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Evils, jakes. MEA. FOR MEA. Extremity, calamity. PER. LEAR. Hen. VIII.

Eyas-musket, a troublesome Examined, disputed or doubted.

puppy, infant Lilliputian. ALL'S WELL.

Eyas and musket, are young Excellent differences, distinguished hawks. excellencies.

Eyases, young nestlings. HAM. Ercrement, the beard. Lov. LAB. Eye, a shade. TEMP.

MER. Of Ven. Wint. TAL. Eyliads, eyes; from ožillades. Fr. HAM.

Eyne, eyes. Execute, sometimes for to use, or

F. employ. Executors, executioners. Hen.V. Face-royal, a face not to be medErempt, independant, not under dled with. HEN. IV. 2d Part.

the control of. COM. OF ER. Faced, turned up with facings. Exercise, exhortation, lecture. TAM. SHREW. Rich. III.

Facinorous, wicked. Exhale, breathe your last. Hen.V. Factious, active. Jul. CÆS. Exhibition, allowance. TwoGEN. Faculty, exercise of power. MAC. VER. OTH. LEAR.

Fadge, to suit or fit. Exigent, end.

Fadings, a dance. Exorcism, in Shaks. generally Fain, fond. HEN. VI. 2d Part.

means the raising of spirits. Fair, sometimes for fairness, Expect, expectation. Troil. & beauty. CRES.

Faitors, traitors, rascals. Expedience, expedition. Hen. II. Fall, often used as an active verb; 1st Part, &c.

At fall, at an ebb. TIM. Expedient, often for expeditious Falsing, a thing that's falsified, or Expediently, expeditiously.

false. COM. OF ER. Expostulate, enquire or discuss. Falsely, illegally, illegitimately. НАМ. .

MEA. FOR MEA, dishonestly, Ersufflicate, bubble-like.

treacherously. Extacy, a degree of madness. Familiar, a daemon. Hen. VI. HAM.

2d Part. Extend, to seize. ANT. & CLE. Fancies and Goodnights, little Extent, violence. TWELFTH

poems so called. Nigh.

Fancy, often used for love. Extern, outward.

Fang, to seize, or gripe.

Fantastical, of fancy, or imagi- Fet, fetched, derived. nation. MAC.

Fico, a fig, or figo. Fantasticoes, affected, foolish Fielded, in the field. fellows.

Fig, to insult.
Fap, beaten, or drunk.

File, or list. Mac. &c.
Far, extensively. CYMB. Filed, defiled. Mac.
Far of guilty, guilty in a remote Finch egg, a term of reproach : a

finch's egg is remarkably Farced, stuffed.

Farthel, or Fardel, a bundle, a Fine, to make showy or specious.

Hen. V.
Fashions, the farcens, or farcy. Finer, for final. Hen. V.

Fine issues, great consequences.
Farour, often for countenance. Fineless, unbounded, endless.
Favours, features.

Fire-drake, a serpent, a will-o'Fear, sometimes to affright. the-wisp, a firework. Fear, danger.

Fire-new, just off the irons, quite Feat, to form, to model.

new. Feat, ready, dexterous.

Firk, to chastise. Hen. V. Feater, more notably. TEMP. First house, chief branch of the Federacy, a confederate.

family. Fee-farm, a kiss in fee-farm, a Firstlings, first produce.

long and unbounded kiss, from Fit o' the face, a grimace.
a law phrase.

Fits o' the season, its disorders.
Feeders, low debauched servants. Fixure, position.
Feeding, substance, or mainten- Flap dragon, an inflammable sub-

stance swallowed by topers. Feere, a companion, a husband, Flap-jack, a kind of pancake. Fell, skin.

Flaw, a sudden gust of wind.
Fell of hair, hairy part. Mac. HEN. IV. 2d Part, &c.
Fence, skill in fencing. Much Flecked, spotted,dappled, streaked.

ADO. Hen. VI. 2d Part. Fleet, for float. Ant. & CLE.
Feodary, an accomplice. Mea. Fleshment, performance. A young

soldier fleshes his sword when Festinately, hastily.

he first draws blood with it. Festival terms, splendid phrase- Flewed, deep-mouthed, applied to ology.



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Flibbertigibbet, a fiend.

Frampold, fretful, peevish. Flickering, Auttering, undulation, Frank, a stye. the motion of flame.

Franklin, a freeholder, a yeoman. Flote, wave. TEMP. .

Frets, the stops of a musical inFlourish, to ornament, sanction. strument, which regulate the MEA. FOR Mea.

vibrations of a string. Flout, to wave idly, to wave in Frippery, a shop where old clothes mockery.

were sold. TEMP. Flush youth, youth ripened to Frontlet, part of a woman's headmanhood.

dress. LEAR. Fueman, an enemy in war. Frush, to break, or bruise. Foin, to make a thrust in fencing. Fulham, a cant term for false dice. Foison, or Foizon, plenty. TEMP. Fulsome, obscene. Mer.OF VEN. Foison plenty, plenty, to the ut Furnish ngs, colours, external premost abundance. Fr.

tences. LEAR. Fond, valued, prized, sometimes Fustilarian, from fusty, a cant

foolish, indiscreet. Fond done, foolishly done.

G. Foot, to grasp. CYMB. Forage, to range abroad. K. Gaberdine, the coarse frock of JOIN.

a peasant, or a loose cloak. Fordone, overcome, or destroyed. TEMP. . Foredoomed, anticipated their Gad, a sharp-pointed instrument: doom. LEAR.

Done upon the gad, suddenly, Forefended, prohibited, forbid. capriciously. Foreslow, to be dilatory.

Galliard, an ancient dance. Forgetice, from forge, inventive, Galliusses, a kind of ships so imaginative.

called. Forked plugue, an allusion to the Gallimaufry, a confused heap of cuckold's horns. OTH.

things together. Formal capacity, not de-arranged, Gallow, to scare, or frighten.

or out of form. Twel. Nig, Gallow-glasses, foot soldiers aFormer, sometimes for foremost.


the Irish. JUL. CÆS. LEAR.

Garboils, commotions. Forspoken, contradicted, spoken Garish, gaudy, showy.

against. ANT. & CLE. Garnered, treasured up. Foruearied, worn out.

Gasted, frighted.

Gaunt, thin, lean, or meagre.

Gorbellied, fat and corpulent. Gaud, a bauble, or trifle.

Gospelled, of precise or puritan Gear, a colloquial expression, for

virtue. things or matters.

Goss, or Gorse, furze. Temp. Geck, a fool.

Gossomer, the white exhalations Gennets,' or Jennets, Spanish which fly about in summer. horses.

Gougcers, the French distemper. German, a-kin.

Gourd, an instrument of gaming. Germins, seeds which have begun MER. Wiv. to germinate or sprout.

Gouts, drops. Fr. Gest, a stage, or journey. WIN, Gramery, grand merci, great Tale.

thanks. Fr. TIT. AND. Gib, a name for a cat.

Grange, a solitary farm-house. Giglots, wanton wenches. Gratulate, to be rejoiced. Mea. Gimmal, a double ring.

Gimmal bit, a bit of which the Grise, or Grize, a step.

parts played one with another. Groundlings; the lower sort of Ging, an old word for gang. people who stood or sat on the Gird, a sarcasm, or gibe : To ground in the old theatres. gird, to be sarcastical.

Guerdon, reward. Gluire, a sword.

Guerdoned, rewarded. Glared, gazed upon, looked

upon, looked Gules, a term in heraldry, red. fiercely.

Gust, to taste. Wint. TAL. Gleek, to joke or scoff.

Gyve, to catch, to shackle. Glib, to lib, or geld.

Gyres, shackles. Glooming, gloomy. Rom. & JUL.

H. Gloze, to expound, or explain. Glut, to swallow. TEMP. Haggard, a kind of hawk. God 'ill you, God yeild you, or Halcyon, a bird, otherwise called reward you.

the king-fisher. LEAR. God's sonties, the abbreviation of Hallidom, sentence at the day of an ancient oath.

judgment. Gongarian, for Hungarian, used Handsuw, corrupted from Hernas a term of reproach.

shaw. HAM, Good den, good evening.

Hangers, that part of the girdle or Good-jer, from gougere, what the belt by which the sword was

suspended. Ham.

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Hardiment, hardiness, bravery, Hold, i. e, rumour, to believe it. stoutness,

MAC. Harlocks, the name of a plant, Hold taking, bear handling. probably the burdock.

Hoodman-blind, blind-man's buff. Harlots, sometimes applied to Horologe, clock.

cheats of the male sex. Com. Hoxes, to hox, or hough, to cut OF ER.

the ham-string Harlotry, vulgar, filthy.

Hull, to drive to and fro upon Harness, armour.

Mac. &c. the water, without sails or Harrow, to conquer, to subdue. rudder. Harry, to hurt, to use roughly. Humming, o'erwhelming. PER. Hatch, to cut or engrave.

Hunt-counter, blunderer, worthHaving, estate or fortune.

less fellow, probably bailiff. Haught, haughty.

Hen. IV, 2d Part. Hay, a term in fencing. Rom. Hunts-up, a morning hunting AND JUL.

tune. Hearted throne, the heart in Hurly, noise.

which thou wast enthroned. Hurtle, to dash, or push violently. Hebenon, henbane.

Hyen, hyæna. Hefted, heaved, agitated.

I. J. Hefts, heavings. Hell, a cant name for a dungeon Jack, to play Jack, to lead astray,

in a prison. Com. OF ER. like a Jack-a-lanthorn. TEMP. Hence, henceforward. Hen. IV. Jauncing, jaunting. Henchman, page of honour. Jay, a bad woman. CYM. Hent, to seize or take possession, Ice-brookt, i. e. temper, tempered to take hold of.

by being plunged into an iceHerb of grace, rue.

brook. Hermits, beadsmen. MAC. Jesses, straps of leather tied about Hest, for behest, command,

the foot of a hawk to hold her Hight, called. M. Nig. Dre. in hand. Hilding, or hildering, a low Jet, to strut, to walk proudly. wretch.

Ignomy, ignominy. Hint, sometimes means circum Jig, a ludicrous dialogue in metre. stance. TEMP.

НАМ. Hoar, hoary, mouldy.

Imbare, to lay open, or expose. Hob-nob, let it happen or not. Immanity, barbarity, savageness.

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