The Law and Custom of Slavery in British India; in a series of letters to T. F. Buxton, Esq

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Weeks, Jordan & Company, 1840 - Всего страниц: 279

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Стр. 203 - in suits regarding succession, inheritance, marriage, and caste, and all religious usages and institutions, the...
Стр. 98 - Calcutta : provided that their inheritance, and succession to lands, rents and goods and all matters of contract and dealing between party and party, shall be determined in the case of...
Стр. 98 - That in all suits regarding Inheritance, Marriage, Caste, and other religious usages or institutions, the laws of the Koran with respect to Mohammedans, and those of the Shaster with respect to Gentoos, shall be invariably adhered to...
Стр. 24 - Governor-General; that he should be assisted by four councillors; and that a supreme court of judicature, consisting of a chief justice and three inferior judges, should be established at Calcutta.
Стр. 200 - In suits regarding succession, inheritance, marriage and caste, and all religious usages and institutions, the Muhammadan Laws with respect to Muhammadans, and the Hindu Laws with respect to Hindus, are to be considered as the general rules by which the Judges are to form their decisions.
Стр. 189 - Slaves are treated by the Hindus with great indulgence, and if they conduct themselves well, are considered rather as hereditary servants of the family than as menials. They become domesticated in the houses of the upper classes, who treat them with affection, and allow them to intermarry with the female slaves ; and the offspring of this connection, though deemed base-born, if males, are often considered free, but if females they remain slaves.
Стр. 244 - ... for the sole benefit of their owners. Indeed, throughout India, the relation of master and slave appears to impose the duty of protection and cherishment on the master as much as that of fidelity and obedience on the slave, and their mutual conduct is consistent with the sense of such an obligation; since it is marked with gentleness and indulgence on the one side, and with zeal and loyalty on the other.
Стр. 81 - The carrying off of slaves, men, women, or children, from the coasts of Africa or elsewhere, and the transporting them in vessels, is plunder and piracy, and the friendly Arabs shall do nothing of this nature.
Стр. 75 - Whereas information, the truth of which cannot be doubted, has been received by the Governor-General in Council, that many natives, and some Europeans, in opposition to the laws and ordinances of this country, and the dictates of humanity, have been for a long time in the practice of purchasing or collecting natives of both sexes, children as well as adults, for the purpose of exporting them for sale as slaves in different parts of India or elsewhere...
Стр. 115 - ... with cheerful diligence and unforced zeal. " In some places, also, the landholders have a claim to the servitude of thousands among the inhabitants of their estates. This claim, which is seldom enforced, and which in many instances is become...

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