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important in itself, as shewing the dislike to ordinances : as it is most depravity of man, when given up to expressively set forth in Jude's Episa reprobate mind; and doubly im- tle,-they were murmurers, comportant, if it have any reference to plainers, walking after their own that awful apostacy and dreadful Iusts,mockers"

mockers"separatists, gainsaying, which we see so mani- sensual,* not having the Spirit,who festly before us. I mean the con. is a God of order and of peace. Jehospiracy of Korah, Dathan, and Abi- vah by a public manifestation of his

o mentioned in the Epistle of miraculous power declares his abSt. Jude as commencing antitypi- horrence of their sin, and makes it cally in his day; and evidently to plain to all the camp whom he hath continue with increasing malignity chosen ;-visiting with speedy ventill the coming of the Lord Jesus : geance those who took upon thembecause are distinctly told, selves, in arrogant presumption, an that

“ these are they of whom office to which they were not called ; • Enoch prophesied," saying, “be

“ be- and rescuing his own appointed · hold the Lord cometh with his ministers from their malicious rage. holy myriads to execute judgement The chapter is most instructive : upon all, and to convince all that and I would earnestly press upon are ungodly among them of all their the Readers of this paper to go with ungodly deeds which they have it on their knees unto the Lord, that ungodly committed, and of all He may teach them instruction in their hard speeches which ungodly righteousness.” I see plainly re' sinners have spoken against him.” vealed in it (in connection with " The way of Ĉain," " the error of Jude's epistle, and the description Balaam, “the gainsaying of Core,” given by Paul of the same apostacy are terms of peculiar distinctness, 2 Tim. iii, 1–5,) the very conwhich the Holy Spirit has used federacy against our God and His wherewith to designate a great apo- Christ so fearfully manifest unto stacy which should be in existence the eyes of all, whom a false liberality at, and be destroyed by, the coming has not blinded, as now existing and of the Lord Jesus.

extending among us: not merely a Let us see if we can perceive any disregard of, but openly expressed peculiar marks of its presence and enmity against, all the civil and strength among us at this time. We ecclesiastical institutions of the land; will briefly run over the detail of --the bonds of government relaxed or the typical occurrence, as mentioned broken ;-crime almost excused in in the 16th chapter of Numbers. its daring and unblushing effrontery; The crime of Korah and his fellows -the ties of reverence and superiis evidently rebellion against the ority contemned ;--Christ despised civil and ecclesiastical governors, in the persons of His ministers ; whom Jehovah had appointed to (" Ye take too much upon you,” ye come near unto Himself, and called have too much,—the very words ento be holy before Him. Their ex- graven on the standard of radicalism, cuse, verse 3, is the equal holiness both civil and religious ;) -expediof the whole congregation, and the ency the bond of union, instead of prinpresence of the Lord among them. ciple ;-open war declared against Their insurrection is marked by all that is rendered venerable by age, pride, ambition, evil speaking, and and beloved because of long tried and

o Numbers xyi.

* Yuxekoi, men of animal character.


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oft proved worth ;-reckless, head- lest ye be consumed in all their strong, daring treachery, under the sins !” Too easily, I fear, do the mask of liberalism ;-Moses and professing christians of our day Aaron despised, not merely hy a de- drink of this spirit of rebellion luded and clamorous and dangerous against the constituted authorities moh, but even by many of the sons

of the land. Pointless darts of sarof Levi and of the princes of the casm, and the envenomed arrows of congregation. Oh! what betokeneth slander and misrepresentation are this mad insurrection, which the liberally showered upon them ; Most High laugheth to scorn and schisms, backbitings and revilings, has in holy derision ; P but that are substituted for the unity of the blind infatuation, the drugged faith ;-breaches are made in the draught of hell, hath been put visible temple of Jehovah ;—and into the hand of the nations, our very pulpits are too often made and that they shall drink the dregs the sounding boards of invective and wring them out, even the dregs and vituperation, instead of platof the cup of Jehovah's fury? forms for the ambassadors of heaven's What meaneth this overturning of mercy and heaven's grace. thrones and dismembering of govern- depend upon it insubordination is a ments; but a stroke at the kingship principle congenial to the natural of Jesus,-a blow at Him by whom mind, which is enmity against kings reign," and whose ministers God!” Careful, anxiously careful they are ? What meaneth this should we be not to afford, even by clamor and outcry against the our sanction, much less by positive Church, the Church ;" but an infidel example, any further impetus to the rage against “ the High Priest of torrent which is sweeping our land our profession,” who is offended in in the length and breadth of it. The the persons of his under shepherds ? object is hardly now concealed to Oh wail, wail, ye inhabitants of the be the overturning of all legal and nations because of the Lord's con- once venerated institutions. Its troversy with the land !

Yea, secret master spring it is easy to saith Jehovah, they shall drink and guess at :

a desire to overcome all · be moved and be mad—rea drink restraint, all morality, all revealed . ye and be drunk and spue and fall truth--infidelity is its moving prin

and rise no more, because of the ciple-and woe be to those who join ‘sword that I send among them.” I covertly or openly its ranks of re

In the end of the rebellion of bellion against the Lord and his Korah against the Lord's anointed, anointed. When his wrath be we see a plain and manifest type of kindled, yea but a little, blessed the end of the confederacy of our ' are all they who put their trust day-a living descent into hell, in

' in Him, the day of the Lord's appearing with The whole of the second Psalm his holy myriads! “ These both would be perused with advantage in were cast alive into the lake of fire." connection with the above. Oh ye men of God, ye members of I shall endeavour in my next to the congregation of Israel! hear ye make a few remarks on some other the word of Jehovah ! Depart I histories of the Old Testament. pray you, and touch nothing of theirs,

Φιλαλήθης. .

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P Ps. ii, 4.

a Jeremiah xxv, 27.

r Rev. xix, 20.


To the Editor of the Investigator. Oɛs means generally the reign of

God, the time or state of things in Sir,

which He is king. Baoilεia is inIn your Number for September deed sometimes used in the first is a paper on the expression the sense above mentioned ; as in Matt. kingdom of God” or “ of heaven." xiii, 41 “-they shall gather out of I had been considering this same his kingdom all things that offend :" subject before, and am now induced but the context will of course easily to offer you a few further remarks shew when this sense is to be given upon it; in which, if I should in to it. some things go again over the same Now it appears that this expresground which your former corres- sion, the “ kingdom of God," was in pondent has occupied, I trust that

common use among the Jews, and the importance of the subject will generally understood by them. be deemed a sufficient excuse for the First, it is continually used by our repetition.

Saviour from the very beginning of Your Correspondent Abdiel has his ministry without introduction or shown, that the Kingdom of God, explanation : and secondly, the the Kingdom of Heaven, and the Jews themselves ask questions or Kingdom of Christ, are expressions entertain opinions about it in a mansignifying one and the same thing ; ner that shews, that they were acand that the announcement of the customed to the expression, and speedy establishment of this king- acquainted with its general meaning; dom and the preparation of men for but wanted information concerning it, was the great object of the preach- certain points connected with it. ing of Christ and his Apostles, a The Pharisees asked Jesus,

so when Let us look at the literal meaning the kingdom of God should come ?” b of the expression η βασιλεία το θες. and in the 19th chapter of the same Baoulela signifies either the place or Gospel we are told, that many country governed by a king, or " thought that the kingdom of God the act of reigning, the exercise of should immediately appear. kingly power, in fact, the reign of a No doubt I think can be enterking. Some of the texts in the tertained, nor does it appear to be beginning of the New Testament, in disputed, that this expression originiwhich this kingdom is mentioned, ated in the words of the prophet seem to put out of the question the Daniel. And in the days of these first sense above given : for “the kings shall the God of heaven set kingdom of God is at hand,” “thy up a kingdom, which shall never be kingdom come,” and similar ex- destroyed; and the kingdom shall pressions, cannot possibly be under- * not be left to other people, but it stood of a place or district in the · shall break in pieces and consume universe over which God reigns. I ' all these kingdoms, and it shall infer therefore that η βασιλεία το stand for ever." And the

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a Matt. ix, 35; xiii, 9 ; Luke ix, 2 ; Acts i, 3 ; xx, 5 ; xxviii, 23, 31. Luke xvii, 20.

c Dan. ii, 44.

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• kingdom and dominion and the originally signified in this phrase by greatness of the kingdom under the Jews : a state of things in the whole heaven, shall be given which“ the Lord should he king ' to the people of the saints of the over all the earth,” e visibly ruling Most High, whose kingdom is an and directing all its affairs; as the everlasting kingdom, and all do- Assyrian, Grecian, and Roman ' minions shall serve and obey him."d

emperors, prophesied of also by Schættgen, in his Horæ Hebraicæ, Daniel, had done in their day. quotes this passage as the origin of By christian commentators this the Hebrew phrase Dawn 13a, kingdom has been generally underof which the Greek η βασιλεια των stood to mean a spiritual kingdom; oúpuvwv is a translation. He ad- and thus the proper and original duces just the same arguments, as meaning of the word has been exhave been already brought forward, plained away or lost sight of. Yet to shew, that this phrase was it has not been so with all comfamiliar to the Jews in our Saviour's mentators. Schleusner in his Greek time, and was by them understood Lexicon, under the word Baoilala, to mean " the times of the Messiah.” quotes two authors, Koppius in He says

however, that he can only Excursu I ad Ep. ad Thessal.) and find one passage in any Hebrew Keilius (in Historia Dogmatis de writings in which it is so used; as regno Messiæ, Christi et Apostolorum it occurs generally in the metaphor- ætate, ad illustranda Novi Testaical or derived sense for “subjectio menti loca accommodate exposita, voluntati et æconomiæ divinæ præ- Lips. 1781,) who, he says, maintain stita," and professio veritatis that the expression Baoilεia TB orthodoxæ.” So also Wetstein, on Oas never means any thing else Matt. iii, 2, after quoting various than-"illud Christi regnum quod passages from the Talmud where the

post mortuorum demum in vitam expression “kingdom of heaven" reditum insigni aliqua majestate ab occurs, (generally in

in the form * ipso inaugurabitur, quoque ii qui suscipere jugum regni cælorum,”) ejus doctrinam his in terris am

Cum vero Judæi Mes- plexi sunt, vitamque ad ejus præsiam exspectarent, qui cum nubibus cepta instituerunt, beatissima fecæli venturus, regni æterni post ‘licitate fruentur.” I have looked quatuor monarchias fundamenta in one or two of our public libraries • jacturus, et præsertim homines for the works of the critics whom verum Dei

Dei cultum edocturus, Schleusner here quotes, but in vain. Deoque subjecturus esset ; facile Perhaps some of your correspondents intelligimus tum regnum Dei et may be able to find them and comregnum Messiæ, tum doctrinam municate extracts. Christi amplecti, et regnum cælo- Let us see however what Schleusrum suscipere unum atque idem nerhimself thinks of this explanation. significasse. Thargum Micæ iv, He admits that it is the true one in 7, et revelabitur ipsis regnum some passages, but he goes on: cælorum in monte Zion et nunc et "-in quibusdam tantum locis valere usque

in seculum:' et Esai xl, 9. concedendum est, sed constituenda Dicite civitatibus domus Judæ, potius esse varia notionum hujus “ revelatum est regnum Dei vestri.' formulæ genera ex contexta oratione

This then was the kingdom et temporis nep sáceol diligenter

proceeds :

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d Ibid. vii, 27.

e Zech, xiv, 9.


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definienda.” And thus we (the reign of God manifest in the
thrown back upon that most un flesh) upon the earth.
warrantable, most unscholarlike, I need not go over the ground,
most pernicious device, of giving already occupied by your former
the same words ten or a dozen dif. Correspondent, by shewing, how
ferent meanings, according to the other interpretations of this expres-
context; nay, even according to the sion are inconsistent with facts, and

circumstances of the times in with the use made of it in Scripture. which they were used : a device Let me only observe once more which has done more than any after him, how strongly this our thing else in obscuring the sense interpretation of it is confirmed by of the words of God and frittering the parable of the nobleman in the away their force. Take an instance 19th chapter of St. Luke. The of the evil of this from this very Jews thought that the kingdom article of Schleusner's on the word of God should immediately appear.' βασιλεία. One of the meanings Did Jesus correct their views of the which he assigns to the word is kingdom of God, and of its one day given and supported as follows: appearing, and being made manifest

Baoilla, Provincia, minor pars to the whole world, so that all flesh regni. Matt. iv, 8, kost&Ev avto should see it ? By no means. The πασας τας βασιλειας το κοσμο, de- whole parable goes only to check monstrabatipsi varias terræ Judaicae their notion of its immediately ap

provincias. What may not any pearing : to show them that He, to words whatever be made to mean, if whom it belonged, was first to go such principles of interpretation as away into a far country to be inthese are to be admitted ?

vested with it; and that it should For myself, I am persuaded, that be at his return, when he had rethe interpretation of the two com- ceived this investiture, and not mentators above quoted is the true before, that he would display his one. It is the literal, straightforward royal power; and that they would meaning of the words. It is the then be called to account for their sense in which the Jews, to whom employment of their time and talents our Saviour used them without ex- during his absence. planation, understood them. It is Let us now look at some of the the sense in which the early christian passages in which it may be urged, Fathers understood them. So Ire- that the expression “ the kingdom næus, speaking of the blessing pro- of God” cannot have the sense that nounced by Isaac on Jacob, says, we have given it: or in which, at that these things relate “ ad præ- least, it is generally understood to finita regni”_" to the predestined have a different meaning. time of the kingdom,” (for thus were One class of such passages your the early christians, it appears, ac- Correspondent has noticed ; (page customed familiarly to speak of this 34) those in which the kingdom of glorious period,) “ when the earth heaven or of God is said rs to be at should bring forth all things abun- hand :” and he has well said, that dantly.” So also the Nicene Fathers, it was then and is now at hand, in in the passage quoted from their the same sense in which the proceedings in your second Number, coming of the Lord” and “ the end p. 51, clearly look for the kingdom of all things” are at hand. That of Christ to be his blessed reign Holy Spirit, with whom a thousand


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