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THAT this little Volume has met with such

general acceptance is very gratifying to the Author, as an indication that in its publication he has not missed his aim. If it has cleared the views and deepened the convictions of any in reference to the truth of Christianity, he is grateful to the Author of all good, and is amply compensated.

The third part is not essential to the completeness of his argument, and the fourth, on the Shorter Catechism, has served its purpose in giving expression to the Author's views respecting that formulary as a manual for the young. In this Edition, therefore, at the request of friends, and to secure the concurrence of readers who have , expressed their approval of the character and design of the Volume, as an argument for the credibility of Christianity, he omits those parts. On the questions therein discussed there are differences of opinion, and it is hoped that by the omission of those parts a still wider circulation may be secured for his little book.

December 3rd, 1872

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