Inside Cyber Warfare: Mapping the Cyber Underworld

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"O'Reilly Media, Inc.", 12 дек. 2011 г. - Всего страниц: 294

Inside Cyber Warfare provides fascinating and disturbing details on how nations, groups, and individuals throughout the world use the Internet as an attack platform to gain military, political, and economic advantages over their adversaries. You'll discover how sophisticated hackers working on behalf of states or organized crime patiently play a high-stakes game that could target anyone, regardless of affiliation or nationality.

The second edition goes beyond the headlines of attention-grabbing DDoS attacks and takes a deep look inside recent cyber-conflicts, including the use of Stuxnet. It also includes a Forward by Michael Chertoff (former Secretary of Homeland Security) and several guest essays, including one by Melissa Hathaway, former senior advisor to the Director of National Intelligence and Cyber Coordination Executive.

Get an in-depth look at hot topics including:

  • The role of social networks in fomenting revolution in the Middle East and Northern Africa
  • The Kremlin's strategy to invest heavily in social networks (including Facebook) and how it benefits the Russian government
  • How the U.S. Cyber Command and equivalent commands are being stood up in other countries
  • The rise of Anonymous with analysis of its anti-structure and operational style or tempo
  • Stuxnet and its predecessors, and what they reveal about the inherent weaknesses in critical infrastructure
  • The Intellectual Property (IP) war, and how it has become the primary focus of state-sponsored cyber operations

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Chapter 1 Assessing the Problem
Chapter 2 The Rise of the Nonstate Hacker
Chapter 3 The Legal Status of Cyber Warfare
Chapter 4 Responding to International Cyber Attacks as Acts of War
Chapter 5 The Intelligence Component to Cyber Warfare
Chapter 6 Nonstate Hackers and the Social Web
Chapter 7 Follow the Money
Chapter 8 Organized Crime in Cyberspace
Chapter 11 The Role of Cyber in Military Doctrine
Chapter 12 A Cyber Early Warning Model
Chapter 13 Advice for Policymakers from the Field
Chapter 14 Conducting Operations in the CyberSpaceTime Continuum
Information Warfare Framework
Chapter 16 Cyber Warfare Capabilities by NationState
Chapter 17 US Department of Defense Cyber Command and Organizational Structure
A Legal Framework for Covert Countermeasures

Chapter 9 Investigating Attribution
Chapter 10 Weaponizing Malware

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Jeffrey Carr (CEO, Taia Global, Inc.) is the author of "Inside Cyber Warfare: Mapping the Cyber Underworld" (O'Reilly Media 2009) and the founder and CEO of Taia Global, Inc., a boutique security consulting firm for Global 2000 companies. His book has been endorsed by General Chilton, former Commander USSTRATCOM and he has had the privilege of speaking at the US Army War College, Air Force Institute of Technology, Chief of Naval Operations Strategic Study Group and at over 60 conferences and seminars. His firm provides specialized cybersecurity services to a select group of companies and their executives in the defense, technology, and communication sectors world-wide.

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