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3 We, too, before thy gracious sight,
Once shared the blest baptismal rite,
And would renew its solemn vow
With love, and thanks, and praises now.
4 Grant that with true and faithful heart,
We still may act the Christian's part,
Cheered by each promise thou hast given,
And labouring for the prize in heaven.


C. M.


Dedication of Children to God and Christ. 1 SEE Israel's gentle Shepherd stand With all-engaging charms;

Hark, how he calls the tender lambs,
And folds them in his arms!

2 Permit them to approach, he cries,
Nor scorn their humble name;
For 't was to bless such souls as these,
The Lord of angels came.

3 We bring them, Lord, in thankful hands,
And yield them up to thee;
Joyful, that we ourselves are thine,
Thine let our offspring be.

4 Ye little flock, with pleasure hear:
Ye children, seek his face;
And fly with transport to receive
The blessings of his grace.

5 If orphans they are left behind,
God's guardian care we trust:

That care shall heal our bleeding hearts,
If weeping o'er their dust.


C. M.


Practical Improvement of Baptism.

1 ATTEND, ye children of your God,
Ye heirs of glory, hear;
Let accents so divine as these
Engage the attentive ear:—

2 Baptized into your Saviour's death,
Your souls to sin must die;
With Christ your Lord ye live anew,
With Christ ascend on high.

3 Rise from these earthly trifles; rise,
On wings of faith and love;
In heaven your choicest treasure lies,
And be your hearts above.

[blocks in formation]

On leaving an ancient Church.

1 HERE to the High and Holy One,
Our fathers early reared
A house of prayer, a lowly one,
Yet long to them endeared
By hours of sweet communion
Held with their covenant God,
As oft, in sacred union,

His hallowed courts they trod.

2 Gone are the pious multitudes,
That here kept holy time,
In other courts assembled now
For worship more sublime.

Their children, we are waiting
In meekness, Lord, thy call;
Thy love still celebrating,
Our hope, our trust, our all.

3 These time-worn walls, the resting-place
So oft from earthly cares,
To righteous souls now perfected,
We leave with thanks and prayers;
With thanks, for every blessing
Vouchsafed through all the past,
With prayers, thy throne addressing
For guidance to the last.

4 Though from this house, so long beloved,
We part with sadness now,
Yet here, we trust, with gladness soon
In fairer courts to bow:
So when our souls forsaking

These bodies, fallen and pale,

In brighter forms awaking,
With joy the change shall hail.

528. L. M.


On laying the Foundation-Stone of a Church.
1 THIS stone to thee in faith we lay,
We build the temple, Lord, to thee;
Thine eye be open, night and day,
To guard this house and sanctuary.

2 Here, when thy people seek thy face,
And dying sinners pray to live,
Hear thou in heaven, thy dwelling-place,
And, when thou hearest, O forgive!

3 Here, when thy messengers proclaim
The blessed gospel of thy Son,
Still, by the power of his great name,
Be mighty signs and wonders done.

4 Hosanna! to their heavenly King,
When children's voices raise that song,
Hosanna! let their angels sing,

And heaven with earth the strain prolong.

5 But will indeed Jehovah deign
Here to abide, no transient guest?
Here will the world's Redeemer reign,
And here the Holy Spirit rest?

6 That glory never hence depart!
Yet choose not, Lord, this house alone;
Thy kingdom come to every heart,
In every bosom fix thy throne.


L. M.


On opening a new Place of Worship.

1 AND will the great eternal God
On earth establish his abode?
And will he from his radiant throne
Avow our temples for his own?

2 We bring the tribute of our praise;
And sing that condescending grace,
Which to our notes will lend an ear,
And call us sinful mortals near.

3 These walls we to thy honour raise :
Long may they echo with thy praise;
And thou, descending, fill the place
With choicest tokens of thy grace.

4 Here let the great Redeemer reign,
With all the graces of his train,
While power divine his word attends,
To conquer foes, and cheer his friends.

5 And in the great decisive day,
When God the nations shall survey,
May it before the world appear,
That crowds were born to glory here.

530. 7s M.


On opening a Place for Worship.

1 LORD of hosts, to thee we raise
Here a house of prayer and praise;
'Thou thy people's heart prepare
Here to meet for praise and prayer.

2 Let the living here be fed
With thy word, the heavenly bread;
Here, in hope of glory blest,
May the dead be laid to rest.

3 Here to thee a temple stand,
While the sea shall gird the land;
Here reveal thy mercy sure,
While the sun and moon endure.

4 Hallelujah!-earth and sky
To the joyful sound reply;
Hallelujah!-hence ascend
Prayer and praise till time shall end.

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