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How did he then appear? With what farewell, was he sent off the second time?

Where was he in great peril, about a year after?

How was he then affected by a view of his conduct at Plymouth? What did he confess to his shipmates?

What vow did he make?

What was his conduct afterwards?

By whom, was he murdered in 1636?

Of what war was his murder a cause?

Where did Lyford die ?

If Lyford was in some measure insane, by what was his insanity probably produced? Meaning of insane?

What is likely to be the effect upon reason, if we greatly abuse it? How many magistrates had the Plymotheans at first? See p. 46. What were they? How long were they governed by two magistrates?

How many magistrates had they in 1624 ?

What number of assistants had the Gov. in 1633? 7.

In what year, did the towns in that colony begin to send deputies? How long after the first representative assembly in Va.? In what year, was Plymouth colony united with Ms. In 1692. How many years, had it been a separate jurisdiction?

Why did not Mr. Robinson remove to this country? He died, before he found it convenient to


In what year, did he die? 1625.
What effect had his death upon

none presume to think, that there is no such thing as true religion. Christ has promised, that the gates of hell shall not prevail against his church. If religion were not a reality, and a real excellence, it would

[blocks in formation]

When commenced the settlement near Mount Wollaston? In 1625. Where is Mount Wollaston? In Quincy, near the seat of Mr. John Adams, second president of the United States.

Where is Quincy? Eight miles S. of Boston.

From whom had Mount Wollaston its name? From Capt. Wollaston, who was the principal man in forming the settlement.

Whom did Wollaston place over his plantation, to govern in his absence? Mr. Filcher.

Who persuaded the people to depose Filcher, and take himself for their leader? Thomas Morton.

Under what circumstances, did Morton do this? When they were very merry and partly intoxicated.

What was the character of Morton? He had more craft than honesty.

What was the conduct of Wollaston's people under Morton?

never have counterfeits. Gold, silver and precious stones may be counterfeited by thousands, but who ever thought of counterfeiting chaff and stubble?

They were extremely licentious | give satisfaction to the Indians,

and profane

What did they erect upon Mount Wollaston ? A May-pole. Meaning of may-pole?

What did they then call Mount Wollaston? Merry Mount.

What forbidden articles did Morton sell to the natives? Fire arms and ammunition.

Who had forbidden the sale of these articles? The king of England.

In what, did Morton instruct the natives? In the use of fire arms.

Who united together, to suppress the mischief at Merry Mount ? The people of Plymouth, Naumkeag, Piscataqua, Dover, Nantasket, and several other individuals.

What method did they first adopt with Morton? They seriously admonished and entreated him to discontinue his dangerous practices.

How did he receive their admonition? With insolence and threatening.

Who then conducted an expedition against Merry Mount? Capt. Standish.

With what success? He took

Morton prisoner.

How? As Standish advanced to Morton's house, Morton stepped out to shoot him; but Standish seized the gun, and took him prisoner by main strength.

What was done with Morton? He was conducted to Plymouth, and soon sent to England.

Who cut down the May-pole at Merry Mount? Mr. Endicott, afterwards Gov. of Ms.

In what year? 1628. What name was then given to Merry Mount? Mount Dagon.

When did Morton return to Mount Dagon? The next year.

How was he punished in the year 1631? His house was burnt down, and he was again sent a prisoner to England.

Why was his house burnt? To

whom he had greatly injured; and "that it might no longer be a roost for unclean birds."

Miscellaneous Questions.

No. 2.

Of what colony was Edward Wingfield president?

How soon after the first settlement of Jamestown, were the people reduced from 500 to 60?

In what year, did Alexander unite with Massasoit in confirming the treaty of Plymouth?

Who was John Lyford?

What period is distinguished for settlements ?

Of what colony is Capt. John Smith considered the father? What is meant by the starving time?

What magistrates gave a most favorable testimony to the conduct of the church at Leyden? Principal bay in Ř. I. ?

In which of the U. S. was a settlement commenced in 1623?

Who formed a conspiracy, to new model the church and government of Plymouth?

Who was Thomas Morton ?

In what year, were the London and Plymouth Companies formed?

Who was unjustly excluded from the first council at Jamestown?

Who offered 500 bushels of corn. to ransom his daughter?

What minister went with the Pilgrims from Leyden to America? What great tribe of Indians lived principally in R. I.?

First permanent settlement in North America

How much older is Plymouth than Dover?

Who abused Capt. Standish with most opprobrious language, at Ply. mouth?

[blocks in formation]

What Indian princess married Mr. Rolfe?

What did Robinson say in commendation of Luther and Calvin ?

Second governor of Plymouth? After Morton had been seriously admonished, by whom was he taken prisoner?/

How was Powhatan rendered friendly to the English?

Where did Mrs. Bradford die ? What Indian princess was converted, and called Rebecca?

Who advised the Plymotheans to shake off the name of Brownist? Who was governor of Plymouth 30 years?

Whom did Standish take prisoner at Mount Dagon?

Into what bay, does the river James empty?

Who was much displeased with Mr. Rolfe, because he married a king's daughter?

Why did the Indians of Va. carry presents to the whites, March 21, 1622?

What was done with Morton after Standish had taken him prisoner?

Second Gov. of Jamestown? In what country, did Pocahontas die?

Of what ship, was Mr. Jones Captain ?

What do you recollect of Mr. Pace ?

[blocks in formation]

In what part of N. Y. did the Dutch build a fort in 1613?

At what English ports, did the Plymotheans call?

Whose house was burnt to give satisfaction to the injured natives? Who captured Okee?

Who attempted to plant a colony on one of the Elizabeth islands? First governor of Plymouth?

Who advised the Plymotheans to seize and put to death the principal conspirators of the Ms. Indians.

Who was Opecancanough?

What distinguished character was captured by Opecancanough? Who was Samoset?-Pecksuot ?

For what, is the year 1607 most distinguished?

Distinguished daughter of Powhatan ?

Who first hailed the Plymotheans welcome, after their arrival at Plymouth?

For what, is the year 1492 most distinguished?

What distinguished man was preserved from death by Pocahontas ?

What became of the Sagadahok colony?

Present name of Patuxet ?
Who was lanough?

For what, is the year 1497 most distinguished?

Who introduced Squanto at Plymouth?

For what, is the year 1498 most distinguished?

Who formed a plot, to destroy the people at Jamestown in 1609? What colony commenced in 1620 ?

Who was Squanto?

How soon after the settlement of the colony of Jamestown, did Powhatan plot their destruction?

What name was given to them, who desired greater purity of worship, discipline and morals, in England?

Who was Massasoit?

How many names have been given to a hill, near Mr. Adams's in Quincy?

Who was Edward Wingfield? What dreadful plot did Pocahontas reveal?

Who were the Wompaneags ?
Who was Capt. Wollaston ?


Council of Plymouth. Patent of New-England.

Who granted a patent to the Council of Plymouth? In what year?

Of how many members, did the Council of Plymouth consist? 40. Where did they reside? In or near Plymouth in England.

For what purpose, was the Council of Plymouth formed?

Between what degrees of latitude, is the territory granted by this patent?

By what, is it bounded east and west? By the Atlantic and Pacific. About how many degrees of longitude, in length?

How many degrees of latitude, in width?

How many miles in length? About 2700.

How many in width?

What states and territories in the U. S. are now embraced within this grant?

What British dominions? What great lakes? [The three last questions may be answered

with an eye upon the map, unless the teacher prefers to have the an swers committed to memory.]

What name was given to the whole territory, granted by this charter? New England.

How many times larger was this territory, than N. England now is ? Twenty times.

How much larger than the 24 U. S. Twice as large.

What was James to receive for granting this charter? One fifth part of the gold and silver ores, that should ever be found within the premises.

What right had James to grant this territory to the Council of Plymouth? No right.

On what, did he pretend to found his right? Upon the circumstance, that his subjects had "taken actual possession of the continent in his name, and to his use as sovereign lord" of the same.

What indication in Providence, did he think, invited him to promote settlements in this country? The destruction of the natives by pestilence and war.

What blessings did James profess a wish to confer upon the surviving natives? Civilization and Christianity.

What special proviso was contained in this patent? If any of the lands should be found occupied by the subjects of Christian princes, such occupants should not be molested

Of what other patents, was this to the Council of Plymouth the foundation?

CHAPTER XXVIII.—p. 47. Settlement of Massachusetts.

In what year, was laid the foun dation of the colony of Ms. ?

[blocks in formation]


What territory did How far did this territory extend east and west? From the Atlantic to the Pacific, about 2500 miles.

How many times greater was the length than the breadth? About 60 times.

What city does Charles river separate from Charlestown? In what state, does the Merrimac rise ?

What is its general' direction in N. H.?-in Ms. ?

Who took the lead in forming a settlement at Salem ? In what year?

Indian name of Salein? Whom did Endicott find at Naumkeag? Roger Conant and two or three of his associates.

Why did he not find Indians? Probably most of them had been cut off by pestilence; and all the survivors had withdrawn.

On what account? from fear of disease.


What most remarkable circumstance was common to Patuxet and Naumkeag, at the arrival of our forefathers? Not a native was found at either.

Whence had Conant come to Naumkeag? Having continued awhile with the Plymotheans, he removed to Nantasket; thence to C. Ann; and thence to Naumkeag.

How many vessels came to Naumkeag in 1628? Two.

With how many passengers? Probably about 100.

What power did king Charles grant to the Ms. colony in 1629 ? Where did the people settle, that came over in 1629 ?

What was Naumkeag thence called? Salem,

What distinguished ministers

came over that year? Mr. Skel. ton and Mr. Higginson.

Where was established the second church in New England? At Salem.

In what year? 1629.

Who were immediately settled as their ministers? Mr Skelton and Mr. Higginson.

What names were applied to the offices which they sustained? Mr. Skelton was called pastor, and Mr. Higginson teacher.

What was the difference? It was considered as the duty of the teacher principally to instruct by doctrinal discussions, and of the pastor to make practical applications and to exhort. But probably the difference was more in name, than in reality.

Indian name of Charlestown? Mishawam.

What Indians did they find at Mishawam? The Abergenians, Who was their Sachem? John Sagamore.

What special kindness did he show the English? He very readily allowed them to settle there. How did he treat them afterwards ? He was always very friendly.

How much longer did he live? About four years.

Of what disease, did he die? Of the small pox.

Among whom, did the small pox make most dreadful ravages about that time? The Indians in that region.

In what hope, did Sagamore die? That he should go to the Englishman's God. Why was Mishawam called Charlestown? In honor of Charles 1. How many of the colony died in that year? About 80.

What most distinguished character came over in 1630? John Winthrop.

To what office, had he been ap. pointed?

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