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What did Britain claim?

Of what seamen, besides their own, did the British impress great numbers?

What Order in Council did the British issue in May, 1806? Meaning of blockade?

What decree did Bonaparte issue in the ensuing Nov.?

What was declared by the Berlin decree?

What trade did the British prohibit in 1807?

What ship was attacked by the Leopard in 1807? Where?" Commander of the C.? By what, occasioned ? How many of our men were killed?

How many men were taken from the Chesapeak?

Why did Barron make no resistance?

What did Barron say to Capt. Humphreys, who came aboard to take out the men? The Chesapeak is your prize.

What did the officer reply? No, I have obeyed my orders, and have nothing more to do with her.

From whom, had Capt. Humphreys received those orders? Admiral Berkeley.

What waters did Jefferson forbid the British armed vessels to Occupy, till satisfaction should be made for this horrible outrage?

What redress was obtained? In the course of 3 or 4 years, the British acknowledged, that the attack was unauthorized by government, recalled Berkeley, promised to make pecuniary reparation, and restored to the Chesapeak, the surviving seamen, that had been taken from her. But the most important redress, the punishment of Berkeley or Humphreys, was never obtained.

What places did the British Orders in Council declare to be as in a state of blockade ?

What most important act was passed Dec. 22, 1807 ?

Meaning of embargo?

By whom, was passed the Milan Decree ?

What vessels did it declare de nationalized?

What bad effect had party spirit during Jefferson's administration? What tended to check infidelity and pollution?

Why did our trade make great advances about the year 1803 ? What curtailed our trade 4 years after?

From what, did our agriculture receive great encouragement?

What most important seminary was founded in 1808 ?

How many families contributed more than 300,000 dollars to that institution?

By what, are a majority of the students more or less supported?


Beginning of Madison's adminis

tration. War with Britain.
Capture of Detroit.
of Queenstown. Victories of
Capts. Hull, Jones, Decatur and

Who succeeded Pres. Jefferson ?
When?-Situation of the U.


What great nations were at war?

Tendency of their commercial edicts?

Under what other restrictions, were we suffering?

What had been the issue of every effort to secure our rights? What alternative was left to us? Meaning of alternative?

What very important law was enacted three days before Madison's inauguration?

On what condition, did Mr. Erskine say, that the British would

1 exempt us from the Orders in Council? Provided intercourse with Britain were allowed. How did this affect the people? How were they soon disappointed?

What indignity did Mr. Jackson offer to Mr. Madison ?

Consequence of that insult ?

Between what English and American vessel, was there an engagement in 1811 ?

Commander of the President? On which part, was the attack commenced?

Which vessel greatly suffered? With what power, did Mr. Madison say, in 1811, that we were in danger of war? - Why?

Where was there a battle with the Indians Nov. 7, 1811 ? How long ago? Where is Tippacanoe? Which way from N. Y. city? Commander of our men? Who commenced the attack? At what time? Just before day. Why were not our forces immediately crushed? Expecting an attack, they slept with their arms, in the order of battle.

What measure, preparatory to a war with Britain, was adopted in 1812?

In what month of that year, was war declared?

First and principal reason, stated for the declaration?

Can you recollect either of the other reasons?

What name has sometimes been given to this war? The war of impressments.

Who solemnly protested against the declaration?

To what part of the country, did the greatest proportion of these belong To New England.

By whom, was the war generally commended? censured?

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What want was most powerfully felt at the commencement of the war?-Why?

For what purpose, was General Hull sent to Detroit?

Civil office of Hull?
In what state is Detroit?
Which way from Albany?
What disaster soon followed?
For what crimes was he tried?
For which, condemned?
Why recommended to mercy?
By whom, pardoned?

On which side, was victory? Who had instigated the Indians to hostilities? An Indian, who pre-ments, tended to be a prophet.

Effect of this defeat upon the prophet's character? Ruinous.

What state was admitted into the union in 1812 ?

To what, was the name Louisiana previously applied? To that vast region, that lies between the Mississippi, Mexico, the Pacific and the forty-ninth degree of N. Lat.

By what power, was that region ceded to the U. S.?

How long ago?

During whose administration?
At what price?

How large is this region, compared with the rest of the U.S.? About the same size.

For what splendid achievewas this war distinguished? By whom, commenced What frigate did Captain Hull command?

Do you recollect the name of the captain or frigate, that he captured?

Vessel captured by the Essex? Who was commander in chief of our army?

Toward the invasion of what province, was Dearborn's attention early turned?

Where did a number of our men attack the British, Oct. 13?

Between what lakes, is Queenstown? To which, nearest ? Which way from Niagara falls? Issue of the battle of Q. ? Occasion of that surrender?

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Character of Tecumseh ? What put an end to the Indian war in that quarter ?

For what, did the operations in the N. W. and Perry's victory pre pare the way?

What prevented?

To what did the campaign of 1813 give rise, among the people?

How was the mediatorship of Alexander treated by the British? What did the prince regent offer? Who was the prince regent? The oldest son of George III.

Why so called? Because he exercised the royal office, while his father was living.

What did he become, when his father died? King.

How did our government treat the prince regent's offer?

What southern tribe of Indians commenced hostilities in August, 1813?

At whose instigation?

What general was sent to subdue them?

With what success? What battle put an end to the war?

How long had it continued?

In whose favor did the battles of Chippewa and Niagara result? Who laid siege to Fort Erie, in August?

What was the issue?

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Capture of Washington city. Defence of Baltimore. Macdonough's victory. Defence of Plattsburg Hartford Convention. Defence of New-Orleans. Treaty of Ghent. Monroe's administration. J. Q. Adams's administration. Closing reflections.

What was the success of the British in their attempt upon Washington city?

By whom, commanded? What most disgraceful actions did he there perform?

To whom, has the taking and burning of W. been considered as exceedingly disgraceful? To both the British and Americans.

What good appears to have resulted from it? It probably conduced to hasten peace.

How? By uniting the Americans in the war, and thus discouraging the British from prosecuting


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captured or destroyed almost the whole British fleet.

How many men did Prevost lose?

Why were enlistments in N. E. comparatively few? The people were opposed to the war.

From what apprehension, was there great dissatisfaction? What crisis did some fear? What legislature acted upon this subject?

For what purpose did that legislature then appoint delegates? What other states followed this example?

Where did the delegates meet? Upon what, did they dwell in their report?

Can you recollect some of the alterations, which they recommended

to be made in the constitution? What prevented the calling of another convention?

In what month and year, did the British invade Louisiana ? By whom, commanded? Who was our commander at New-Orleans?

With what forces, did Packenham attack Jackson ?

When was the battle of N. ?
Issue of that battle?
Loss of the British?

Fate of Packenham and Gibbs ?
Loss on our part?

Where was a treaty of peace formed about that time between the U. S. and Britain ?

In what country, is Ghent ? Which way from Calais ? When was this treaty ratified? How long after war was declared ?

Upon what important subjects was the treaty silent?

For what, did it provide? Who welcomed the return of peace ?

What other war was terminated by treaty, soon after the war with Britain?

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How was this received by many in this country?— - Why?

Which of our frigates was taken by the British, just before the ratification of the treaty of Ghent ? Commander of the President? How many British ships were taken by the Americans near the same time?

What was the capital of the U. S. bank, incorporated in 1816 ? What state was received into the union in 1816 ?

In what war, was Indiana the scene of many battles and depredations?

Cause of the most noticeable change of manners during Madison's administration? Remedy? Can you mention some of the most important religious facts during this period?

What crippled commerce during this period?

Cause of extensive bankruptcies ?

Can you recollect any thing respecting our agriculture, during this period?

For what, were extensive factories established?

Effect of the peace upon manufacturing companies?

What is said of a considerable portion of them?

What was our population at the lose of this period

By what, were some literary institutions seriously affected?

What literary institutions continued on the whole, to increase?

Can you mention the names of some of the most important seminaries founded in that period?


Who succeeded Pres. Madi-
When inaugurated?

In what respects, was the country then more prosperous than in 1809?

Can you mention some particulars, in which, it was not prosperous in 1817?

What states did Monroe visit that season?

What was his particular object? What state was added to the union Dec. 1817?

What three states lie directly east of Mississippi ?

What Indians ceded to the U.S. a large tract of land in 1801 ?

By what forces, were a number of adventurers driven from Amelia Island in 1817?

Where is Amelia Island? Near the S. E. corner of Georgia. Object of those adventurers? Under what authority, did they pretend to act?

Mention some of the most important laws, enacted by Congress the ensuing winter.

State, admitted into the union

in 1818?

From what, does that state derive its name?

Which way is Il. from Ind. ? – from the N. W. territory?

What great bay with its coasts, did Monroe visit in 1818?

With what power, did he and the senate ratify a treaty, the same year?

Success of a war against the Seminole Indians in 1818?

Commander in that war? What measures of his caused great dissatisfaction among the American people?

With what nation, was a convention ratified in 1819?

What country did Spain cede to us, the same year?

What territorial government was formed in 1819 ?

Which side of the Mississippi?
Principal difference between

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