The Great Depression

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Ludwig von Mises Institute, 2007 - Всего страниц: 200
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The New Deals of America and Britain were a decade-long calamity that exceeded the damage of the economic downturn itself. The theory behind the policy was all wrong, but no one can say that the correct theory was not in circulation.

This splendid book by Robbins presented the entire cause and remedy - in 1934! Rothbard himself says that this book is one of two excellent studies. Sadly, the power of the state and the myth that it could dig the world out of depression prevailed over the Robbins view that the depression was the result of a previous inflation and the best cure was to free the market and let it properly correct.

This book has been obscure and difficult to find for far too long. But with this new Mises Institute edition, the proof is at last available that at least one great economist in the English speaking world had it precisely right. The world would have been spared much grief had his, instead of Keynes's, views prevailed.

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