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For sore di-may'd, through storm and shade,

His child be slid discover:
One lovely hand she stretch'd for aid,

And one was round her lover.

" ('ome back! come back!” he cried in grief,

* Across this stormy water:
And I'll forvive your Highland chief,

My daughter!-oh my daughter!"

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'Twas rain :—the loud waves lash'd the shore,

Return or aid preventing :-
The waters wild went o'er his child,

And he was left lamenting.

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A BABY was sleeping, its mother was weeping,

For her husband was far on the wild raging sea ; . And the tempest was swelling round the fisherman's dwelling,

And she cried, “Dermot, darling, oh! come back to me."

Her beads while she number'd, the baby still slumber'd,

And smiled in her face while she bended her knee: “Oh! bless'd be that warning, my child, thy sleep adorning,

For I know that the angels are whisp’ring with thee.

“And while they are keeping bright watch o'er thy sleeping,

Oh! pray to them softly, my baby, with me, And say thou wouldst rather they'd watch'd o'er thy father,

For I know that the angels are whisp'ring with thee.”'

The dawn of the morning saw Dermot returning,

And the wife wept with joy her babe's father to see, And closely caressing her child, with a blessing,

Said, "I knew that the angels were whisp'ring with thee.”

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Next morn, a storm came on at four,

At six, the elements in motion Plunged me and three poor sailors more

Headlong within the foaming ocean. Poor wretches ! they soon found their graves ;

For me-it may be only fancyBut Love seem'd to forbid the waves

To snatch me from the arms of Nancy !

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Night came, and now eight bells had rung,

Wule cardena sailors, ever cheers,
On the wil-watch so jovial sung,

With temperahumar cannot weary.
1. Titile tu their mirth inclued,

While tender thoughts rund on my faney,
: my warm siulis increased the wind,
Luchil on the moon, and thought of Nancy!

And now arrived that jovial night,

When every true-bred tar carouses;
When, ocr the groz, all hands delight

To tean their sweethearts and their spouses.
Round went the can, the jest, the glue,

While tunder wishes filled each fancy;
And when, in turn, it came to me,

I heaved a sigh, and toasted Nancy!

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