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How many less than were killed at Schenectady?

What did they do to Mrs. W. after they set out?

Where did they carry Mr. W. ? How was he treated by the French?

How long was Mr. W. in captivity?

To what place did he return after his redemption?

Meaning of redemption?

Success of March's expedition against Port Royal ?

What occasion was there for the English to take P. R. when it had been taken by Phips? It had been restored.

Against what cities, did expeditions fail in 1708?

Why? For the want of British co-operation.

Against what port, was an expedition conducted by Nicholson,

in 1710?

With what effect?

Name then given to Port Royal?
In honor of whom?

With what effect, was a great expedition sent against Canada in 1711?

How many of the British were cast away and lost, in August ?— Where?

For what country did the remaining feet then sail?

Where did the provincial troops go?

Benefit of this disastrous expedition ?

Meaning of disastrous?

What southern colony had her full share in the sufferings and expenses of Queen Ann's war?

Against what Spanish settlement, did Gov. Moore conduct an expedition in 1702 ?

With what success?

Which way is St. Augustine from Savannah ?- from New Orleans?

Why did the Apalachian Indians become hostile to the English?

Who compelled them to submit? Object of the Spanish expedi. tion against Carolina in 1707 ? What part did they first approach? Charleston.

Who had succeeded Moore as governor ?

When the Spaniards summoned Johnson to surrender, what time did they allow him to consider of it?

What did Johnson reply?
What was the issue?

Of what nation, were a large number of persons who settled in N. C. in 1710?

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About what river, and in what counties, did they settle?

Where does Roanoke river empty?

In what other colony, did 3000 Palatines settle the same year? What Indians conspired to destroy the Palatines? In what year ?

How many of the Palatines were murdered?

Who soon destroyed a great part of the Tuscaroras?

With whom, did the remnant of the Tuscaroras soon unite?

What were all the united tribes then called?

How long did Queen Ann's war continue ?

In what year did it end?
By what treaty ?

Where is Utrecht? In Holland. Which way from Amsterdam?

What countries in America were ceded to Britain, by the treaty of Utrecht ?

CHAPTER XLVI.- p. 107.

Great Indian conspiracy in the south.

What tribe of Indians took the lead in forming the greatest con.

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Where did the Yamassees live? On the N. E. of Savannah river. What states are separated by Savannah river?

Who are supposed to have instigated the Yamassees to this conspiracy? The Spaniards.

How far did the conspiracy extend?

Object of this conspiracy? In what year, did they attempt this destruction?

To what place, did the planters generally fly? To Charleston.

What fears were entertained for Charleston? That it could not be defended against the Indians.

What method did Gov. Craven adopt, to prevent the removal of men and provisions? He imposed an embargo.

Meaning of embargo?

How many soldiers had Gov. Craven ? About 1200.

How many warriors were engaged in the conspiracy? About six or seven thousand.

Where did they come to a great battle? At Saltketcher.

Where is Saltketcher? About 50 miles west of Charleston.

On what river? Saltketcher river..

Another name for Saltketcher river? Cambahee.

Which way is the Cambahee from the Coosawatchy?

With what effect, did Craven attack the Indians at Saltketcher ? His victory was complete.

Where did he drive them? Over the Savannah.

Where did the Yamassees make a new settlement? In Florida. How many Carolinians were killed during this war?

What were the proprietors of Carolina declared to have forfeited

in 1719 ?

How long after the first representative government in America?

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Indian war of 1722. Settlement of Georgia.

What induced the eastern Indians to violate the peace soon after the treaty of Utrecht ?

Who promised them redress? Who failed of executing his stip ulations ?

Meaning of stipulation?

In what year, did the war be come general?

Who excited the Indians to this war?

How many tribes were engaged in this war?

Who were the Jesuits? An order of Roman Catholics, exceedingly engaged to promote Popery by every means. In what year,

nate ?

did this war termi

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To whom, did they then surrender their charter?

Against what kingdoms, did Britain declare war in Ï744? How long after the union of the New England Colonies?

Most important event in America, belonging to that war?

On what island, is Louisburg?
In what part ?

In what gulf, is Cape Breton ? What is Louisburg sometimes called, on account of its strength? What city in Canada is almost exactly west of Louisburg?

Which way from Louisburg, is Lyons?

By what forces, was Louisburg taken ?

Who commanded the land forces?

Who commanded the naval forces?

What was their success? In what year, was this capture of Louisburg? 1745.

Month and day?

How long before the battle of Bunker Hill? 30 years.

In what year, did the French attempt the recovery of Louisburg?-With what effect?

By what treaty, was this war closed? In what year? How long ago?

Where is Aix-la-Chapelle? In

Success of a second attempt to Germany. make Mary queen?

What became of her?

Against what town, did Oglethorpe conduct an expedition in 1740?

With what effect? Where is St. Augustine? By whom, was Georgia invaded in 1742 ?

How did Oglethorpe induce the Spaniards to flee? By stratagem. Meaning of stratagem?

Give some account of this stratagem.

Condition of Georgia in 1752 ? How much money had parliament given them?

Distance and direction from Paris? About 200 miles east.

What most important place in America, was restored to the French, by the treaty of Aix-la Chapelle ?

Where were born and educated most of the people, who inhabited this country during the third period?

From what countries, had come the first settlers in this country? From what country, had come the greater part?

What is said of religious bigotry and intolerance during this peri


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By what, was the credit of this revival greatly marred and injured? By much enthusiasm, irregularity, opposition, bitterness and slander.

In relation to what, was England jealous of the colonies, from the beginning?

What obstacles did England present to the improvement of our trade and manufactures? Enacted laws, to modify and restrain them.

From the year 1739 to 1756, which was greatest, the importation of goods from England, or exportation to it?

How did the colonies procure money, to pay this balance of trade?

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A.?-after the discovery of N. A.?
after the Pequot war?
Length of the fourth period?

In what state, did the peace of Aix-la-Chapelle find the colonies? What expedient for paying their debts, had been highly injurious to them?

To what amount, had bills of credit been issued ?

For what purpose? What had exceedingly retarded the increase of population

Of what, was the return of peace hailed as the harbinger? Meaning of harbinger?

For what, did the enterprising spirit of the people exert itself? What soon filled the land with general anxiety and distress?

What interval elapsed, before Britain again declared war against France?

Who was then king of Britain? - of France?

General cause of this war? Upon what, were these encroachments made in the east?

What very important place were they fortifying in N. Y.?

Where were the French attempting to construct a line of forts? On what southern colony, did the French encroach?

Circumstance, that opened the


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How did the Twightwees retaliate ?

Who were the Twightwees? Who was then Lt. Gov. of Va. ? Who loudly complained to Dinwiddie, of the conduct of the French?

Whom did Dinwiddie send, to remonstrate with the French commandant near Ohio?

How old was Washington at this time?

In what year was he born? 1732. How long after the first house was built in Windsor ?- after the settlement of Boston ?- of Hartford?

In what year, did Washington go on this mission?

In what colony, was Washington born? Va.

In what county? Westmoreland. At what place? Bridge's Creek. Where situated? Near the Potomac, about 40 miles S. of Washington city.

From what place, did Washington start on his mission? Williamsburg.

Which way is Williamsburg from Edenton ?

How far had he to go?

What part of the way was a desert, inhabited by Indians?

To what French commander, did Washington deliver Dinwiddie's letter? St. Pierre.

At what place? At a fort about 15 miles S. E. of the present town of Erie.

In what part of Pa. is Erie?
On what lake?

Which way from Pittsburg? By whose order, did St. Pierre say, the French had taken possession of the country?

Whose orders, did St. Pierre say, he would obey?

How did the British ministry instruct the Virginians to resist the F.?

Who received the command of a regiment for that purpose?

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