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Who arrived at that most crit- was much the most acceptable tu ical moment ? Col. Warner.

the N. E. trocps. With what success,

were the

Native country of G. ? Eng. British then attacked ? They were land. soon put to flight.

How much older was Gates than What enabled them to escape ? Washington ? Four years. The darkness of the night.

In what year was Gates born ? How many did the British lose What was the object of Bur. in both engagements ?

goyne in crossing the river ? He What was the loss of the Amer- probably expected to vanquish the icans ?

Americans in a general battle, and How many muskets and sabres then pass unmolested to Albany, to did the Americans take ? About join the forces expected from New1000 of each.

York. What became of Breyman? He On what day, was the first batwas mortally wounded in the sec. tle of Stillwater ? Sept. 19. ond battle of Stillwater.

How long after the battle of BenWhat other two actions did those nington ? at Bennington resemble? The Which party claimed the honor battles of Trenton and Princeton. of victory? Both.

In what respects ? In effect Which sustained the greatest they may be considered as one. loss ? They had an astonishing influence Why was the first battle of Stillto raise the cause of the Ameri. water very much to the advantage

of the Americans ? The enemy How? By giving new courage were exceedingly disappointed and to our soldiers ; by inducing multi- chagrined; their losses could not tudes to flock to our camp; by lead. be repaired; B.'s object in fighting ing to the ruin of Burgoyne, and was frustrated; and the Americans by giving a new face to the whole much encouraged and animated to scene of our operations.

find that they could successfully con☆ Of what, was Burgoyne great- tend with the whole British army. ly in want ?

By whom, was Gates's army conWhat river did he pass about tinually reinforced ? Multitudes of the middle of September ?

militia. Where did he take post on the ♡ What debilitating measure did right bank ?

B. adopt Oct. 3 ? Diminished his Near what army?

soldiers' rations. What is meant by the right bank Meaning of rations ? of a river ? That on your right What induced him to do this? hand, when you are looking down Want of provisions. stream.

On what day, was the second Commander of the Americans ? battle of Stillwater? Whom bad Gates superseded ? How long after the first ? How was Schuyler affected ? What was the issue? The BritHe was much grieved and distress- ish were defeated, driven to their ed.

camp, and there attacked. Why? He supposed, that his . What ended the battle ? The unspeakable toils and hardships darkness of the night. would soon have been succeeded Why did not the Americans lay ky a most important and glorious aside their arms during the night? victory.

They wished to renew the attack Why was he superseded ? Gates

the next




What prevented ? Burgoyne

What did Gates do with it ? retreated in the night, and took a Most politely returned it to B. much stronger position.

How did Gates treat B.? Very Why did not Gates attack him kindly, invited him to his table, there ? He chose that famine rath- and endeavored to comfort and er than bloodshed, should compel cheer him. Burgoyne to surrender.

How did B. appear? Silent, deWhy did not B. retreat jected and disconsolate. Fort Edward, and thence to Can- ♡ Whom did Gates send to inada?

form Congress ? Why did he not ford the river What message did Wilkinson at the ford, just above F. Edward ?

deliver to Congress ? Gates had taken measures to pre- To whom, did Congress vote vent it.

thanks? To Gates and his army Why did not B. retreat on the How large was his army? Near right bank of the river ? Pressed ly three times as large as the one by so mighty an army, he could they captured. not retreai through roads so diffi- Whai other honor did Congress cult.

vote to show Gates ? To give him What decision was then formed a gold medal. by a British council of war?

How were the Americans affectWho composed that council ? ed with the surrender of Burgoyne ? All the captains and superior offi- Who, did they expect, would ac

knowledge their independence ? How were that council annoyed ? By whom, was it shortly after By American balls whistling a- acknowledged ? round them, and piercing the tent What treaty was then formed that covered them.

with France ? Meaning of capitulate ?

Most important stipulation of Most important articles of this capitulation? That the army

How long had our commissionshould march out of the camp with ers been at the court of France ! the honors of war; deposite their Who was the principal ? arms at an appointed place; march What had they urged ? to Boston ; sail to Europe ; and not Why had they not succeeded ? serve against the U. S. during the present war.

When were these articles signed ?

How long after the battle of
Bennington - first of Stillwater ? Miscellaneous Questions.

second ?
Where did B. surrender ?

No. 5. What special tenderness did Gates then manifest towards his For what, was the year 1775 prisoners ? Caused his army to re- most distinguished ? tire, that they might not witness Whom did Mr. West ask to the shame of the British in piling walk with him, and see the cause their arms.

of the American Revolution ? How large was the captured By whom was the Stamp Act

opposed besides Americans To whom, did B. give up his Where were 342 chests of tea sword ? To Gates.

destroyed ?

that treaty

army ?

What British general arrived off their cause, and emboldened ihem Sandy Hook in June, '76 ? to oppose British tyranny ?

What battle was probably more Who was Gen. Warren ? disastrous to the Ainericans, than

To what office, was Washington any other?

appointed in 1775 ? Who were called ragamuffins ? Who perfidiously refused, to let

On what occasion, did Congress the Boston patriots leave the town? remove from Philadelphia to Bal. Who told Col. Patterson, that timore?

the Americans needed no pardon ? What pretended right of Parlia- What two battles may be considment did Pitt deny ?

ered, in some sense, as one event ? What American port did the What outrages did the British British first shut up ?

commit at Danbury in '77 ? For what, is Lexington in Ms. What small, but most important distinguished ?

battle, was fought Aug. 16, 1777 ? In what year, was Bunker Hill First king of England, who had battle ?

belonged to Hanover ? Who often accused the colonists Who was Charles Townsend ? of desiring and seeking indepen- For what, was the year 1766 dence ?

most distinguished ? . With what fort, did the Ameri- What order did the British mircans lose 2600 men ?

istry require the Ms. assembly, to What articles did Franklin sub- rescind mit to Congress in 1775 ?

Who was Gage ? Who was Gen. Stark ?

Where was Gen. Warren killed ? Who was Col. Wilkinson ?

By whom, was Washington apTo what country, did the colo- pointed generalissimo ? nists often give the name home? Where did Adams say, that in

With how many pounds, did dependence was born ? king George say, he would begin to What counterbalanced the dis. build his palace ?

aster of Brooklyn ? In what year, did the Boston For what, is Elkton distinguish. Port Bill take effect ?

ed! - Who was Col. Warner ? For what, is Concord in Ms. What most important event took most distinguished ?

place Oct. 17, '17 ? In what year, did the Americans Who made a mighty speech a take Ticonderoga and Crown gainst the Writs of Assistance ? Point ?

Who was Col. Barre ? Where did the colonists fight to For what, was the year 1767 obtain redress of grievances ? most distinguished ? Who was Col. Patterson ?

Who was Capt. Preston ? Where was Washington wonder: In what year, was the tea defully favored by two providential stroyed at Boston ? events ?

What general first fell in our For what, is Bennington distin- revolutionary army ? guished ?

Where was. Gen. Montgomery Whose loyalty was praised by killed ? Gov. Pownal ?

What battle was fought soon af For what, was the year 1765 ter Howe landed at Elkton ! most distinguished ?

Who was Col. Breyman ? What British statesman inspired To whom, did Congress award a the Americans with confidence in | gold medal in '77 ?

Name of a law, that laid a duty Who commanded the northern apon clayed sugar, &c. ?

British army in '77 ? Who was George Grenville ? What event induced the French

For what, was the year 1768 to acknowledge our independence, most distinguished ?

and form a treaty with us ? For what, was the year 1770 Whom did Mr. Jefferson consid. most distinguished ?

er the greatest orator, that ever Who was Col. Leslie ?

lived ? Who was Maj. Pi irn ?

What circular was exceedingly What town near Boston, was grievous to the British ministry? burnt in 1775 ?

Who was Col. Grant ? Who was Dunmore?

Of what skirmish, did the ProIn what battle, did the Americans vincial Congress of Ms. send a par. lose nearly 3000 men ?

ticular account to England ? Who took Ticonderoga in '77 ? For what purpose were Dorches

Who sent Baum, to seize some ter Heights fortified in '76 ? stores at Bennington ?

Who was John Hancock ? Who contended, that representa- Important battle, fought Aug. tion should be united with taxa- 27, 1776? tion ?

Who pursued Washington thro' Who wrote to Mr. Thompson, N. J.? that the sun of liberty was set ? Who was Col. Rawle ? Who was Dennis De Berdt

What army did Gen. Schuyler For what, was the year 1773 command in the summer of 177? most distinguished ?

What general was four years Who was Dr. Barnard ?

older than Washington ? Who was Lord Percy ?

What army did Gates capture ? Who desired the colonies to Office of Jasper Mauduit? form constitutions of government

Whom did Mr. Adams consider in '76 ?

the greatest orator he ever heard ? In what fort, was Col. Magaw What was the Boston Massacre ? captured ?

What evil did Dr. Bamard probWho evacuated Ticonderoga in ably prevent, at the draw-bridge July, '77 ?

between Salem and Danvers ? Harbinger of the Stamp.Act? In what year, did the British

In opposing what British Act, army evacuate Boston ? did Va. take the lead ?

Who was Mr. Jefferson ? What colony sent inost impor- Former name of White Hall ? tant Circular to the rest in 1768 ? Who was Burgoyne ?

For what, was the year 1774 On which side of the Hudson, most distinguished ?

was Fort Edward ? Who said, the Americans were To whom, did Burgoyne surrencowards by nature ?

der ? In what year, did Washington Who was chosen into the Va. take the command at Cam- Assembly, to oppose the Stamp bridge ?

Act? Mention some of the most impor. In what year, was the Boston tant events of '75.

Massacre ? Who was Richard Henry Lee ? What were soldiers called, who

What island a little S. of N. Y. were prepared to march at a mincontains about 100 square miles ? ute's warning ?

Where did Washington retreat What other names are sometimes in 1776?

given to the battle of Brooklyn ?

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Aug. 77?

What army was quartered at | ed, that Congress would never be Morristown in 1777 ?

able to redeem them. Who was Col. Baum !

Meaning of specie ? What important battles were

Of what other necessaries, were fought near the Hudson, in Sept. the soldiers almost destitute ? and Oct. '77?

How great was their want of What victory seemed to turn the linen ? Few had more than one tide of prosperity in our favor, in shirt, many, only the moiety of

one; and some, none at all.

Upon what did they lodge ? Some upon straw; but the greater part, upon the ground.

Influence of their condition up

on health and life! CHAPTER LVI. - p. 191.

Extremely pernicious.

What does Botta say of their Valley Forge. Evacuation of hospital ? It “resembled more a Philadelphia. Battle of Mon- receptacle for the dying, than a mouth. D'Estaing Cupture refuge for the sick.” of Savannah. Campaign of What part of the army were fit 79. Capture of Stony Point.

for service, during the winter ! Paper money. Robert Mor Generally, about one third. ris.

What does Botta say of the man

ner, in which the army bore their Where did the British take win- trials ? “ They exhibited such exter quarters at the close of '77 ? amples of constancy and resigna

Whạt benefit did Howe derive tion, as we should not dare to pros from all the toils and victories of nounce ever to have been equalled the preceding campaign? Excel- | by other nations." lent winter quarters for his army; How was Washington affected ?

Where did the Americans take He acknowledged his trials to be winter quarters ?

greater than they had been before. On what river?

Why? He felt most keenly for How far from Phil. ? 20 miles. his poor, ragged, naked, hungry, Which way? N. W.

shivering, languishing, dying solNumber of the army? About | diers, whom he could not relieve. 17,000.

What greatly aggravated these Of what, did their encampment trials ? Some blamed him, and consist ?

wished him removed from his ofBy whom built? Themselves. fice. Of what, were they soon in dan- How did he hear his trials ?

Most magnanimously, Where did the inhabitants con- What would have been the receal their provisions ?

sult, if the British had attacked How much had bills of credit | Washington in this condition ? It fallen in value ?

probably would have been fatal to Meaning of bills of credit ? Bills our army; and perhaps to our inof paper money, somewhat like dependence. the present bank' bills, which had What prevented ? In his combeen issued by Congress.

fortable winter quarters, Howe Why did they depreciate? They seems to have been too supine and could not be exchanged for specie, indolent to discover and improve as bank bills can, and it was fear- his advantage.


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