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S there are portions of this little work, which perhaps, in the opinion of some readers, would

have been better omitted, or at all events, left to take their chance of publication after the writer's decease, it may be proper for me to state, that, although it has long been impressed upon my mind that a sketch of the leading features of my religious experience, might be useful to some of my fellow creatures, I had not the slightest idea of introducing it in this volume, when I began to write it; nor, for some time afterwards. I was insensibly led into the undertaking, and seemed to myself to be in the fulfilment of a duty, in proceeding with it.

It is not the first time by many, that I


have entered upon such an undertaking. I had once proceeded as far as five hundred pages of manuscript, in recording my own story; but not possessing any friend or acquaintance, whom I could properly. invest with a discretionary power as to its disposal after my death, I thought it best to destroy it. It being perfectly clear to me, that if my story were to be written at all, it must be done in my lifetime, I have ventured, on the present occasion, to introduce the autobiography which forms the concluding part of this volume; if indeed, such a mere outline deserves that denomination.

M. A. K.

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