Google Semantic Search: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques That Get Your Company More Traffic, Increase Brand Impact, and Amplify Your Online Presence

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Optimize Your Sites for Todays Radically New Semantic Search

Breakthrough semantic search techniques are already transforming Googles search results. If you want to be found, yesterdays SEO techniques wont cut it anymore. Google Semantic Search tells you what to do insteadin plain English.

David Amerland demystifies Knowledge Graph, TrustRank, AuthorityRank, personalized and mobile search, social media activity, and much more. Drawing on deep knowledge of Googles internal workings and newest patents, he also reveals the growing impact of social networks on your SEO performance. Whether you do it yourself or supervise an agency, this is your complete playbook for next-generation SEO!

Learn how Google is delivering answers, not just linksand what it means to you

Profit from Google Now and the fragmented, personalized future of search

Prepare for Knowledge Graph by growing your online reputation, authority, and trust

Stop using 10 common SEO techniques that no longer work

Discover the truth about Trust Rankingand 10 steps to take right now

Go way beyond keywords in todays new era of content marketing

Strengthen the social signal you create on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn

See why the First Page of Google is rapidly become obsolete

Drive unprecedented business value from your online identity and influence

Learn how Google captures meaning in unstructured dataand give it what it wants

Plan for all 4 Vs of semantic search: Volume, Velocity, Variety, and Veracity

Rapidly transition from technical to strategic search optimization




1 What Is Semantic Search?
2 What Is the Knowledge Graph?
3 What Is New in SEO?
4 Trust and Author Rank
5 What Is TrustRank?
6 How Content Became Marketing
7 Social Media Marketing and Semantic Search
8 There Is No Longer a First Page of Google
9 The Spread of Influence and Semantic Search
10 Entity Extraction and the Semantic Web
11 The Four Vs of Semantic Search
12 How Search Became Invisible



David Amerlands involvement with the Web goes back to the days when the number of websites in existence could fit in a printed 80-page directory and SEO consisted of keyword stuffing and pixel-wide hidden text.

Since those less enlightened days he has worked with blue-chip multinationals and individual entrepreneurs alike helping them craft SEO and social media marketing strategies that work with their internal cultures and deliver value to their target audience.

He writes for Forbes, HP UK, Social Media Today, and blogs on his own website, When he is not writing or surfing the Web he spends time giving speeches on how social media is changing everything.