Recent Trends In Surface And Colloid Science

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Bidyut K Paul, Satya P Moulik
World Scientific, 8 июн. 2012 г. - Всего страниц: 368
Colloid and surface science is a fascinating interdisciplinary field, where modern development and knowledge of physics, chemistry, biology, material science, pharmacy and engineering have been extensively adopted, with ample scope for fundamental research and extensive potential for application. The progress of research in this important field has been remarkable during the last four decades, and it has greatly benefited society. With a summary of recent advances in this multifaceted field, Recent Trends in Surface and Colloid Science provides critical information and presents the basic concepts of organized systems in relation to their practical significance.

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3 Relative Humidity and Evaporation of a Simple Fragrance Emulsion Stig E Friberg and Patricia A Aikens
4 Aging and Stability of WO Emulsions with NaOH in Aqueous Phase Rujuta Thaker Bina Sengupta and Ranjan Sengupta
Non Agreement between the Enthalpy Change Measured by the Direct Method of Calorimetry and the Indirect Method of vant Hoff Satya P Moulik ...
6 Unusual Phase Behavior in a TwoComponent System Bruno FB Silva Eduardo F Marques and Ulf Olsson
7 Mixed ProteinsSurfactants Interfacial Layers as Studied by Drop Shape Analysis and Capillary Pressure Tensiometry VS Alahverdjieva DO Grigori...
8 Factors Affecting Mixed Aggregation Pablo C Schulz
An Overview S Chanda OG Singh and K Ismail
10 Phase Separation Study of SurfaceActive Drug Promazine Hydrochloride in Absence and Presence of Organic Additives KabirudDin Mohammed ...
14 Colloidal Dispersions for Drug Delivery Syamasri Gupta
15 Nanoscale SelfOrganization of Polyampholytes HB Bohidar and Amarnath Gupta
16 PolymerModified Microemulsions as a New Type of Template for the Nanoparticle Formation Joachim Koetz Carine Note Jennifa Baier and Stefa...
17 Maximizing the Uptake of Nickel Oxide Nanoparticles by AOT WO Microemulsions Nashaat N Nassar and Maen M Husein
18 A Brief Overview on Synthesis and Size Dependent Photocatalytic Behaviour of Luminescent Semiconductor Quantum Dots A Priyam S Ghosh A...
A Simple and Efficient Approach Towards Improving the Sensor Efficiency Paramita Das Deboleena Sarkar and Nitin Chattopadhyay
Pseudophase Approach to Transnitrosation Reactions G Astray A Cid JC Mejuto and L GarcıaRıo
21 Electric Field Induced Gel Formation and Fracture in Layers of Laponite Suparna Sinha and Sujata Tarafdar

A Comprehensive Review Silvia MB Souza EB Alvarez and Mario J Politi
12 Specific IonPairHydration Model for the SphereToRod Transitions of Aqueous Cationic Micelles The Evidence from Chemical Trapping Laurenc...
13 Biocatalytic Studies in Microemulsions and Related Systems Aristotelis Xenakis
22 Temperature Dependent Structural Insignia of Cinnamic Acid B Nandi Ganguly Nagendra Nath Mondal SK Bandopadhyay and Pintu Sen
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