All the Trouble in the World: The Lighter Side of Overpopulation, Famine, Ecological Disaster, Ethnic Hatred, Plague, and Poverty

Open Road + Grove/Atlantic, 1 . 2007 . - : 340
The #1 New York Timesbestselling author takes an unfailingly funny look at global problems and offers his own political perspective (The Washington Times).

In this volume, the political humorist and former National Lampoon editor-in-chief attacks fashionable worriesall those terrible problems that are constantly on our minds and in the news, but about which most of us have no real clueand crisscrosses the globe in search of solutions to todays most vexing issues, including overpopulation, famine, plague, and multiculturalism. In the process, he produces a hilarious and informative book which ensures that the concept of political correctness will never be the same again.

One of the funniest, most insightful, dead-on-the-money books of the year. Los Angeles Times

ORourkes best work since Parliament of Whores. The Houston Post

Bottom line: Buy the book. The Wall Street Journal


PJORourke book

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His well researched book revealed how struggling nations are building on what is available wed call it junk and improving their standard of living! The book arrived in great condition.

ALL THE TROUBLE IN THE WORLD: The Lighter Side of Overpopulation, Famine, Ecological Disaster, Ethnic Hatred, Plague, and Poverty

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Rolling Stone's token Republican and the H.L. Mencken Fellow of the libertarian Cato Institute, O'Rourke (Give War a Chance, 1992, etc.) has written his most sustained and well-argued book yet. O ...

FASHIONABLE WORRIES If Meat Is Murder Are Eggs Rape?
OVERPOPULATION Just Enough of Me Way Too Much of You
FAMINE All Guns No Butter
ENVIRONMENT The Outdoors and How It Got There
ECOLOGY Were All Going to Die
SAVING THE EARTH Were All Going to Die Anyway
MULTICULTURALISM Going from Bad to Diverse
PLAGUE Sick of It All
ECONOMIC JUSTICE The Hell with Everything Lets Get Rich



P.J. ORourke has written nineteen books, including Modern Manners, Parliament of Whores, and All the Trouble in the World. He has written for such publications as Car and Driver, Esquire, Vanity Fair, The New Republic, The New York Times Book Review, Parade, Harpers Magazine, and Rolling Stone. He is currently editor-in-chief of American Consequences.