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When did the French revolution neutrality regarded by Congress in Degin ?

Dec. '93 ? By what, was it occasioned ? Why was an order passed to proBy French 'oppression and French vide a navy in '94 ? infidelity:

♡ What law was passed concernWho imbibed ideas of freedom ing slavery ? in this country, that seem to have How long had England been hastened it ?

engaged in the slave trade, when Into whose hands, did the revo- Jamestown was settled ? lution fall ?

Conduct of the English governWho was then king of France ? | ment, in relation to slavery in this

In what year, was Lewis XVI. country? put to death ?

What did Ms. prohibit in 1645 ? What if the revolution had fallen What did they call the practice ? into the hands of good managers ?

What colonies prohibited the For what, were most of our peo

traffic in slaves before the year '89 ? ple grateful to France ?

With what power


Congress To what, did they wish suc- anticipate a war, at this session ? cess ?

What envoy soon negotiated a What prejudices sprung forth treaty with Britain ? afresh ?

Meaning of envoy? With whom, did many wish the To whom, was the sending of this U. S. to make a common cause ? envoy exceedingly disagreeable ?

What proclamation did Wash- What was the success of Wayne ington soon issue ?

in a battle with the Indians near By whose advice?

the Miami? Meaning of cabinet ? Select How much more numerous were council of a ruler.

the Indians than our men ? Why was the subject of neutral- 0 In what stale, was there an inity soon the subject of invective ? surrection in '94 ? What was it pronounced by op

What was the cause ? posers ?

How long after Shays's rebelOf what, did they consider it an lion ? evidence ?

What may the insurrection in Ø Whom did the French republic Pa. be denominated ? then appoint first minister to our For what purpose, did W. then government ?

issue a proclamation ? Object of Genet's mission ?

With what effect ? How was Genet received by the What measure was then adoptpeople? With the highest demon- ed ? strations of regard for him and his Conduct of the insurgents, when republic.

Lee's army approached them ? What did some of his acts in- What two members of the cabfringe?

inet resigned in '95 ? What acts in particular ? He fit- By whom, succeeded ? ted out vessels, and enlisted sol- What majority of the senate addiers, to fight with the British. vised to ratify Jay's treaty ?

Against whom, did he attempt to Who censured Washington for rouse the people? Why? signing that treaty ?

Request of the president to the Effect of Jay's treaty? French government ?

Q What state was admitted into sult 1

the Union after Kentucky? How was W.'s declaration of How long?

The re

roe ?

any of them?

From what, was Ten. named ? Whom had W. sent as minister

Which way is Ten. from Ky.? — to France, to supersede Mr. Monfrom N.C.? Q What intention did Washing

What determination did the lon signify, near the close of his French republic announce to Gen. second administration ?

Pinckney? To whom, did he publish a vale- What measure did Adams adopt dictory address ?

upon the receipt of this intelliOf what religious denomination, gence ? were the French revolutionists ? What did he advise Congress to Effect upon this country?

repel ? By whose writings, was infidelity For what, did Adams still have extended at this time !

a desire ? Meaning of Deist ? of Atheist ? How many envoys were then ap- of Infidelity ?

pointed to treat with France ? Who urged the importance of Do you recollect the names of encouraging manufactures under Washington ?

Success of this mission ? What is said of learning since What did the French demand, the adoption of the federal consti- before they would acknowledge the tution ?

envoys ? What have we done under Wash- What attempt was made when ington as our leader ?

tribute was refused ? In what, was W. first ?

For what, did Congress then Where has he been the theme of adopt more vigorous measures ? eulogy?

Who was appointed commander What is said of his military suc- in chief against the French? cesses?

For what, did the French then Character of his administration express a willingness ? at home ? - abroad?

How many envoys were appointed to settle the difficulties?

Do you recollect the name of either ?

Why did Henry decline going

on this mission ? On account of CHAPTER LXI. - p. 264. age and indisposition.

Who was sent in his room ? J. Adams's administration. Jef- In whose hand, did they find the ferson's administration, French government ?

In what year, was a treaty of Who succeeded Pres. W.!

peace formed with France ? When was A. inaugurated ? What was done with our army,

What is said of the state of the raised to repel the French ? country, during Washington's ad- When did Washington die ? ministration ?

Where? - At what age ? Can you mention some of the ♡ In what year, did the city of stupendous difficulties, that had Washington become the sea of been surmounted ?

government ? What, in some measure, shaded In what district, is this city ? this bright prospect ?

Dimensions of Columbia ? On what branch of our com- On what river ? merce, had the French made dep- By what states, ceded to the U. redations ?


Under what immediate govern- Of what does this seem to have ment?

been the beginning ? j Of what, had A.'s administra- How many colleges were there tion been the subject during most in N. E. at the close of this


1 of the time?

Ilow many S. of N. E. ? What laws, passed in that Can you mention some of the period, were peculiarly obnox- former? - of the latter ? ious ?

Who succeeded Pres. Adams? What power did the alien law

In what year? give the president ?

How long was Mr. A. president ? Design of the sedition law ! How much longer had Washing

Whose election did these and ton been president ? other acts prevent ?

Who became vice-president at What was evident respecting the same time? infidelity, during Adams's adminis- What was the most obvious distration?

ference between Jefferson's ad. Where were infidel doctrines dresses to Congress and those of his ably refuted ?

predecessors? Theirs were speechTo what, did infidels acknowl- es; his, merely written messages. edge, that religion was necessa- Name of the two great political ry?

parties at that time ? Republicans Where did a revival of religion and Federalists. commence, toward the close of this What did Mr. Jefferson say reperiod ?

specting these pames ? + Note H. H.

would wish to dissolve this Union, Extract from Mr. Jefferson's in

or to change its Republican form,

let them stand undisiurbed as monaugural address.

uments of the safety, with which To an American patriot, scarce- error of opinion may be tolerated, ly any document will be found more where reason is left free to combat interesting and important, than the it. I know indeed, that some honaddresses of our presidents to Con- est men fear, that a republican gove gress; and of these, perhaps no ernment cannot be strong ; that this part, in proportion to its length, is government is not strong enough. more important than the following But would the honest patriot, in the EXTRACT.

full tide of successful experiment, “During the throes and convul- abandon a government, which has sions of the ancient world, during so far kept us free and firm, on the the agonizing spasms of infuriated theoretic and visionary fear, that man, seeking through blood and this government, the world's best slaughter, his iong lost liberty, hope, may, by possibility, want enwas not wonderful, that the agita- ergy to preserve itself ?' I trust not. tion of the billows should reach I believe this, on the contrary, the even this distant and peaceful shore; strongest government on earth. I that this should be more felt and believe it the only one, where every feared by some, and less by others; man, at the call of the law, would and should divide opinions, as to fly to the standard of the law, and measures of safety. But every dif- would meet invasions of the publie ference of opinion is not a differ- order, as his own personal concern. ence of principle. We are all Re- Sometimes it is said, that man canpublicans; we are all Federalists. not be trusted with the government If there be any among us, who of himself. Can he then be trust.


If any wished to dissolve the Of what should we have a jeal imion, how would he have them ous care ? treated?

What is the vital principle of re What government did he think publics ? the strongest ?

What taxes did Jefferson recom To whom, should government mend to have abolished ? exercise exact justice ?

How had a party regarded those What should we extend to all taxes ? nations ?

♡ What state was admitted into With whom, should we have en- the union next to Ten. ? tangling alliances ?

In what year ? --- How long ago ? ed with the government of others ? ded:

absolute acquiescence in the Or have we found angels in the decisions of the majority, the vital form of kings, to govern him ? Let principle of republics, from which history answer this question. Let ihere is no appeal but force, the us then with courage and confi- vital principle and immediate padence, pursue our own federal and rent of despotism; a well disci. republican principles; our attach- plined militia, our best reliance in ment to union and representative peace, and for the first moments government.

of war, till regulars may relieve “ About to enter, fellow citizens, them: the supremacy of the civil on the exercise of duties, which over the military authority : comprehend every thing dear and omy in the public expense, that lavaluable to you, it is proper you bor may be lightly burdened: - the should understand, what deem honest payment of our debts and the essential principles of our gov- sacred preservation of the public ernment, and consequently, those faith :- encouragement of agricul. which ought to shape its administra- ture, and of commerce as its handtion. I will compress them within maid ; the diffusion of information the narrowest compass they will and arraignment of all abuses at bear, stating the general principle, the bar of the public reason : freebut not all its limitations. Equal dom of religion ; freedom of the and exact justice to all men, of press; and freedom of person, whatever state or persuasion, re- under the protection of the habeas ligious or political : - peace, com

- and trial by juries imparmerce, and honest friendship with tially selected. These principles all nations, entangling alliances form the bright constellat which with none :-- the support of the has gone before us, and guided our state governments in all their rights, steps through an age of revolution as the most competent administra- and reformation. The wisdom of tions for our domestic concerns, and our sages, and blood of our heroes the surest bulwarks against anti- have been devoted to their attain republican tendencies :- the pres- ment:- They should be the creed ervation of the general government of our political faith, the text of in its whole constitutional vigor, as civic instruction, the touchstone, by the sheet anchor of our peace at which to try the services of those home, and safety abroad :- :-a jeal- we trust; and should we wander ous care of the right of election by from them in moments of error or the people; a mild and safe cor- alarm, let us hasten to retrace our rective of abuses, which are lopped | steps, and to regain the road, which by the sword of revolution where alone leads to peace, liberty and peaceable remedies are unprovi- | safety."


From what, did this slate derive Whom else did Jessuf wish to its name?

murder? Who were the inhabitants of O. Where did Hamet escape ? in '87 ?

Who revived Hamet's hopes of Who are the Moravians ? An regaining his kingdom ? excellent sect of Christians, most Chief object of Eaton ? distinguished for missionary ef- What desert did Hamet and Ea. forts.

ton pass ? By what, was the settlement of How long was their march? 0. retarded until '95 ?

1000 miles. By whom, was peace effected? What town did Eaton take in

By what emigrations, did the Barca ? population then rapidly increase ? Which way is Derne from Tri

What do you recollect concern- poli ? - About how far ? ing the death of Gen. Hamil- Answer of the Gov. of Derne, ton ?

when summoned by Eaton to surHow long was Mr. Jefferson render? My head or yours. president ?

What honorable appellation is When did his second term com- sometimes given 10 Gen. Eaton ? mence ?

Hero of Derne. With which of the Barbary Effect of Eaton's success upon powers, did a war terminate that Jessuf? year?

With whom did Jessuf then neHow long had that war contin- gotiate a treaty ? ued ?

Effect of this treaty upon Eaton What aggressions had the Tri- ! and Hamet ? politans committed ?

Where did Hamet seek redress ? What commodore had been What was the issue ? sent into the Mediterranean in Over what region, was a terri1803?

torial government established in For what purpose ?

1805 ? Meaning of commodore ?

Where is Michigan territory? What captain soon joined Pre- ♡ Who is supposed to have deble in the ship Philadelphia ? signed to form an empire, W. of

How came the Philadelphia to the Alleghanies, in 1806 ? be captured ?

What was to be the capital ? Who was the leader in retaking For what crime, was he tried ? and burning the Philadelphia ? Why acquitted ? With how many men

What other project is Burr supWhere?

posed to have had in view ? What became of the Tripolitans What was Dr. Ramsay's opinon board ?

ion upon this subject ? That Burr's Immediate effect of the flames ? object was not known to others,

What injury occurred to Deca- but that probably he meant to intur's party?

vade Mexico. How were Bainbridge and his What powers had France and crew affected by this exploit ? England involved in their conten

How were tne people of the U. tion in 1806 ? S. affected with the news of their What did the U. S. endeavor to sufferings?

maintain towards the belligerents ? Who had recently usurped the Respecting what right, had we Tripolitan throne ?

long had a controversy with BritWhom had Jessuf murdered ? ain?

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