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Page 46. line 21. for “ parent” read parents”

18. line 12. for “ virtuc” read “ virtues" 122. line 13. for « at" read in" 139. line 12. dele the comma after Christchurch" 106. lines 11.& 12. for “ Quakers, meeting" read Quakers' meeting" 406. line 26. for “ then” read “ there"


58. line 20. for " way" read " ways"
111. line 10. for “ desire" read desires"
160. last line but two, for " latter" read “ Inter"
191. last line but two, for their” read that"
206. first line of the note, for the” read “such"
208. line 24. for once" read "one"



The sect, or Society, as they would call themselves, of Methodists, has existed for the greater part of a century: they have their seminaries and their hierarchy, their own regulations, their own manners, their own literature: in England they form a distinct people, an imperium in imperio : they are extending widely in America ; and in both countries they number their annual increase by thousands. The history of their founder is little known in his nativeland beyond the limits of those who aretermed the religious public; and on the Continent it is scarcely known at all. In some of his biographers the heart has been wanting to understand his worth, or the will to do it justice; others have not possessed freedom or strength of intellect to perceive wherein he was erroneous.

It has been remarked, with much complacency, by the Jesuits, that in the year of Luther's birth Loyola was born also: Providence, they say, having wisely appointed, that when so large a portion of Christendom was to be separated from the catholic church by means of the great German heresiarch,


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