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THIS little Volume originated in two Lectures

lately delivered in the town of Liverpool, and which were designed to meet in a popular form the Rationalistic objections to Christianity, now so common. Having been addressed mainly to commercial men, care was taken to avoid, as much as possible, technical terms and theological subtleties. The writer feels, indeed, that as a man of business himself, he is not entitled to deal with the subject except in a plain and practical way. This way, besides, appears to him best adapted for gaining many to the cause of truth who might otherwise miss the mark. A deep persuasion of this has led to the publication of these remarks.

The first two parts only were delivered as Lectures, the remainder having been added from a feeling that infelicitous modes of teaching religion to the young have not unfrequently given rise to a distaste for religion itself, and hence, by too easy a transition, to doubts of it: truth. To protect the rising generation against this source of infidelity, should we not oftener resort to that style of teaching, so elementary, and yet so profound, to which our Saviour Himself has given the weight of His example?


July, 1872

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