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GENERAL EAST-INDIA GUIDE and VADE-MECUM, for the Public Functionary, Government Oflicer, Private Agent, Trader, or Foreign Sojourner in British India. By J. B. GILCHRIST, LL.D. In 1 vol. 810. Price 18s. boards.

EAST-INDIAN CALCULATOR; or, Tahles for assisting Computation of Betta, Interest, Commission, Rent, Wages, &c. in Indian Money; with copious Tlbles of the Exchanges between London, Calcutta, Madras, Bombay, &c. &c., collected from the best sources and latest authorities. By T. THORNTON, M. R.A.S. In 1 large vol. 8vo. Price £1. 1s. bds.

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or, the East-India Trader’s Complete Guide; containing a Geographical and Nautical Description of the Maritime Parts of India, China, &c. &c. Abridged, Improved, and brought down to the present Time, by T. THORNTON, M.R.A.S. In 1 large vol. 8vo., illustrated with Maps. Price £1. 16s. bds.

REMARKS on the EXTERNAL COMMERCE and EXCHANGES of BENGAL, with an Appendi. of Accounts and Estimates. By G. A. PRINSEP, Esq. In 1 vol. 8vo. Price 5s, 6d. bds.


MEMORANDA for the DRESS of the GE

NERAL and STAFF OFFICERS, and for all Oflicers belonging to the Establishment of Fort St. George. Price 2s. 6d. sewed.


OBSERVATIONS on the LAW and CONSTITUTION of INDIA, on the Nature of Landed Tenures, and on the System of Revenue and Finance, as established by the Moohummudan Law and Moghul Government. By Licut. Col. GALLOWAY, of the Hon. East-India Company's Service. Second Edition with Additions, in 1 vol. 8vo. price 12s. bds.


ing MAL‘VA and adjoining Provinces, with the History and Copious Illustrations of the past and present Condition of that Country. By Major-General Sir JOHN MALCOLM, G.C.B., K.L S. Third Edition, illustrated with an Original Map, Tables of Revenue, Population, &c. In 2 vols. 8vo.

Also, by the same Author, INSTRUCTIONS to OFFICERS

under his Orders in Central India, A.D. 1821.
price 2s. 6d. sewed.

In 8vo.


TARY TRANSACTIONSin INDIA, dnringthe Administration of the Marquess of Hastings 1813 to 1828; enlarged from the Narrative published in 1820. By H. T. PRINSEP, of the Bengal Civil Service. In 2 vols. 8vo., with Maps and Plates. Price £1. 12s. bds.

MEMOIRS of the OPERATIONS of the BRITISH ARMY in India during the Mahratta War of 1817, 1818, and 1819. By the late Lieut. Colonel VALENTINE BLACKER. In 1 vol. 4to., with n sepa; rate volume of Maps and Plans, Price £2. 2s. bds.

CONSIDERATIONS on the POLITICAL STATE of INDIA, embracing Observations on the Character of the Natives, on the Civil and Criminal Courts, the Administration of Justice, &c. By A. F. TYTLER, Esq., Bengal Establishment. Second Edition. In 2 vols. 8vo. Price 18s bds.

OBSERVATIONS made during a Twelve Years’ Residence in a Mussulmaun’s Family in India; descriptive of the Manners, Customs, and Habits of the Mussulmann People of Hindoostaun in Domestic Life, and embracing their Belief and Opinions. Dedicated, with Permission, to her Royal Highness the Princess Augusta. By Mrs. MEER HASSAN ALI.

Her Majesty the Queen, their Royal Highnesses the Landgravine of Hesse Hombourg, and the Duchess of Gloucester, have honoured the Authoress by patronising her Work. In 2 vols. 8vo. Price £1. 1s. bds.


containing the Services of General and Field Oflicers of the Indian Army. By “ the Editor of the Royal Military Calendar." In 3 vols. 4m. Price £7. 10:. bds.

' J Any of the volumes may be had separate, price £2. 10s. each.

SUPPLEMENT to the above, in 1 vol. 4m.

—in the press.

OBSERVATIONS on the CHOLERA ItIOllBUSof INDIA; a Letter addressed to the Hon. the Court of Directors of the East-India Company. By W. AINSLIE, M.D., M.R.A.$., in 8vo. Price 3s. 6d. bds.

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Works relating to India, published by PARBURY, ALLEN, and Co.


comprehending a Visit to the Burman Empire, and a Journey through Persia, Asia Minor, European Turkey, &c. in the years 1825-26. Illustrated with Maps and Coloured Lithographic Prints. By J. E. ALEXANDER, Esq., H.P., late H.M. 18th Light Dragoons. In 1 vol. 4w. Price £1. 11s. 6d. bds.

ZOOLOGICAL RESEARCHES in the Island of Java, with coloured Plates representing Native Quadrupeds and Birds. in 1 large vol. royal 41.0. Price £8. 8s. Ms.

‘J Parts II. to VIII. may be had separate, Price £1. ls. each.

HISTORY of MUHAMMEDANISM, comprising the Life and Character of the Arabian Prophet, and succinct Accounts of the Empires founded by the Muhsmmedan Arms. By the late C. MILLS, Esq. Second Edition, in 8vo. Price 12s. boards.



and RELIGION of the HINDOOS, including a minute Description of their Manners and Customs, and Translations from their principal Works. By the late Rev. WILLIAM WARD. New Edition, in 8 vols. 8vo. Price £1. 16s. bds.

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of Musle-Huddeen Shaik Sfidy of Sheersz; Translated from the Original Persian. By FRANCIS GLADWIN, Esq. A new Edition, in 1 vol. 8vo. Price 10s. 6d. bds.

(Also, in 8vo., a new and correct edition of the above work, in the Original Persian. Price 16s. bds.)


HISTORY of the ISLAND of ST. HELENA, from its Discovery by the Portuguese to the year

1828. By T. H. BROOKE, Esq., First Member of Council of St. Helena. Second Edition, in 8vo, Price 12s. bds.


TIC, SOCIETY of GREAT BRITAIN and IRELAND. Vol.1. ll-to. Price £2. 10s. sewed. (Or the Parts separate, viz. Part I. at l0s.—Part II. at £1.—

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ELEMENTS of HINDU LAW, principally with refcicnce to such portions of it ns concerns the Administration of Justice in the King's Courts in India. By Sir T. STRANGE. 2 vols. royal 8vo. Price £1. 11s. 6d.

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NOTES of CASES in the COURT of the RECORDER, and in the SUPREME COURT 0f JUDICATURE at MADRAS, 1798401816. 2 vols. royal 8vo. Price £1. 11s. 6d.

INDIA DIRECTORY ; or, Directions for Sailing to and from the East-Indies, China, New Holland, Cape of Good Hope, Brazil, and the interjacem Ports. By JAMES HORSBURGH, F.R.S., Hydrographer to the Honourable East-India Company. In 2 parts. 410. Price £4. 6s. bds.


On Four Sheets of Atlas, price £1. 11s. 6d., or on cloth, in a case, £9. 5:».

1. MAP of the WESTERN PROVINCES of HINDOOSTAN, constructed from the most recent Surveys; and inscribed to Major General Sir Joan MALcomr, G.C.B., K.L.S., &c.&c.

‘J The compilers of this Map have availed themselves, in their progress, of all the valuable information contained in the surveys of Colonel Tod and Captain Hall in the Country of the Rnjpnots, and those of Capt. Colvin and Lieut. White in the Countries west of the Jumna and the Dooab.—The mountainous districts have been copied from the surveys of Colonel Hodgson, and Captains Herbert and Webb; the latest explorations of Mr. Moorcroft are also inserted.-Bundlecund is from Capt. Franklin; Bhopal from Lieut. Jolmson.—-l\lalwa is taken from the Map executed by order of Sir John Mnlcolrm-Guzerat, Cutch, Sinde, &c. are from Col. \Villiams and General Reynolds.—The Punjnub is from Lieut. McCartney.These, besides many other valuable documents, have been used in the construction of this Map.

2. NEWLY- CONSTRUCTED and EXTENDED MAP of INDIA, from the latest Surveys of the best Authorities. On Four Sheets of Atlas, co‘ lourcd, price £2. 12s.611.; or, on Cloth, in a case. 6d.; or on Cloth, with Roller, varnished, £ . .

3. MAP of INDIA, comprehending the Countries situated between the Indus and Canton, East and West; and Thibet and Singapore, North and South; compiled by Order of the East-India Company, chiefly from Original Documents. On two large Sheets, price 15s.; or on Cloth, in a case, £1. 5s. 6d.

4. SMALLER MAP of INDIA, compiled

from the latest Documents. On one large Sheet, coloured, 18s.; or on Cloth, in a case, £1. 5s.; or on Cloth, varnished, with roller, £1. 9s.


ATLAS of INDIA, on a Scale of Four Miles to an
Inch, from Trigonometrical Surveys made for the purpose,
being intended to form a complete Map of the whole of
India, on an uniform Scale. Each Sheet, 8s.

6. GENERAL CHART from ENGLAND to CHINA, including the Indian Seas; inscribed to JAMES HORSBURGH, F.R.S., &c. &c. On one large sheet, price 7s. 6d. ; or on cloth bound, 10s. 6d. ; or on cloth bound and coloured, 12s.

INDEX, containing the Names and Geographical Positions of all Places in the above Maps. In one vol. 12mo., price 10s. boards.

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