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How long was his passage? Above three months.

What measure was proposed to prevent starvation? To feed upon the Haytian prisoners, or to drown them.

Who prevented the execution? Columbus.

How was he received and treated by Ferdinand and Isabella? With the utmost kindness.

How were his enemies affected? They were filled with confusion.


Columbus, after his second voyage.

What measure was adopted to procure colonists for Hispaniola? Malefactors were taken from pris


Meaning of malefactors?

What land did Columbus first discover on his third voyage? Trinidad.

Near the mouth of what vast river, is Trinidad

In what latitude?

Near what island, did Columbus discover the continent? Trinidad. In what year ?

How long after his first voyage?
How long ago?

What led Columbus to conclude, that he had discovered a continent? The greatness of the Oronoco.

Who excited an insurrection among the Spaniards while Columbus was absent? Roldan.

With what office, had Columbus invested Roldan? That of chief justice.

Who sent to Spain, an account of Roldan's insurrection? Columbus.

Why was Ferdinand disposed to listen to the account of Roldan,

rather than of Columbus? F. had not been remunerated for money, advanced to Columbus.

Meaning of remunerate? A For what purpose, was Francis Bovadilla sent to Hispaniola? To inquire into the character of Columbus.

How was Columbus required to treat Bovadilla? To obey him.

What was the conduct of Columbus? He silently submitted to be tried by Bovadilla.

How did Bovadilla treat Columbus? Caused him to be seized, fettered, and hurried on board a ship.

How did Columbus bear this? With the greatest coolness and dignity.

What did Bovadilla then do with Columbus and his two brothers? Sent them in fetters, and in different vessels, to Spain.

Who offered to unbind Columbus? Vellejo, the Capt. of the vessel, in which he sailed.

Why did Columbus refuse? He said, his fetters had been put on by the king's order, and by his order only, should be taken off.

How was he treated by the king and queen, on his arrival in Spain He was liberated, and kindly received.

What was his conduct. when admitted into their presence? He threw himself at their feet, and remained speechless.

What did he do, when a little recovered? Vindicated himself in a long speech,

What punishment did they inflict upon Bovadilla? They degraded him from his office.

By whom, was Bovadilla superseded? Ovando.

How did Columbus feel, when he found, that he was not to be re stored to his office of governor ? He was deeply wounded.

What did he carry with him, wherever he went? His fetters. What did he say, should be done

with them, at last? That they should be buried with him in his grave.

What did Columbus demand of Ferdinand and Isabella? That he should be viceroy of the countries he had discovered.

Why did they decline the fulfilment of their promise? On account of the greatness and importance of the discoveries.

How many voyages to America, did Columbus make? Four. Object of the fourth? To discover a strait or isthmus, leading to the western ocean.

Did he succeed in this? He did not.

What distressing intelligence did he receive, when he returned from his fourth voyage? That Isabella was dead.

What did Columbus demand of Ferdinand? The punishment of his oppressors, and the restitution of his privileges.

With what, did Ferdinand amuse him? With fair words and unmeaning promises.

What encouraged Ferdinand to persevere in this cruel plan? The declining health of Columbus.

Where did Columbus die? At Valladolid.

Where are now his remains? In what year, did Columbus die? How long after the discovery of San Salvador?

At what age?

CHAPTER VIII.-p. 14. Cabot, Amerigo and Verrazano.

Who first discovered the continent of America? In what year? Of what nation, was John Cabot? He was an Italian.

In what part of England, did he reside? At London."

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What land did he first discover?

Probably Newfoundland.

What part of the continent did he first discover? Probably Labrador.

From whom, did America derive its name? p. 13.

To what city, did he belong?
What was he called at Florence?

Amerigo Vespucci.

What was his occupation? He was a merchant.

In what year did he visit America ?

How long after the discovery of the continent by Columbus ? - By Cabot?

Who conducted the expedition, when Amerigo visited America? With whom, had Ojeda before made a voyage to America?

Why was this continent called for Amerigo? Because he published an account of his voyage, with an elegant chart purporting that he was the first discoverer of the continent.

Who was commissioned from France, to make discoveries in America ?

[blocks in formation]

Discoverer of the Mississippi? Of what, was he in search? Fate of De Soto ?

CHAPTER IX. — p. 17.

Gilbert, Raleigh and Gosnold.

Who planted the first English colony in America? Walter Raeigh.

Who gave Raleigh a commission

for this?

In what year?

Who had failed in attempting to plant an English colony, the preceding year, at Newfoundland? Humphrey Gilbert.

What relation was Gilbert to Raleigh? Both had the same mother.

What became of Gilbert ? Where did Raleigh's first colony settle ? On an island, called Roanoke.

In what year? 1585. Where Roanoke island? Near the mouth of Albemarle sound.

Where is Albemarle sound? Of how many persons, did the first English colony consist? 107. Who was their governor ? Ralph Lane.

What became of that colony? Where was planted Raleigh's second colony? At Roanoke. Consisting of how many? In what year? Who was their governor? John




Why did Gov. White go to England in 1587? To procure supplies.

Why did he not succeed in obtaining them? England was filled with alarm for fear of the Spanish invasion.

How long was it, before White

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Meaning of hieroglyphics? To what, was their education confined?

What is said of their language? What appear to have been their only compositions?

Can you mention some of their manufactures?

Can you mention some of the articles, which they procured by cultivation ?

What remedies were most frequently applied, to cure diseases? To whom, did they apply, when under diseases, for which they knew no remedy?

How did he undertake a cure? Employments of men?of women?

Amusements of men?-of women?-Dress in winter? What were their feelings with regard to ornaments? Object, aimed at, in painting themselves?

[blocks in formation]

What did the Indians in this part of the country, call the good spirit? Kitchan.—the evil spirit? Hobbamock.

Which of these, did they consider the greater?

Which did they worship? Of what, did they forin images of these?

What honor did they pay to these images?

What else did they worship?
What was their manner of wor-


What did they offer to their gods in Virginia?

Of what ancient events, had they distinct traditions?

What was marriage among them?

What is said of polygamy among them?

Meaning of polygamy?

How were females treated by the men?

What articles were often buried with the dead?

From what countries, did the Indians originate? Probably most of them from the northern parts of Asia.

Across what strait ?

From what other country, might some of them have come? Afri


Over what water?

How wide is the Atlantic between Africa and America? More than 2000 miles.

How could they pass so far by water? They might be blown over by the trade winds.

In what career, should we continually press forward?

What should we aim to accomplish for our fellow men?

What consideration should mod erate our expectation of reward on earth?

With what, will the name of Amerigo Vespucci ever remain stigmatized?

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Miscellaneous Questions.

No. I.

What science teaches the perfections of God?

Who was Ferdinand?

For what object, were malefactors taken from the prisons of Spain?

Who was Capt. Vellejo?
Who was Verrazano?

Who was Ralph Lane?

How old was Columbus, when he discovered San Salvador?

What epithet is applied to that branch of history, which relates more particularly to the church? Who was Capt. Colon? Who was Isabella?

Who sent Columbus in chains to Spain ?

Who was Ovando ?

How old was Columbus, when he discovered the continent?

Who was Humphrey Gilbert? To what country, did Columbus send his brother Bartholomew for patronage?

For what is Palos distinguished?

What is the proper name of Indian corn?

Who rendered themselves hideous by painting?

Who made Roldan chief justice of Hispaniola?

What kindness did Capt. Vellejo offer Columbus ?

ors of Columbus weep, and smite their breasts?

On what occasion did Columbus refuse to have his chains taken off?

Who was Amerigo Vespucci ? Who regarded their females as slaves?

What distinguished character was born at Genoa?

Who was Perestrello?

What did Columbus conceal from his men, on his first voyage? Island, near the mouth of the Oronoco?

Who was sent to Hispaniola, to try Columbus?

What did Columbus say, should be buried with him in his grave? Who was John Cabot ? Where did Gilbert attempt to plant a colony?

What became of Raleigh's colonies ?

CHAPTER XI. - p. 27.

Patent from James I. to the two companies.

Which period is next in length, to the first?

In what year did it commence ?
In what year did it terminate?
Length of the second period?
Which are longest, the two first

How many colonies were plant-periods taken together, or all the

ed at Roanoke ?

Which period of our history is distinguished for discoveries? Who was St. Angel? Who was considered as Christ's vicegerent on earth?

What part of the continent did Columbus discover?

Who was Roldan ?

Who was Walter Raleigh? Who were particularly engaged to discover a passage to India, before the discovery of America?

On what occasion, did the sail

rest? How much?

For what, is the second period distinguished?

To what two companies, were letters patent granted in 1606 ? By whom?

Meaning of letters patent ? What lands were these companies authorized to possess?

What was the southern part of these lands called? - To whom granted?

Which was largest? They were nearly equal.

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