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“I hasten'd as soon as the wedding was done,

And left my wife in the porch:
But i' faith she had been wiser than me,

For she took a bottle to church."


Night is the time for rest;

How sweet, when labours close, To gather round an aching breast

The curtain of repose, Stretch the tired limbs, and lay the head Down on our own delightful bed !

Night is the time for dreams;

The gay romance of life,
When truth that is, and truth that seems,

Mix in fantastic strife:
Ah! visions, less beguiling far
Than waking dreams by daylight are!

Night is the time for toil ;

To plough the classic field,
Intent to find the buried spoil

Its wealthy furrows yield;
Till all is ours that sages taught,
That poets sang, and heroes wrought.

Night is the time to weep;

To wet with unseen tears
Those graves of memory where sleep

The joys of other years ;
Hopes, that were angels at their birth,
But died when young, like things of earth.


Nicht is the time to watch ;

O'er veran's dark espanse
To hail the Pleiades, or (aich

The full moon's earliest glance,
That brint into the home-siek mind
All we have loved and left behind.

Nighus the time for care',

Brooling on hours mis-spent,
To see the spectre of Despair

Come to our lonely tent;
Like Brutus, miilst his lumbering hout,
Sumnon'd to die by Cæsaris chust.

Wirhat is the time to think;

When, from the are, the soul
Tahus tight, and, on the utmost brink

Or finder starry pole,
Discerns beyond the abyss of night
The siawn of mereated light.

Night is the time to pray:

Our Saviour ofi withdrew
To desert motains far away;

So will his followers do,
Steal from the throne to haunts untrou,
And commune there alone with God.

Night is the time for datin;

When ail around is peace',
Calmly to viele the weary breath,

From sin and suffering cease;
Think of Heaven's bliss, and give the sign
To parting friends ;--such death be mine.

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