at of contempt.

all events. M. NIG. DRE. Bobbed, fooled out of, cheated. Brace, the armour for the arm: Bodge, to botch, or to budge. warlike brace, state of defence. Hen. VI. 3d Part.

Brach, a kind of hound; or used Boitier, a box to hold salve, or as a term of contempt. TROIL. simples.

AND Cress.
Bolds, emboldens.

Brack, to salt.
Boltered, bedaubed, begrimed. Braid, crafty or deceitful.
Bolting-hutch, a wooden recepta Brain's-flow, tears.

cle into which the meat is Brake, an instrument of torture, bolted.

or a thicket or furze-bush. Bombard, a barrel. Hen. IV. Brands, a part of the andirons, Part. I.-TEMP.

on which the wood for the fire Bona-robas, ladies of pleasure. was supported. Bores, stabs, or wounds.

Brasier, a manufacturer in brass, Borne in hand, deceived, imposed or a reservoir for charcoal. upon.

Hex, VIII. Bosky, woody; bosky acres, are Brate, to make fine; bravery

fields divided by hedge-rows; was the old term for elegance

from boscus and bosquet. Temp. of dress. Bots, worms in the stomach of a

Brarely, splendidly, or gallantly. horse.—A bots light upon, an Bravery, finery. imprecation.

Brawl, a kind of dance. Love's Bottled spider, a large, bloated, LA BOUR. glossy spider.

Braying, an epithet applied to the Boulted, sifted, or refined.

sound of the trumpet, harsh, Bourn, boundary, or rivulet di grating. K. John. viding land.

Break, to begin. TIT. ANDRON. Bow, yoke. As YOU LIKE IT. Break up, to carve. Bower, chamber. CORIOL. Break with, to break the matter Bowlins, or Bowlines, ropes by to. Two Gent. Ver.

which the sails of a ship are Breast, voice. TWELF. Night. governed when the wind is

Breath, speech. K. Joux. unfavourable.

TIMON.- Exercise, TROIL. Bowling, or the smoothness of a AND CRESS.-A slight exer

bowling-green. Win. Tale. cise of arms, ibid.

Breathing-courtsy, verbal compli- Brown bil, a kind of battle-axe ment.

affixed to a stick. Breeched, foully sheathed, or Brownist, a follower of Brown, a mired. MAC.

sectarian. Breeching, liable to school disci- Bruising irons, an allusion to the pline. TAM. OF THE SHREW.

ancient mace. Rich. III. Bribe-buck, a buck sent for a Bruit, noise, or report. bribe.

Brush, i. e. of time, decay by Bridal, a nuptial feast; a word time. Hen. VI. 2d Part. yet used in the North.

Buckle, to bend, or yield to Brief, a short account, a contract pressure.

hastily performed.-Now-born Bug, bugbear.
brief, is the breve originale of Bugle, hunting-horn.
the feudal times. ALL'S Bulk, body.

Bumbard, a large vessel for holdBring, attend or accompany.

ing drink. Hen. V.

Bung, a cut-purse.
Bring out, bring forth. Tim. Bunting, the name of a bird.
Brize, the gad, or horse-fly. Burgonet, a helmet.
Broach, to put on the spit, to Burst, to break, or broken.

Busky, woody.
Brock, the badger.

Butt-shaft, an arrow to shoot at Brogues, a kind of shoes.

butts with. Broken, communicated.

Buxom, under good command, Broken mouth, a mouth that has obedient. Hen. V. lost part of its teeth.

C. Broken tears, tears which are in. terrupted.

Caddis-garter, a kind of worsted Broker, a matchmaker, a pro garter.

Two GENT. Ver. Caddises, worsted lace.
Broker, deals as a broker. Cade, a barrel.
Brooch, a trinket with a pin fixed Cadent, falling.
to it.

Cage, a prison. Hen. VI. 2d Brooched, adorned.

Part. Brought, attended. JUL. Cæs. Cain-coloured, yellow ; Cain was Brow, i. e. of youth, the height represented of that colour in of youth.

old pictures.


Caitiff, a prisoner, slave, or

scoundrel. Calculate, to foretel or prophesy.

JUL. CÆS. Calider, a light kind of musket. Callet, a bad woman, or witch. Calling, appellation. As You

LIKE. Camelot, a place where king

Arthur is supposed to have kept

his court. Canaries, the name of a brisk,

light dance. Canker, the canker-rose, dog

rose, or hip. Much ADO. Canstick, candlestick. Cantle, a corner, or piece of any

thing. Cantons, used for cantos. Twelf.

NIGHT. Canvas-climber, one who climbs

the mast to furl the canvas, a

ship-boy. Cappéd, saluted by taking off the

cap. Capable impressure, hollow mark.

As You. Capocchia, a sot, or dull, heavy

gull, from the Italian capocchio. Capricious, lascivious. As you. Captious, for capacious. ALL'S

WELL. Carack, a vessel of great bulk. Caracts, characters. Carbonado, a piece of meat cut

crossways for the grid-iron.

Card, sea-chart. Mac. HAM.
Carded, mixed.
Carieres, i.e. to pass the carieres,

a military phrase. Mer. Wiv,
Means that the common bounds
of good-behaviour were over-

passed. Carkanet, a kind of necklace or

chain. Carl, clown, husbandman. Carlot, a peasant or churl, from

cari. Carnal, sanguinary. Rich. III.

HAM. Carowses, drinks. Carpet knight, a term of reproach,

spoken of one knighted in time of peace, and on a carpet, on some festive occasion. Twel.

NIGHT, Carriage, import. HAM. Case, skin. TWELFTH NIGHT.

outside, Case of lites, a set of lives, or pair

of any thing. Cased lion, a lion irritated by con

finement. K. John. Casques, helmets. Cassock, a horseman's loose coat. Cast, to empty. MEA. FOR

Mea, to throw or reject. Cast lips, left-off lips. Cast the water, to find out dis

orders by inspecting the urine.

MAC. Cataian, a liar; the first adven

turers who visited Cataia, or Chantry, little chapel in a cathe China, were notorious liars, as dral. Paulo and Mandeville.

Character, hand-writing. Much Catling, a small lute-string made ADO.-LEAR. of catgut.

Characts, characters. Cavalero-justice, a cant term. Charactery, the matter of which Cavalero, an airy, sprightly, irre characters are made. gular fellow.

Chares, tash-wort. Caviare, too good for, or foreign Charge-house, free-school. to.

Chariest, from chary, the most Caviare, a luxurious Russian cautious.

dish, made of the roe of the Chariness, caution. sturgeon.

Charles-wain, vulgar name for the Cautel, subtlety, or deceit.

constellation called the bear. Cautelous, artful, or insidious. C'larneco, a kind of sweet wine. Cauterizing, burning, or blister Chases, a term in tennis. Hen. V. ing

Chaudron, entrails. Cearment, the wrapping of an Cheater, for escheatour, an officer embalmed body.

in the Exchequer. Cease, decease, die. ALL's WELL. Check, command, control. Cym. Censer, brasiere.

TRO. AND CRESS. Certes, certainly. TEMP. Cheer, countenance. Mid. NiG. Cess, measure, tax, or subsidy. Chaliced, i. e. flowers, with cups, Cherry-pit, pitching cherry-stones from calir.

into a little hole. Challenge, law-term, the right of Cheveril, kid skin, soft leather.

refusing ajuryman.HEN. VIII. Chewet, or chuet, a pie, a noisy, Chamber, London was anciently chattering bird, or a fat pud

called the king's chamber. ding. Hen. IV. 1st Part. Rich. III.

Chide, resound, re-echo. Hen. Chamber, a piece of ordnance. V.-MID. Night's. Hen. IV. 2d Part.

Child, sometimes applied to Chamberers, men of intrigue. knights and heroes. LEAR, Changeling, a child substituted Childing, pregnant. for one stolen.

Chirurgeonly, like a surgeon. Channel, kennel. Hen. VI. 3d TEMP. Part.

Choppine, a high shoe or clog.

& al.

Chopping, jabbering, talking

talking Clouted, strengthened with clout, glibly.

or hob-nails. Chough, a bird of the jackdaw Clutch, to clasp, or grasp. kind. TEMP.

Coasting, conciliating, inviting. Christom, or chrisom, a christened TROIL. AND CRESS. child.

Cob-loaf, a crusty, uneven, gibChrystals, eyes.

bous-loaf. Chuck, chicken, a term of endear Cock and pye, a popular adjurament.

tion. Chuffs, rich, avaricious people. Cockshut-time, twilight. Circummured, walled round. Cockle, a weed which grows up Circumstance, circumlocution.

with corn. Othel.

Cockled, like the fish called a Circumstanced, treated according cockle.

to circumstances. Ibid. Cockle hat, cockle-shell hat, such Cital, recital.

as pilgrims wore. Clack-dish, a beggar's dish. Cockney, a well-known term of Clamour, when bells are at the reproach.

height, in order to cease them, Codding, amorous. the repetition of the strokes Codpiece, a piece of dress. becomes much quicker than Coffin, ancient term for the raised before, which is called clamour crust of a pie. Tam, SHREW. ing them. Wint. TAL.

TIT. ANDRO. Clap in, fall to. MEA. FOR MEA. Cog, to falsify the dice, to lie. Clapped i' the clout, hit the white Cogging, lying. mark,

Coigne of vantage, convenient Claw, to flatter.

corner. Clean kam, awry.

Coignes, corners. Clearest, purest. LEAR.

Coil, bustle, stir. Clepe, to call.

Collection, consequence or corolClerkly, like a scholar.

lary. CYM.-Ham. Cling, to dry or shrink up. Mac. Collied, black, smutted with coal, Clinquant, glittering, shining. discoloured. Clipt, twined around, embraced. Collier, a term of reproach, from

TEM. ANT. AND CLEO. &c. the impositions of coal-dealers. Clout, the white mark at which Cumart, a bargain. arches took their aim.

Combrinate, betrothed.

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