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§. 4. Praise founded on the Goodness
of God to the Righteous.


69 The goodness of God to the righteous

70 God the confidence of the good at all times
71 God's perfections, and his love to the righteous
72 Divine protection

73 God every where present with his people
See also §. 15. 16. and 24.

§. 5. Praise respecting the Works of God.

66 Praise from the works of God

74 God the Creator and Preserver
7 God known by his works

76 The invisible Creator seen in his works

77 An evening hymn

78 The perfections of God displayed in his works
79. 80 Praise to God for his wonderful works
81 The wisdom of God in his works

82 The voice of nature

83 The God of nature

84 Praise to the Lord of nature

85 The works and word of God

86 The book of nature



§. 6. Divine Revelation in general.

87 The book of


88 Praise for divine revelation

89 Instruction and consolation from the scriptures
90 The word of God the best guide of youth

See also No. 163.

91 Prospect of the universal spread of spiritual


See also No. 68. and 70.

§. 7. Excellency and Success of the Gospel.


92 Divine love displayed in the blessings of the

93 The gospel a glorious light

94-97 The excellency of the gospel

98 The excellency of the gospel as a rule of duty
99 The excellency and success of the gospel
100 The efficacy of the gospel

101 The success of the gospel

See also §. 8-10. and No. 42. 43.

§. 8. Offices and Character of our Lord
Jesus Christ.

102 The baptism of Jesus

103 Objects of Christ's mission
104 Christ the light of the world
105 Christ the sun of righteousness
106-108 The example of Christ

109 Contemplation of the character of Jesus
110 See how he loved'

111 Death and resurrection of Jesus

112 Christ's death and exaltation

113 Christ risen, and death vanquished
114 The Resurrection of Christ

115. 116 The kingdom of Christ
117 Christ's first and last coming
118 Reverence and love to Jesus

119 Praise for the blessings given through Jesus
See also §. 7. 9. 10. and 20. and No. 30. 31. 39.

§. 9. The Mercy of God assured in the

120 Mercy of God by Christ
121 Invitations of mercy

122 Pardon and peace from God
123 By grace ye are saved


124 Rejoicing in the hope of salvation
125 The gospel jubilee

126 Peace to the returning penitent
127 The hope of pardoning mercy

See also §. 7. 8. and 17. and No. 42-46.

§. 10. The Prospects of the Gospel.

128 Hope of heaven from the resurrection of Christ
129 Life, death, and the resurrection

130 Grace perfected in glory

131 The Christian's triumph over death

132-134 Prospect of heaven

135 The Christian's prospect

136 Our labour in the Lord shall not be in vain
137 The final acceptance of the righteous
138 The final acceptance of all who fear God and
work righteousness

139 The future recompense of

present trials
140 Heaven the reward of virtuous exertions

141 The eternal sabbath

142 Approaching death and judgment

143. 144 The day of judgment

See also §. 8.



145 Life the day of mercy and hope
146 Time flying and death approaching
147 God the preserver of frail man
148 The vanity of human life
149 The frailty of human life

150 Earthly and heavenly treasures compared

151 Old age anticipated

152 Improvement of the shortness of life
153 The shortness and uncertainty of life
154 Wisdom of improving time

B b


155 The blessing of God implored on the labours
of life

156 Divine mercy in affliction

157 Benefit of afflictions

158 Comfort in sickness and death

See also §. 3. 10. 15. 16. and 22. and No. 20.
22. 35. 38.


§. 12. The Value of Religion.

159 The pleasures of religion

160 The comforts of religion

161 The advantage of seeking the knowledge
of God

162 The unrivalled beauty and glory of religion
163 Advantages of early religion. (See No. 90.)

13. General Views of the Christian

164 A conversation becoming the gospel
165 The character and happiness of Christians
166 The Christian race

167 The Christian warfare

168 The one thing needful

169 Prayer for wisdom and virtue.

170. 171 Love to God and man

§. 14. Devotion in general.

172 Habitual devotion

173 Morning prayer

174. 175 The Lord's prayer

176 The blessings of divine worship

177 Religious worship

178 Divine protection implored


179 Divine aid implored

180 Desire of spiritual instruction
181 Supplication for spiritual light
182 Prayer for spiritual blessings

183 Supplication for the divine blessing on the

§. 15. Gratitude, Hope, and Confidence.
184 A hymn for the morning or evening
185 The constant presence and providence of God
a source of gratitude and trust
186 Grateful acknowledgement of God's constant

187 God our supporter and preserver

188 The constant providence of God, a source of
gratitude and trust

189 God our perpetual preserver and benefactor
190 God our constant friend

191 Thanksgivings for social and spiritual

192 The mercies of God thankfully acknowledged
193 Thanksgiving for divine mercy
194 Praise in prosperity and adversity
195 Giving thanks to God in all things
196 Obligation to gratitude and praise

197 Praise to God through all the changes of life
198 Reliance on the goodness of God, a remedy
for anxious care

199 Confidence in God's care and kindness
200 Confidence in our heavenly Father
201 Trust in God in prosperity and adversity
202 Acquiescence in the will of God
203 Thankfulness and resignation

See also §. 2. 3. 4. 16. and 24.

§. 16. Trust and Resignation.

204 Resignation to the divine will
205 Trust and resignation implored

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