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quots ? 70.

By what, did he say they were any considerable number of the assembled ?

swift-footed Pequots. What did he say of the guilt of ♡ From whom, had Mason rethe Pequots ?

ceived new information respecting With what, did he say, cruelty the Pequots ? Probably from the is always united ?

two females, that had been capIf any Christian soldier should tured at Weihersfield. be slain, what did Mr. Hooker say, Who had showed them special would be the reason ?

kindness? The wife of MonoIn whose strength, did he exhort notto. them to march?

Who was Mononotto? The chief ♡ How inany Mohegan Indians next in authority under Sassacus. went with Mason, against the Pe By whom had these females been

redeemed? By the Dutch. By whom, commanded ? Uncas. Where did the Dutch deliver

Where did the Mohegans live ? their redeemed captives to the North of the Pequots.

English ? At Saybrook. Where was the residence of Un Name of one of these captives cas? In what is now called Nor- Probably Swain. wich.

Why may these females be conWhat most appalling difficulty sidered as probably the saviors of did they meet with at Saybrook ? the colony? There is reason to A division in opinion between Capt. believe, that the information, which Mason and his officers.

they communicated, was the means What measures did the officers of inducing Mason to adopt the wish to pursue? To sail immedi- plan he did. ately to Pequot harbor, and attack What was Mason's plan? To both the Pequot forts, as soon as sail to the mouth of the Narraganset possible.

bay, and thence to march to the Why ? Such were their orders forts, and take the Pequots by surfrom the general court, and they prise. wished to finish the campaign, as What method was proposed to soon as possible.

bring Mason and his officers to Why did Mason object to this? agreement ? Mr. Stone was reHe had just received new informa- quested most importunately to pray tion respecting the force and con for them. dition of the Pequots. He con

How did his prayer scem to be cluded that in sailing into Pequot answered ? Mason's plan was harbor, he should certainly be dis most cordially adopted. covered; that he should be at What other new arrangement tacked at landing, and either driven did they make at Saybrook? back, or prevented from destroying They sent 20 men back, to defend will bind their kings in chains, and set upon his head, because the re. their nobles in fetters of iron. But wards of this life are insufficient. perhaps some one may fear, that a March then, with Christian courage, fatal 'arrow may deprive him of in the strength of the Lord. March this honor. Let every faithful sol- with faith in his divine promises ; dier of Jesus Christ be assured, and soon your swords shall find that if any servant be taken away, your enemies ; soon they shall fall, it is merely because the honors of like leaves of the forest, under your this world are too narrow for his feet.” reward. An everlasting crown is

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be goi lion and that he would send men

** Ct. and took 20 of the garrison to What did the sentinels bear supply their places.

during a considerable part of the Via Distinguished officer among the night? The singing and yelling latter ? Capi. Underhill.

of the Pequots. When did they sail from Say. Why were the Pequots rejoi. brook? Friday, May 19.

ciny?' They had seen the English When did they arrive at the parte pass in their vessels, and supposed in Narraganset bay? Next day: they durst not attack them. Bed). Which way is ihe mouth of N. sides, warriors had been sent bay from Pequot harbor ?

to the fort that evening, who the z? CH About how far ?

next morning, were to march out Whom did Mason and Underhill in pursuit of the English. visit on Monday ? Canonicus. When did Mason attack fort

For whom, did Canonicus imme Mystic ? Friday morning, May diately send? Miantonimo. 26. Request, made to these sachems? Why did Mason conclude not to That Mason and his army might

attack both forts at the same time? pipe cat pass to the Pequot forts.

His men were much worn down Reply of Miantonimo ? That with heat and fatigue, and the Inhighly approved of the expedi- dians with him were exceedingly

terrified. with them.

Who was their chief guide ? Remark of Miantonimo respect- | Wequosh, a revolted Pequoi. ing the force of the English? That What did Wequosh and Uncas

it was too small to fight the mighty then say of the friend-Indians ? Pequots.

That they were much afraid. With how many forces, did What word did Mason send Máson march on Wednesday? 77 thein ? By no means to fly; but English, 60 Mohegans, and 200 to take their stations at any disNarragansets.



see, if the English would How many in the whole ? fight.

Where were the other 13 Eng Where was fort Mystic situated ? lish and 10 Mohegans ? Probably On the top of a hill, about six miles

distant from Pequoi harbor.
How far were they then from the How was the fort formed ? By
Pequots ? Nearly 40 miles. long sticks of wood, set in the

By whom, was Mason reinforced ground close together.
Thursday morning ? Several Nar What name is given to sticks of
raganset Indians.

wood, thus placed in the ground ! Number of Indians then under Pales or palisadoes. Mason? Nearly 500.

At what time, in the day was What inquiry did the Indians the attack made ? Just before the make at Pawcatuck river ? What dawn. was Mason's intention.

How near did Mason come to What did he assure them? That the fort, before he was discovered? he intended to attack the Pequots within a rod or two. in their forts.

How was the alarm first given ? How were the Indians affected? By the barking of a dog. They were filled with terror; and How communicated ? A Pequot many of them deserted.

roared out, Owawnux! Owuw. How far from fort Mystic did they encamp Thursday night ? Meaning ? p. 55. About two miles.

Where did some of Mason's men

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surgeon, med

meet some of Underhill's ? Near , lish! They were probably afraid the centre of the fort.

to leave them. What did Mason say, when How far did the Pequots follow victory was doubtful ?

the English? Nearly to Pequot What did he then do?

harbor. What was the effect?

With what effect ? Many of the When the sun rose, what did it Pequots were slain; but no injury show?

was done to the English. How many wigwams were ♡ When the party of Pequots burnt ?

returned to their fort, to whai, did How many Indians were kill- they charge all their misfortunes ? ed ?

To the misconduct and haughtiness How long was the action ! of Sassacus. About an hour.

With what, did they threaten How was Mason's life wonder- | him ? Immediate death. fully preserved from an Indian ar What induced them to spare row ?

A man cut the bow-string, him? The entreaties of his friends. when the Indian was in the very What did the Pequots then do? act of shooting him.

Destroyed their fort, and fled in How many Pequots escaped ? | various directions. 7.

In what direction, did most of How many were taken prison- them flee? West. ers? 7.

How soon did the men from How many English were killed ? Ms. arrive at Pequot harbor ? In wounded

about a month. Where were their

How many ? 120. icines and provisions ?

Under whom? Capt. StoughHow long did the officers con ton. sult on the hill after the battle ? Why did they not send the 200 About an hour.

voted? They judged, that the What most joyful sight did they Pequots had received a capital see, while thus consulting ?

blow. What other discovery did they How many Pequots did the Ms. make immediately after ? About men and the Narraganset Indians 300 Pequots from the other fort. soon capture ? 80.

Who attacked them ? Mason What did they do with the 30 with a chosen party:

warriors, that were among the 80 ? With what success? He put Slew all but two. them to a stand.

Why did they not slay those For what place, did the English two? They were sachems, and then march ? Pequot harbor. promised to lead them to Sassa

Where did the 300 Pequots then go? To the ruined fort.

How many more men did the How were they affected ? They court of Ct. raise, to prosecute the were filled with vengeance, rage war with the Pequots ? 40. and madness.

Under whose command ? MaWhat did they do? Rushed son's. down the hill, and most furiously Where did Mason meet Stoughpursued the English.

ton ? Near the Pequot harbor. Who repelled

them ? Capt. Un Which way did they conclude derhill.

to follow the Pequots ? To the Why did the friendly Indians west. then keep very close to the Eng Where did they find a conside..


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Captisive 100 Pequots ? To Uncas.
N. E.generally? They were filled

able number? In a swamp in How long after, did peace con-

tinue with the Indians, with little
Issue of the battle of Fairfield interruption ? Nearly 40
swamp? The Pequots were de. How was the conquest of the
feated, and their power destroyed. Pequots celebrated through N. E. ?

What became of Sassacus? 'He
fied to the Mohawks.

many fed with him?
About 20.

What did the Mohawks do with
them? Slew all but Mononotto. CHAPTER XXXIII.
Where did the Mohawks live?

Settlement of New Haven.
What became of Mononotto's
wife and children? They were Which way is New Haven from
captured, and most kindly treated West Point ? -- from New York
by the English.

city ? How

many Pequot warriors Indian name of New Haven? were still living?

About 200. Quinnipiac.
In what condition ? In a very

What led the English to become feeble, scattered state.

acquainted with Quinnipiac ? What offer did their chiefs make

In what year, did the settlement to the English at Hartford ? To become their servants.

of Quinnipiac commence ?

Most distinguished clerical foun-
Upon what condition? That der ?
their lives should be spared.

Meaning of clerical ?
To whom, did the English then Where had Mr. Davenport been

a celebrated minister ?
To whom did they give 80 ? To

Most distinguished lay founder ?

Meaning of lay?
To whom, 20? To Ninnigret. Where did Mr. Edward Hopkins

Who was Ninnigret? A Narra settle ? At Hartford.
ganset or rather Nihantic sachem,

For what, had Mr. Eaton been in alliance with the Narragansets.

distinguished in London ? Ability, How were these Pequots to be

industry and wealth. regarded and treated ? As Narra In what business, had he there gansets and Mohegans.

been engaged? In trade. To whom, were the Pequots to In what year, had Davenport pay tribute ? To the English at

and Eaton come from London to Ct.

Boston ? 1637. How was the Pequot nation Where were they greatly urged nominally, extinguished ? It was

to settle ? In Ms. agreed, that the Pequots should

Why did they decline ? They thenceforward be called Mohegans wished to avoid the commotions and Narragansets.

occasioned by Mrs. Hutchinson. Did the Pequot nation then Besides, they chose to be in a jusease according to this agreement ? risdiction by themselves.

They thought, they What effect had the conquest of

could have a church, formed more the Pequots upon the Indians of

according to the perfect scripture

rule. with terror and dread of the Eng

How long was New Haven set tled after Hartford ? after Bos.

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ton ? - after the Pequot war ? How long had the articles of

Of whom did Eaton and his as confederation been agitated ? sociates purchase the land ? Mo How many colonies were uni. mauguin, sachem of the country. ted? — - Whai colonies ?

When did the three towns of Under what denomination ? Ct. become a distinct common What dangers urged to this wealth, and adopt a constitution ? union ? Dangers from the Indians Names of those towns ?

and from the Dutch. How long did that constitution What particularly increased their continue with little alteration ? danger from the Indians ?

What were the officers of the What did each colony relain by government ?

these articles ? By whom elected ?

What was necessary, in order to Who were to send deputies to receive any other colony into the the general assembly?

confederacy? First governor ?

Meaning of confederacy? Who succeeded Gov. Haynes in How many commissioners did 1640 ? Edward Hopkins.

each elect? Why was not Haynes re-elect How often did they meet ? ed ? The constitution did not al At what places ? At Boston, low the same man to be governor Plymouth, Hartford and New Hafor two years together.

Who succeeded Hopkins in How often did they meet at Bos1641 ? Haynes.

ton ? Twice in five years. How long did Haynes and Hop How ften at each the other kins continue thus to succeed each places ? Once in five years. other? Till the year 1654, with Why did they meet iwice as of. the exception of one year.

ten at Boston, as at each of the What other colony formed a other places ? Ms. contained more constitution in 1639 ?

people than the other three toFirst governor of New Haven ? gether. In what year, was the charter What had greatly retarded the of Maine granted ?

union ? The great superiority of To whom? From whom? Ms.

Limits of the territory, granted How? Ms. was unwilling to by that charter ?

unite upon equal terms; and the What part of the present state rest were unwilling to unite upon of Maine ? About a quarter.

those that were not equal. When was Maine taken under What affairs were the commisthe jurisdiction of Ms. ?

sioners to determine ? By whose request ?

In case one colony should be attacked, what duty did it devolve upon the rest ?

How many men was each colony to send in such cases ? Ms. 100

and each of the rest 45. CHAPTER XXXIV. - p. 58. How long did this union con

tinue with little interruption ? Union of the colonies of N. E. By what was it dissolved ?

o 'What other colony petitioned In what year, was consummated to be admitted into the union ? the union of the colonies of N. Why? To defend them from E. ?

the Narragansets, from whom they

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