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means may bring about great ends; they are like humble friends, sometimes much the most useful.

So thought the prior ; and therefore nothing was too minute to escape his observation. His

watchfulness was bounded; his penetration immense. So thoroughly did he study the nature and character of every one within his reach, that he almost seemed to read ther: thoughts. Through this knowledge, ILI power naturally increased; and as his de sions were as prompt as the punishmen: which followed, those under his had learned to regard him with fear aut awe,-for, to their common minds. thing supernatural prompted the indir gence

he possessed.
gratified him : it was a beginning. :m
a very poor Benedictine friar tot
risen, without the advantages on
fortune, to be prior of a lluvia" S
the force of his will, br
patience, and submission.

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eternal round of human littlenesses wearied and galled him to the very soul; it was like the pricking of pins to kit ardent spirit; but he bore it, and screen outward show of irritation.

“Some squabble amongst the III. petty thieving of the servants, bars to himself as he mounted his milit he went, notwithstanding; and curr 1: four miles ride no sign of irre escaped him, save now and the! 113 over-fed and lazy animal is ezerre seemed more inclined to lie con i hill than to ascend it. O1. Susis the holy father would dismount 2. upon his attendants to drin

.: he hastily reached the 2"..." Then, as he strode aluminio might have been seen martial step of the popripe of his

eye, But when once mort de vation of his fellow-Live himself

upon drawn down, and, as ir leading to the nullion was again the meei

the rapie

his sort

come to minister to the welfare of his lambs.

The abbess was in the chapel of the convent when the prior arrived; but, as the last notes of the chant were dying mpon the air, he turned down the cloisters, and, desiring the lay-sister in attendance to await the termination of the service before informing the Lady Isolda of his presence, he entered the parlour, and was admitted at once behind the grating to the private sitting-room of the lady abbess

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