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313. P. M.

Aspirations after Habitual Devotion.


GOD of my life! and Author of my days! Permit my feeble voice to lisp thy praise; And, trembling, take upon a mortal tongue That hallow'd name to harps of seraphs sung.


Yet here the brightest seraphs could no more, Than veil their faces, tremble, and adore: Worms, angels, men, in every different sphere, Are equal all, for all are nothing here.


I feel that name my inmost thoughts control,
And breathe an awful stillness through my soul:
At thy felt presence all emotions cease,
And my hush'd spirit finds a sudden peace.


But soon, alas! this holy calm is broke;
My soul submits to wear her wonted yoke;
With shackled pinions strives to soar in vain,
And mingles with the dross of earth again.


But he, our gracious Father, kind as just, Knowing our frame, remembers man is dust; Marks the young dawn of every virtuous aim, And fans the smoaking flax into a flame.

6. His ear is open to the softest cry; His grace descends to meet the lifted eye; He reads the language of a silent tear, And sighs are incense from a heart sincere.


O God! from earthly bondage set me free;
Still every wish that centres not in thee;
Bid my fond hopes, my vain disquiets, cease,
And point my path to everlasting peace.


When all is smiling, tranquil, and serene,
And vernal beauty paints the flattering scene,
Oh teach me to elude each latent snare,
And whisper to my sliding heart-'beware!'


If friendless in a vale of tears I stray, Where briars wound, and thorns perplex my way,

Still let my steady soul thy goodness see, And with strong confidence lay hold on thee;


With equal eye my various lot receive, Resign'd to die, or resolute to live; Prepar'd to kiss the sceptre, or the rod, While God is seen in all, and all in GOD. 11.

In every creature may I own thy power;
In each event thy providence adore;
May thy blest promise cheer my drooping soul,
Thy precepts guide me, and thy fear control.


Then when the last, the closing hour, draws


And death's dread conflict raises nature's fear, Teach me to fix my humble hopes on high, And having liv'd to thee, in thee to die.


To adapt the last Hymn (No. 313) to Public Worship, it may be begun at the 5th verse, thus;

Our gracious Father, merciful as just, &c. and the 8th, 9th, and 10th verses may be omitted.

In No. 43, the 2d and 3d verses may be omitted without injury to the connexion, a small alteration having been made in the 4th verse for that purpose. The original is,

But in thy gospel see it shine,
With grace and glories more divine, &c.

In No. 107 the 2d and 4th verses may be omitted.

When No. 192 is used in Public Worship, it will be desirable to omit the 5th verse.

For general use, it may be found best to begin No. 216 at the 4th verse, thus;

There is forgiveness &c.

No. 263 may be used in the common services, by employing the following lines as a beginning, When thus we meet, to learn the way Which Jesus shows to endless day, His love &c.

No. 282 may be begun thus at the 3d verse;
Grant me, O GOD! an honest mind

No. 312 may be employed in Public Worship, by beginning at the 2d verse, thus;

What sinners prize, may I resign; &c.



§. 1. General Hymns of Praise.


1 THE one living and true God
2 All nations called upon to praise God
3 All beings called upon to praise God
4 Praise from all mankind

5 Praise on earth and in heaven

6. 10 Universal praise

7 Praise to God from heaven and earth
8 Sincere praise an acceptable offering
9 Praise from all nature

11. 13 Solemn call to worship

12 Solemn adoration of Him who filleth all things
with His presence

14 Eternal praise to God

15-19 The divine perfections celebrated
See also No. 51

§. 2. Praise founded on particular

20. 22 Man frail and God eternal

21 God incomprehensible

23 The immutability of God

24 The divine perfections unchangeable
25 The foreknowledge and providence of God
26. 27 God omnipresent

28 Divine power

29 The greatness of God

30. 31 Divine power and grace

32. 33 Power and goodness of God


34 God the Creator of mankind

35 The mercy of God to frail man

36 Never-failing goodness of God
37 The goodness of God acknowledged in tem-
poral and in spiritual blessings

38 The shortness of life, and the goodness of God
39 God the unceasing source of good
40. 41 The universal goodness of God

42 The God of mercy adored

43 Divine love

44 God kind and merciful
45 The compassion of God
46. 47 Divine mercy

See also §. 3. 15. 16.

§. 3. Praise respecting the Government
and Providence of God.

48 The universal providence of God
49. 50 The constant providence of God
51 The perfections and providence of God
52 Providence merciful though mysterious
53 Providence kind and bountiful
54 The bounties of providence praised
55 Divine bounty crowns the year
56 The goodness of God in the seasons
57 The providence of God in the seasons
58 Seed-time and harvest

59 Praise to God the sovereign King

60 God's sovereign dominion

61 The hand of God acknowledged in war and


62 God the author of our comforts and hopes
63 God's gracious regards to his frail creatures
64 Praise for temporal and spiritual mercies
65. 67 Man's dependence upon God
68 Goodness of God to man

See also §. 2. 15. 16. and 24.

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