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Sometimes they turn'd aside to bless

Some Muse and her wild numbers,
Or breathe a dream of holiness

On Beauty's quiet slumbers.
Fly on,” said Wisdom, with cold sneers;

“ I teach my friends to doubt you:” " Come back," said Age, with bitter tears,

“My heart is cold without you."

When Poverty beset their path,

And threaten'd to divide them,
They coax'd away the beldame's wrath,

Ere she had breath to chide them,
By vowing all her rags were silk,

And all her bitters honey,
And showing taste for bread and milk,

And utter scorn of money.

They met stern Danger in their way,

Upon a ruin seated;
Before him kings had quaked that day,

And armies had retreated :
But he was robed in such a cloud,

As Love and Hope came near him,
That though he thundered long and loud,

They did not see or hear him.

A gray-beard join'd them, Time by name;

And Love was nearly crazy,
To find that he was very lame,

And also very lazy:
Hope, as he listen’d to her tale,

Tied wings upon his jacket;
And then they far outran the mail,

And far outsail'd the packet.


And so, when they had safely pass'd

O'er many a land and billow,
Before a grave they stopp'd at last,

Beneath a weeping willow:
The moon upon the humble mound

Her softest light was flinging;
And from the thickets all around

Sud nightingales were singing.

• I leave you here,” quoth Father Time,

As hoarse as any raven;
And Love kneel'd down to spell the rhyme

l'pon the rude stone graven:
But Hope look'd onward, calmly brave,

And whisper’d, “ Dearest brother,
We're parted on this side the grave,

We'll meet upon the other."

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