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not exceeding in size the tag A.

of a point; from aiguillettes. ABJECTS, the most servile Agnize, acknowledge, confess, and lowest of subjects,

avow. Aby, to pay dear for, to suffer. A-hold, a seafaring term, to keep Abysm, abyss, from the French near the wind, and clear of the

abysme, now abîme. TEMP. land. TEMP. Accite, to call or summons. Aiery, a hawk's or eagle's nest. Aconitum, woolfsbane.

Rich. III.
Adam, the name of an outlaw, Airy fame, verbal eulogium. .

noted for his skill in archery. Alder-liefest, preferred to all MUCH ADO.

things; from leve or lefc, dear, Adam Cupid, an allusion to the and alder, of all.

same person. RoM. AND JUL. A'life, at life. Addrest, ready, prepared.

Amazonian chin, a chin without a Advertising, attentive.

beard. Aery, or Aiery, a nest.

Ames-ace, the lowest chance of Affect the letter, to practise alli the dice.

teration. Love's LAB. Amort, sunk, dispirited. Affects, affections or passions. Ancient, an ensign, or standardAffeered, a law-term for con

bearer. firmed.

Angle, a fishing-rod. Win. Afied, betrothed.

Affined, joined by affinity. Antres, caves and dens.
Affront, sometimes to face, or Appeuch, to impeach.

Apple-John, species of apple that Affy, to betroth in marriage. will keep for two years; in Aglet-baby, a diminutive being, French, deur-ans.

a 2

Approof, approbation, or some Bandy, a metaphor from tennis

times proof, confirmation, playing, to exchange smartly. Aqua vitæ, probably, usquebaugh. Banning, cursing, commonly used MER. WIVES.

in Scotland. Arabian bird, the phenix, Bans, curses. Argentine goddess, regent of the Barbason, the name of a dæmon. silver moon.

Barbe, a kind of veil. Argier, Algiers.

Barber-monger, one who consorts Argosies, ships of great burthen. with barbers, a low fellow. Aroint, avaunt, or be gone. Barm, yeast, used in the midland Ascapart, a giant.

counties, and in Ireland and Ascaunt, askew, aside, sideways. Scotland. Aspersion, sprinkling. TEMP. Barnacles, a kind of shell-fish, Assay, to take the assay, applied growing on the bottom of

to those who tasted wine for ships.

princes. HAM.-OTH. &c. Burne, a child. Assinego, an ass driver, a foolish Barrful, full of impediments. fellow.

Bases, a kind of loose breeches. Astringer, a gentleman falconer; Per.

from austercus, a goshawk. Basta, 'tis enough. ITAL. AND As point, completely armed.

SPAN. Atomies, minute particles dis Bate, strife or contention. MER.

cernible when the sun breaks WIVES. into a darkened room.

Batlet, the instrument with which Attasked, taken to task, censured. washers beat their coarse Attent, attentive.

clothes. B.

Batten, to grow fat. Baccare, a proverbial word, of Bavin, brushwood, which, fired,

doubtful meaning ; perhaps burns fiercely, but is soon out.

from baccalare, arrogant. Bawcock, perhaps from beau and Bail, bane, ruin, misfortune.

coq, a jolly cock, or cock of HEN. VI. 2d Part. Baldrick, a belt.

Bay curtul, a bay docked horse. Balker, either bathed, or piled up. Bay windows, bow-windows. Hen. IV. 1st Part.

Beadsmen, chaplains, or persons Bandog, i.e. band-dog, a village

maintained by charity to pray dog, or mastiff.

for their benefactor.

the game.

Beak, the head, or support to the annexed to it, by which mutin

bowsprit of a ship. TEMP. ous sailors were ancientlylinked Bear a brain, to have a perfect together; derived from Bilboa, remembrance.

which was famous for the maBeck, a salutation made with the nufacture of instruments of

head; in the North, it means steel. The bilboes may be courtsying.

seen in the Tower of London, Becomed, becoming. Rom. AND among the spoils of the Spanish JUL.

armada. Behests, commands.

Bill, articles of accusation. Hen. Behowl, to howl at.

VI. 1st Part. Beldame, ancient mother. Hen. Bill, the old weapon of English IV. Ist. Part.

infantry, still used by the Be-lee'd, becalmed.

watchmen in some towns. Belongings, endowments.

Bin, is. CYMB. Be-mete, bemeasure.

Bird-bolt, a short thick arrow Bemoiled, bedraggled, bemired. without a point, used to kill Besmirch, to foul or dirty.

rooks, and shot from a crossBestraught, distracted.

bow. Beteem, to give or bestow, or to Bisson, blind.

permit, deign, or suffer. HAM. Black cornered night, night which Bevy, a company or number, is as obscure as a dark corner.

originally applied to larks. Blacks, mourning made of stuffs Bewray, betray, discover.

of different colours dyed black. Bezonian, a term of reproach; Blaze, i. e. of youth, the spring

from bisognoso, a needy person. of early life. All's Well. Bias cheek, swelling out like the Blank, i. e. of the eye, the white, bias of a bowl.

or the white mark at which Bid the base, to challenge in a arrows are discharged. contest. Two Gent.

Blank and level, mark and aim, Biggin, a kind of cap, worn now

terms of gunnery. only by children.

Blench, to start off, to fly off. Bilberry, the whurtle-berry. Blent, blended, mixed together. Bilbo, a Spanish blade, flexible Blind-worms, the Cæcilia, or slow

and elastic, the best of which are made at Bilboa.

Block, the thing on which a hat Bilbocs, a bar of iron, with fetters is formed.


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