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§ Who succeeded Pres. Monroe. When?

What controversy marked the commencement of his administra tion?

What was the origin?

On what condition did the U.S. agree to extinguish the Indian title to the lands within the limits of

How is Al. bounded E. and W.? What state had exercised juris-Georgia? diction over this territory?

At how much an acre did Ga. sell 25,000,000 acres of this land? On what ground was the sale impeached at a subsequent meeting of the legislature?

What was done with the record of the sale?

To whom did Ga. cede all her western territory in 1802? What act did Congress pass in favor of the former purchasers? Meaning of reimburse? literal meaning? To put into the purse again.

§ In what year, did Maine become a state?

To what state had it been previously attached?

Why did not Maine become a state in 1785 or 1802?

What state was added to the union in 1821?

What four states lie wholly to the east of Missouri?

Why was not Mo. made a state in 1819?

§ At what ratio was the representation in Congress fixed in 1821 or '22?

Where was a territorial government established in 1822?

To what was the name Florida

first given?

Could the land be all purchased of the Indians? Why?

By whom, on the part of the Indians, was the treaty concluded in Feb.?

How did the Creeks treat M'Intosh? -The treaty?

Conduct of Gov. Troup?

Who was sent to protect the Creeks?

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How was the difficulty at last settled?

§ For what is July 4, 1826, memorable?

Most interesting subject before
Congress in 1828?

Meaning of tariff?
Object of this revision?
To whom was the bill passed,



administration. Van Buren's administration. Harrison's administration.

When was President Jackson inaugurated?

What was the condition of the

First visitant of the actual terri- United States at this time? tory of Florida?

By whom was Florida transferred to us?

To whom was it delivered in 1821?

What is said of the revenue? Of agriculture, commerce, and manufactures?

What resolution did Jackson express at his inauguration?

How soon was the work of re-, kees removed beyond the Missis form commenced?

Who were removed from of


How many postmasters within a year?

What was the president charged with usurping? By whom?

What right did they suppose the constitution gave him in respect to removals?

By whom was the course of the president justified?

For what did they maintain that the power of removal was given?

How were the appointments of the president treated by Congress? To how many terms did Jackson recommend that the service of the chief magistrate should be limited? How would he dispose of the surplus revenue?

How did he regard the United States Bank?

What other subjects besides the U. S. Bank gave birth to spirited debates in Congress?

Which of these was particularly



By what commander?

What opinion respecting the U. S. Bank was expressed in the report to the house of representa. tives?-to the senate?

What is said of the constitutional power of Congress to incorporate a bank?

Why did not the bill to renew the charter of the U. S. Bank become a law?

Meaning of veto?

What was predicted as the necessary consequence?

In whose administration was the internal improvement policy begun?

Under whose was it continued? Why was it supposed that Gen. Jackson would follow the example of his predecessors in this respect? What was his conduct?

To what were the president his cabinet compelled to



What caused the dissolution of Jackson's cabinet in 1831?

With what European govern

In what state were the Chero- ment was a treaty signed the


What did Georgia claim?
What did she authorize?

What had encouraged her to do this?

Conduct of several missionaries when warned to quit the Indian territory?

What was the consequence? By what court were the claims of Georgia set aside?

What laws did the Supreme Court pronounce null and void? Why were not the missionaries released?

How long after this decision did they continue in confinement? What led to their release? In what year were the Chero

same year?

By whom?

How much did France agree to pay the United States?

In satisfaction for what? In how many annual instalments was the money to be paid? Meaning of instalment?

What proportion of the just claims of American citizens were thus satisfied?

What Indians commenced hostilities in 1832?

On which border of the United States?

Under what chief?

What was the result?

What epidemic prevailed in the summer of 1832!

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What effect had it upon the people of South Carolina?" What was issued in reply to it? By whose direction? Who was then governor of South Carolina? Mr. Hayne.

For what purpose were volunteers to be raised?

The assembly of what state made an appeal to the magnanimity and patriotism of South Carolina? Who was the author of the compromise bill?

What was its design?

Of what was it the means? When did Gen. Jackson enter upon his second term?

Who became Vice President at the same time?

What part of the U. S. did the president visit the next summer? How was he received by all parties?

Two most important topics in his message to Congress in Dec.?

Which house of Congress voted the reasons of the secretary of the treasury unsatisfactory?

Which house virtually approved of the removal of the deposits?

What distinguished patriot died May 20, 1834? Where?

What did the president recommend in respect to the French in Dec., 1834?

What conduct of the French led to this?

What was the recommendation of the president, considered in its practical effects?

What was the opinion of Congress as to the expediency of reprisals on French property?

When were our diplomatic relations with France resumed? What was strongly urged? Law of 1836 respecting the surplus revenue?

When had Jackson recommended such a distribution?

When was the territory of Wisconsin established?

How is Wisconsin territory bounded?

What two states were admitted into the union the same year? Subject of controversy between Ohio and Michigan?

On what condition did Michigan come into the union?

How is Michigan bounded?→→ Arkansas?

What instructions were contain

Why was not the first instal-ed in the special circular of 1836? ment of the French indemnity paid when it became due?

Conduct of the president in conBequence?

Whose act was the removal of the government funds from the U. S. Bank?

Why had Mr. Duane been removed from office?

By whom was his place supplied?

When did president Jackson send his last message to Congress?

To what bill had he given a reluctant approval?

What is said of the management of the government funds by the

state banks?

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How long did the obnoxious act stand on the journal of the senate? Describe the mode of carrying the expunging resolution into effect.

Who was chosen president in 1837?

Who was chosen vice president?
By whom was Johnson elected?

What is said respecting the events of Jackson's administration?

What of his measures?

What is left to the future his


Who were disappointed by Pres. Van Buren's inaugural address?

What is said of its temper? What hope did it induce? How did Mr. Van Buren attempt to conciliate the South?

When appeared Gen. Jackson's farewell address?

In what condition did he say he left the people of this country? Who were not prepared to admit this?

What, in their view, had his measures caused?

Can you mention any of these measures?

What is said of the monetary state of the country soon after the adjournment of Congress?

In what city was the pressure very severely felt?

What institution furnished temporary relief?

Amount of failures in New York city by the 8th of April?

For what purpose was a committee sent to Washington?

Of how many did it consist? What circular did they desire the president to rescind?

What instructions did they wish to have given to the collectors of the revenue?

What did they wish the president to call?

Success of this commission?
What request was granted?
With what effect?

What took place in New York two days after the return of the committee?

Conduct of the other banks in the United States?

Of what was this suspension the result?

For what did the president issue a proclamation May 15?

How long after the return of the committee from Washington?

What had forced the president to call an extra session of Congress?

What was the condition of the deposit banks?

For what dues was specie still required?

What causes did the president assign for the pecuniary distress of the country?

What divorcement did he advise? What means of immediate relief?

What was proposed both by the president and the secretary of the treasury?

In whose custody was the revenue to be placed? Where?

Subject to whose control? What is this plan for managing the revenue generally called? The sub-treasury scheme.

Two principal measures adopted by Congress at this extra session? By which house was the subtreasury bill rejected at this time?

What causes did the opposition assign for the pecuniary embarrassments of the country?

When was the sub-treasury scheme again recommended by the president?

Event of the duel between Graves and Cilley?

For what was a demand made from every quarter?

What penalty was annexed to the law passed soon after?

When were specie payments resumed throughout the union?

How long had they been suspended?

What banks again refused to pay specie the next year? What banks continued to pay specie ?

Why was there a deficiency in the vaults of the American banks? Why was specie exported?

What did Mr. Van Buren stake on this measure, and others connected with it?

When did the administration of Gen. Harrison commence ?

The doctrines of which political party did he approve?

What rumor was soon spread through the nation?

When did Pres. Harrison die? How long after his inauguration ?

Who was his legitimate successor?

To what office had Tyler been

What, for some weeks, pre-elected? vented the organization of the house of representatives, in Dec., 1839 ?

On what ground were the New Jersey members who had certificates denied their seats?

How many seats were thus contested?

On what ground did the five members, who had no certificates from the governor of New Jersey, claim their seats?

Who was at length appointed chairman ?

With what result? What resolution was lost, Dec. 20?

For how long had New Jersey but one representative in Congress?

What candidates were at length qualified?

How did this act appear to a portion of the American people? When did the Harrisburg convention assemble ?

For what purpose?
Who were nominated?
When was passed the sub-treas-
ary bill?

How may this measure be regarded?

By whom was it pointedly resisted and condemned?

How long has this land been inhabited by white people?

How great is the uniformity of character in the people of the United States?

Between whom does a marked distinction exist?

Mention the principal religious denominations in the United States at present.

What is said of infidelity? Of what is there danger? In what does the commerce of the United States consist? Principal articles of export? Who are the greatest carriers of these?

What proportion of the shipping of the United States do they own? Where grow our great staples? - Meaning of staples?

What nation receives the largest portion of our exports? What nations next?

What do we receive from Britain-China ? — - Russia?

What is said of the balance of trade between this country and Britain ?

How is agriculture beginning to be regarded?

What proportion of the males

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