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Comforting, abetting. Wint. Corky, dry, or withered.

Corollary, surplus, one more than Commend, commit. Mac. &c.

enough. TEMP. Committed, lain with. OTH. Corporal, corporeal. Commodity, self-interest. Hen. Corrigible, corrected. ANT. AND IV. 2d Part.

CLEO. Commonty, a comedy.

Costard, a head, a sort of apple. Companies, companions. Hen. V. Coster-monger, a dealer in costers, Compassed, round. Tam. Shrew. or costards, a kind of apples. Composture, composition.

Cote, to overtake. HAM. Concupy, a cant word from con Couch, to lie with. Oth. cupiscence.

Counter-caster, one who reckons Conduct, conductor. Temp. &c. by counters. Coney-catched, deceived, cheated. Countercheck, an old term in the Conject, conjecture.

game of chess. Consent, used sometimes for will. Counterfeit, sometimes used for a MAC.

portrait. Continent, that which contains or Counterpoints, counterpanes. incloses.

County, ancient term for a nobleContraction, marriage, contract. man. MUCH ADO. ROM, AND Control, confute. TEMP.

JUL. Contents, agrees, is convenient. Courser's-hair, alluding to the Convented, summoned.

notion that the hair of a horse, Converitite, a convert.

dropt into corrupted water, will Convey, steal, conveyance, theft. turn to an animal. ANT. AND

MER. Wiv. and Hen. VI. Ist CLEO.

Courses, the main-sail and foreConveyers, thieves. Ibid.

sail. Temp. Conveyed himself, derived his title. Court-cupboard, sideboard. Convicted, overpowered, baffled, Cowed, restrained, or

or made destroyed.

cowardly. Convive, to feast.

Cower, to sink by bending the Copatain hat, a hat with a conical hams.

Cowlstaff, a staff for carrying a Copped, rising to a top or head. large tub or basket, with two Coragio, an exclamation of en handles. couragement.

Coyed, condescended reluctantly.



Coystril, a coward cock, a paltry Cunning, knowing, skilful, (in a fellow.

good meaning.) Cozier, a taylor, from cousu ; or Curb, to bend and truckle, from a cobler, or sowter.

courber. HAM. Crack, a child. HEN. IV. 2d Curled, ostentatiously dressed. Part. CORIOL.

OTH. and ANT.& CLEO. Crack of doom, dissolution of Curious, scrupulous. TAM. SHR. Nature. MAC.

ANT. & Cleo. Cranking, crankling, applied to Currents, occurrences. Hen. VI. the rush of a river.

Ist Part. Cranks, windings.

Curst, shrewd, mischievous. Crare, a small trading vessel. Curtail-dog, one which misses the Crash, to be merry

game. Craven, a degenerate, dispirited Curtle-are, a cutlass, broad sword.

cock. Cowardly, to make Customer, a common woman, cowardly.

OTH. &c. or one who visits Credent, creditable, probable. such. Cressets, a light set upon a beacon, Cut, horse.

Cut, horse. TWELF. NIGH. from croissette.

HEN. IV. Ist Part. Crisp, curling, winding; or for Cut and long tail, a phrase from crypt, vaulted. TIM. and

dogs, poor or rich. TEMP.

Cuttle, a knife used by sharpers. Crone, old worn-out woman. Cross-gartered, an article of puri

D. tanical dress, Crow-kceper, a scare-crow. Daff, or Doff, to put off. Crownet, last purpose. ANT. & Damn, condemn. JUL. CÆS. CLE.

Dank, wet, rotten. Cruel, worsted. LEAR. applied to Darkling, in the dark. garters.

Darraign, range, put in order. Crush, to drink. Rom. & JUL. Dauberry, counterfeit, disguise. Crusado, a Portuguese coin.

Day-bed, a couch. Cry, a pack or troop. Cor. Ham. Dealt, fought by proxy. ANT. & Cub-drawn, i. e. bear, one whose CLE. dugs are drawn dry.

Dear, sometimes means immeCuisses, armour for the thighs, diate, consequential. cuisscs, Fr.

Dearn, direful, lone, solitary.

Deboshed, debauched; sometimes Detected, suspected or charged. spelled deboist.

MEA. FOR Mea. Dock, of cards, a pack. Hen. Determined, sometimes for conVI. 3d Part.

cluded. Decked, sprinkled, covered. Tem. Dibble, an instrument in gardenDecline, as in grammar, to run ing.

through from first to last. Dickon, Richard. Rich. III. &c.

Diet, to put under a regimen, to Deem, opinion, surmise. Troil. oblige to fast, or to loath. & CRES.

Diffused, wild, irregular, extraDefault, (in the) at a need. All's

vagant. WELL.

Digression, transgression. Love's Defeat, to free, to disembarrass. LAB. ALL'S WELL.

Dildos, the burthen of a song. Defeature, alteration of features. Directitude, discreditude, or disDefence, the art of fencing. As credit. YOU.

Disable, undervalue. As you. Deftly, adroitly, dexterously. Disappointed, unappointed, unDelighted, spirit, accustomed to

prepared. HAM. delight. MEA. FOR MEA. Discandy, to melt the sweets, to Demise, grant. Rich. III.

dissolve. Denay, denial.

Discourse, reason. Twelf. NiG. Denayed, denied.

Dishabited, dislodged. Denotements, indications, disco Dismes, Fr. tenths. veries.

Disnatured, wanting natural affecDenude, strip, divest.

tion. Depart and Part, often synonym Dispark, to throw down the ous.

hedges. Deprive, disinherit. LEAR. Disperge, to sprinkle. Deracinate, force up by the Dispose, to make terms. ANT. roots.

& CLE. Derogate, degraded. LEAR. Disputable, disputatious. As you. Descant, a term in music, or to Dispute, talk over, reason upon, harangue upon. Two. GENT.

account for. VER.

Disseat, displace. Deserved, deserving. Cor. Distuined, unstained. COM. OF Despatched, bereft.


Distaste, to corrupt. Troil. & Dull, gentle, soothing. Hen. CRES.

IV. 2d Part. Distemperature, perturbation. Dullard, a person stunidly unconDistraught, distracted.

cerned. Diverted, turned out of the course Dumbs, makes silent. of nature. As you.

Dump, a mournful elegy. Division, phrase in music, the Dung, an obscene word, probably parts of it. Rom. & JUL.

part of a proverb. Rom. & Hen. IV. 1st Part.

JUL. Dof, see Daff.

Dungy, of dung, earthy. Dole, alms, or distribution. Dupped, did up, put up, opened Don, to do on, put on.

Durance, some lasting kind of Dont, do out, extinguish.

stuff. Hen. IV. Ist Part. Dowl, a feather.

E. Down-gyved, hanging down like

the loose cincture which con- Eager, sour, harsh. Hex. VI. fines the fetters round the 3d Part. ancle.

Eanlings, lambs just dropt. Draught, the jakes. TIM. Ear, to plough. ANT. & CLE. Draw, sometimes used for with. Ear-kissing, whispering. draw.

Easy, slight, inconsiderable. Hen. Drawn, swords drawn. TEMP. VI. 2d Part. Cor. A drawn for, one which is trailed Eche, eke out.

over the ground, and deceives Ecstacy, alienation of mind, the hounds.

TEMP. Much ADO. MAC. Dressings, semblances or habile Edward shovel-boards, Edward

ments of virtue. MEA. FOR VIth's shillings, used at shuffleMEA.

board. Driven bed, one for which the Efects, affects, affections. Mea.

feathers are selected by driving FOR MEA. Actions. HAM. with a fan.

Eftest, or Deftest, readiest. Drumble, to act as confused and Eld, old

Eld, old person or persons. MER. stupid.

Wiv. Decrepitude. MEA, Ducdame, duc ad me, the supposed FOR MEA. burthen of a song.

Element, initation, previous pracDudgeon, the haft or handle of a tice. Hen. VIII. dagger.

Elf, done by elves or fairies.

for a toper.

Elvish marked, marked by elves. Ensconce, to secure in a safe place. Emballing, being distinguished Enseamed, greasy.

by the ball, the emblem of Enshield, concealed, masked. royalty.

Ensteeped, immersed. Embare, expose, display to view. Entertainment, pay. Cor. Oth. Embarquements, impediments, Receive into service. JUL. hindrances. Cor.

CÆS. Embossed, inclosed; when a deer Entreatments, favours, or objects is run hard, and foams at the

of entreaty. mouth, he is said to be em Envy, often used for aversion, bossed. ALL'S WELL. Swol malice. len, puffy.

Ephesian, a cant term, perhaps Empiricutick, of an empirical kind, quackish.

Erewhile, a little while ago. Empery, dominion, sovereign Erring, wandering, errant. Oth. command.

Escape, illegitimate child. Tit. Emulous, often used in a bad sense AND. for envious.

Escoted, paid ; from escot, shot, Enactures, laws.

or reckoning Encave, hide.

Esil, or Eisel, a river. HAM. End, still an end, generally, Esperance, the motto of the Percy Enfeof, to invest with possession. family. Engaged, delivered as a hostage. Espials, spies. HEN. IV. 1st Part.

Essential, real, existent. OTH. Engross, to fatten or pamper.

Estimable, i. e. wonder, esteemRich. III.

ing wonder, or esteem and Engrossments, accumulations. wonder. Hen. IV. 2d Part.

Estimate, the rate at which I Enkindle, or Kindle, to stimulate. value. Cor. MAC. As You.

Estimation, conjecture. Hen. Enmesh, inclose them all, from IV. 1st Part.

taking birds or fishes with Estridges, ostriches. meshes.

Eterne, eternal. Enmew, to force to lie in cover ; Eren, to make even, or represent a term in falconry.

plain. LEAR. Enridged, bordered, or perhaps Eren Christian, fellow Christian. for enraged, LEAR.


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