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A. M. C.





FREE SCHOOLS-SUPPORT OF. 6930. The state ever to maintain free schools ; who may receive gratuitous in

struc.ion. 6931. State taxes for support of; limit; per capita tax; additional taxatior may

be in school districts; limit.


6932. What moneys and other property constitute this fund; to be invested. 6933. County courts may place certain funds to credit of school districts, when. 6634. Principal arising from sale of sixteenth sections shall not be apportioned

or used, 6935. Certain townships, when not entitled to proceeds. 6936. Income of fund and per capita tax, how appropriated. 6937. Auditor to draw. warrant on treasurer for school revenues due the coun.

ties, when.
6938. County collector to collect per capita tax and pay into county treasury,

when and how.
6939. Debts due the fund by estates preferred.
6940. No costs to be charged in suits for dues to the fund, when.

6941. Board of commissioners, who compose ; when and where to meet.
6942. Governor to be president of board.
6943. Superintendent of public instruction 10 be secretary and keep record of

proceedings; copy of record to be evidence. 6944. Board to invest fund in bonds. 6945. Suits for moneys due the fund may be in any court having jurisdiction,

when; board may direct officer to prosecute suit. 6946. All moneys accruing to the fund to be paid into treasury; how paid out. 6947. Auditor accountant for board; to make report, when and to whom.


6948. Auditor to draw warrants on the fund to pay for investments, when. 6949. Treasurer to pay such warrants and keep in treasury all securities so pure

chased. 6950. Board to make settlements with the state treasurer, when.


6951. General assembly to provide officers for.

STATE SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION. 6952. When elected 6953. Oath of. 6954. To have general superintendency of the schools of the state. 6955. Office to be at Little Rock; have all books, etc., of his department there,

and of all the business of his office keep a record. 6956, 6957, 6958, 6959, 6960, 6961, 6962, 6963. Duties and powers of. 6964. Report to governor, when. 6965. Governor to transmit report to general assembly. 6966. Superintendent to have his reports published and distributed. 6967, 6968, 6969, 6970, 6971. · Powers and duties; further specifications of. 6972. Vacancy in office of superintendent, how filled. 6973. Superintendent or examiner acting as book agent, or receiving pay for in.

fluence, guilty of misdemeanor. 6974. Superintendent may grant state certificates to any person passing an ex-

amination. 6975. May prepare list of text-books and recommend same. 6976. Impression of superintendent's seal of office to be furnished to secretary

of state. 6977. Documents, etc., in superintendent's office, how to be authenticated. 6978. To prepare forms for grades of certificates to teachers, school registers,,

reports of directors and examiners.

DISTRICT NORMAL SCHOOLS. 6979, 6980, 6981, 6982, 6983, Changed to county normals by act of April 20,



6984. Repealed. 6985. When change proposed, notice to be given; how, where and when

posted. 6986. Schools to be body corporate ; name of; corporate powers. 6987. To have property in corporate name. 6988. No district to be formed, nor old one reduced, so as to contain less than

thirty persons of scholastic age. 6989. County court may form new districts or change boundaries; when. 6990. Such territory to have requisite children or property. 6991. Proportional share of debt to be adjusted. 6992. Proportionate share of surplus fund to be adjusted.

APPORTIONMENT OF SCHOOL FUND. 6993. County court to apportion school revenue to the districts; rule. 6994. New districts, when and how to be apportioned. -6995. County examiners to report number of residents in each district. 6996. County clerks to lay reports before the court. 6997. Counties losing funds by change of boundaries, to be reimbursed. 6998. Amounts thus paid deducted from share of what counties. 6999. Auditor to draw warrant for county's share of school fund, when.

COUNTY EXAMINERS. 7000. How appointed, commissioned, etc. 7001. Appointments heretofore made validated. 7002. Oath of. 7003. To stand examination before entering on duties. 7004. No one to fill the office of examiner and school director at the same time. 7005. Clerk to notify superintendent of appointment, etc. 7006. Superintendent to examire, or appoint some one to examine him ; ques

tions to be used. 7007. Salary of; limit to. 7008. Examiner not to examine applicant till fee is paid to treasurer, etc. 7009. Duty of examiner. 7010. Examination, what to consist of. 7011. Examiner to give certificates according to grade to those entitled. 7012. Shall not license certain persons described. 7013. May cite for re-examination and revoke licenses; when. 7014. Effect of such revocation. 7015. Additional examination in regard to land surveys. 7016. Failure to teach the instructions required in preceding section, cause to

revoke licenses. 7017. To issue three grades of certificates. 7018. To keep record of teachers licensed. 7019. To encourage inhabitants to establish public schools; report to state sup

erintendent condition of schools in his county, etc. 7020. Annual report of, what to contain. 7021. To number the school districts and keep record and description of each. 7022. May appoint person to hold institutes and examinations, when. 7023. County judge may remove examiner and appoint successor, when. 7024. Examiner failing to perform required duties ; forfeiture. 7025. Examiner to present, and may have allowed, by the county court, an ac

count; of what; how much allowed. 7026. How paid.

ANNUAL SCHOOL MEETING. 7027, 7028. When held; who may vote. 7029. Quorum ; routine of business.

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