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Dpinions of the Press

(OF THE COMPLETE WORK). "Though popular in its style, it grapples none the less ably and intelligently with many of the difficulties which are presented on every side at the present day. The writer has a great grasp of every subject he handles, and is also most extensively read. His vindication of the Bible, of miracles, and of leading doctrines is one of the ablest we have read."-Christian Work.

“It is singularly clear and felicitous in reasoning, apposite and attractive in illustration, simple and forcible in language, and it strikes upon the spirit with the true power of a felt Christian faith. It contains much that is valuable to an inquiring mind, much that concerns those who have to do with the inquiring, and a great deal that will fascinate and improve those who delight in excellent argument excellently put."British Controversialist.

“ We are exceedingly obliged to him for his plain, practical, and popular answers to the rationalistic objections to Christianity which are now so common. This little work, by the blessing of God, will be very useful to young persons of a sceptical turn of mind.”—Sword and Trowel.

"A manly argument for Christianity, in that tone and temper in which rationalistic doubt can alone be successfully treated.”— English Independent.

“This elegant and eloquent little volume ought to receive special favour from business men. It is the flowing utterance of one of themselves. Originally given as lectures in the town of Liverpool,' in its present form it may be found not unsuitable for thoughtful commercial men. The style is clear, vigorous, and attractive."--Liverpool Albion.

"The fourth part, on "The Over-exactness of Religious Systems,' is worthy of the highest commendation. It is wise and timely, and philosophically true ; it shows practical knowledge of man as well as psychological insight. It deserves to be carefully studied, not only by teachers of the young, but also by preachers and all religious instructors."-Nonconformist.

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