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over ten years of age are engaged in agricultural pursuits? What employments draw away hands from agriculture?

What is said of the variety of our manufactures?

About how many persons were engaged in manufactures in 1840 ? How many more than in 1820 ? Population of the United States in 1840 ?

How many slaves?

What is said of the longevity of the colored race?

About how many deaf and dumb persons are there in this country? blind?- idiots and insane?

To what is the education of youth essential?-With what intimately connected?

What is the present state of our literary institutions?

How many universities and colleges were there in 1840 ?- Primary and common schools?

Number of scholars in all the schools

Number of persons employed in the learned professions, and engineers ?

For what is America indebted to the influence of science and education?

What is said of our means of national prosperity?

What are mentioned as facilitating foreign and domestic trade?

What is necessary, in order that the greatest blessings may be ours?

Miscellaneous Questions.

No. 7.

Two most important offices sustained by Washington?

Who was the third president of the U. S.?

Who commanded the Philadelphia, when she was run aground and captured near Tripoli ?

Vast country ceded to the U. S. by France, in 1803 ?

Fourth president of the U. S. ? Success of Gen. Ross 'n attacking Washington, in 1814 ?

Where did Gen. Jackson gain a most glorious victory, in 1815? Fifth president of the U. S.? What tremendous revolution commenced in Europe in 1789 ? Who was Jessuf ?

Which of our frigates did the British attack, in 1807 ?

Who captured the Guerriere? Who was Dearborn? From whom was York taken, in 1813?

What governor of Canada made a descent on Plattsburgh, in 1814? Who was Packenham ?

What president visited the N. E. States in 1817 ?

Who was Genet?

For what purpose did Adams constitute Washington commander in chief of the American forces? Who was Hamet?

In what year was Louisiana ceded to the U. S.

What general was tried for treason, cowardice, and unofficer-like conduct, soon after the surrender of Detroit?

Who captured the British fleet on Lake Erie ?

Who was Macdonough?

In what battle did Packenham attack Jackson?

What French minister fitted out vessels, and enlisted soldiers, in S. C.?

For what purpose were Ellsworth, Davie, and Murray, sent to France, in 1799 ?

What American general accom

panted Hamet across the desert of Barca?

To what was the embargo of 1812 preparatory?

Where did Macdonough capture or destroy almost the whole of a British fleet?

For what is Ghent noted? With whom did Jay negotiate a treaty, in 1795?

Wonderful exp.oit of Decatur near Tripoli?

In what respect did Eaton revive the hopes of Hamet?

To which of our presidents did Mr. Jackson offer an indignity? On what lake did Com. Perry capture a British fleet?

Fate of Capt. Lawrence, when the Chesapeake was taken?

In what part of the U. S. were enlistments comparatively few during the last war?

Where did Shaler and Decatur conclude a treaty of peace, in 1815?

In what state was there a great insurrection, in 1794?

What ship did Decatur recapture and burn?

Who said to Gen. Eaton, "My head or yours"?

In what year was the last war declared against Britain?

Who said, "We have met the enemy, and they are ours"?

British commander, who fell in attacking Baltimore?

What was the Hartford Convention ?

Across what desert did Hamet and Eaton march?

To whose character was the battle of Tippecanoe ruinous ? Who was captured, with his army, at Detroit, in 1812 ?

What important place in Upper Canada was captured from the British, April 27, 1813?

Who was Tecumseh ?

For signing what treaty was Washington much censured?

Where were Ellsworth, Davie, and Murray, sent to negotiate a treaty, in 1799?

Where did Decatur recapture and burn the Philadelphia?

Where were Hull and his army captured, in 1812 ?

From whom was Detroit taken, in 1813?

Who was the seventh president of the U. S.?

What state claimed the land of the Cherokees?

Whose cabinet was dissolved in 1831 ?

What state nullified some of the laws of congress?

In what year did Lafayette die? When were Michigan and Ar kansas admitted into the union? Eighth president of the U. S. ?r By what state were several missionaries imprisoned?

For what was the French in demnity paid?

What was the compromise bill? What did Jackson say the U. Bank had become, in 1834 ?

Ninth president of the U. S. In what year did nearly all the banks suspend specie payments? Who proposed the sub-treasury system ?

Amount of the indemnity which France agreed to pay the U.S! Who was Black Hawk ?

What president of the U. S. lived but a month after his inau guration?





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