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261. C. M.

The Law of Love.


YE followers of the Prince of Peace,
Who round his table draw,
Remember what his spirit was,
What his peculiar law.


The love, which all his bosom fill'd,
Did all his actions guide;
Inspir'd by love, he liv'd and taught;
Inspir'd by love, he died.

Let each the sacred law fulfil;
Like his be every mind;
Be every temper form'd by love,
And every action kind.


Let none, who call themselves his friends,
Disgrace the honour'd name;

But by a near resemblance prove
The title, which they claim.

262. P. M.

Desires after Christian Obedience.


FROM the table now retiring,

Which for us the Lord hath spread, May our souls, refreshment finding, Grow in all things like our Head.


His example by beholding,

May our lives his image bear; Him our Lord and Master calling, His commands may we revere. 3.

Love to God and man displaying,
Walking steadfast in his way,
Joy attend us in believing!

Peace from God through endless day!

263. L. M.

The Love of Christ.


WHEN in obedience to their Lord,
His followers meet around his board,
His love may well employ the song,
And dwell with praises on the tongue.


He lov'd mankind, their welfare sought,
In all he did, in all he taught;
Their present peace, their future joy,
His whole concern, his life's employ.


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Where deep distress prolongs the sigh,
Behold the tender Jesus nigh;
He heals the sick, restores the blind,
Soothes and consoles the drooping mind.


What love, what kindness, from his tongue,
Invite the willing soul to come,
To hear his gospel, learn the way
Which leads through death to endless day!


And shall we fail to love his name
Who thus to teach and save us came,
To show his Father's love to man,-
And died to seal the gracious plan?
While life shall last, oh let us prove
Our grateful reverence and our love!
In deed and thought, through every day,
His Father's holy will obey!

264. L. M.

Safety through Life's Journey implored.


WAY-FARING pilgrims, bound for heaven,
And traveling through a dangerous road,
LORD! let thy grace to us be given,
And guide us to thy blest abode.



May all who now assemble here,
And Jesus Lord and Master' call,
In those bright realms of bliss appear,
Where thou, great GOD! art all in all.

265. L. M.

God our Helper.


My Helper, GOD! I bless thy name !
The same thy power, thy love the same:
The tokens of thy gracious care
Open, and crown, and close the year.


Amidst ten thousand snares I stand,
Supported by thy guardian hand;
And see, when I survey my ways,
Ten thousand monuments of praise.


Thus far thy arm hath led me on;
Thus far I make thy mercy known;
And, while I tread this dangerous land,
New blessings shall new songs demand.


My grateful soul on life's last shore,
Would raise one sacred pillar more;
And, when through brighter scenes I rove,
Adore and praise thy endless love.

266. P. M.

The shortness and uncertainty of Life.


WHILE, with ceaseless course, the sun
Hasted through the former year,
Many souls their race have run,
Never more to meet us here.


Finish'd here probation's day,
They have done with all below;
We a little longer stay,
But how little, none can know.

As the winged arrow flies,
Speedily the mark to find;
As the lightning from the skies,
Darts, and leaves no trace behind;

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Swiftly thus our fleeting days
Bear us down life's rapid stream:
Upwards, LORD! our spirits raise;
All below is like a dream.


Thanks for mercies past, receive;
Pardon of our sins renew;
Teach us henceforth how to live,
With eternity in view.


Bless thy word to young and old;
Fill our hearts with filial love;
And, when life's short tale is told,
May we dwell with thee above.

267. c. M.

Serious Reflections on our Moral Condition.


AND now, my soul! another year
Of my short life is past:
I cannot long continue here;
And this may be my last.


Part of my doubtful life is gone,
Nor will return again;

And swift my fleeting moments run,➡
The few which yet remain !


Awake, my soul! with all thy care,
Thy true condition learn;

What are thy hopes, how sure, how fair?
And what thy great concern?


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